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Infuriating Advice From ‘Etiquette Expert’ On How To Marry Up: Don’t Be ‘Ugly’ Or ‘Fat’ [Opinion]

“Ugly” and “fat” women have zero chances of marrying up, or at least that’s what a self-described etiquette expert says.

In an op-ed penned for the Daily Mail, so-called etiquette expert William Hanson may have just buried his “etiquette expert-y” career.

People are up in arms about the infuriating and disturbing advice from Hanson, who argues that in order to marry up and to push ahead of one’s current social class — like Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton — women must be all beautiful and boast svelte figures.

No fatties and ugly ducks are allowed into the highest echelons of social life, thinks Hanson, who points out that there are 55 percent more billionaires now than there were five years ago.

That means there are plenty of bachelors among those billionaires, so women have big chances to marry up. Unless those women are “ugly” and “overweight” – in these cases, there is no hope, thinks Hanson.

The rather outrageous claims made by the so-called etiquette expert are circulating all over the internet, and people are none too pleased. Among many outraged comments in the section below the op-ed, one user calls Hanson a “waste of space,” before saying that the author “knows nothing of the real world and spouts utter garbage.”

Henson argues that in order to marry up and stride ahead in social life, women need to first and foremost adequately assess their chances.

There is “almost no hope” to marry up if women are “overweight, ugly, have no conversation, interesting anecdotes and very little class,” argues Hanson, but he stops short of defining what is considered to be “beautiful,” not “ugly.”

For those who didn’t quit reading the outrageous op-ed by now, Hanson continues flaunting his not-so-bright advice for women to marry up. The etiquette expert goes on to encourage women to “diet like crazy” and “inject yourself with matcha, protein and collagen and become the most stunning adonis that ever lived” in order to meet those in the higher social class standards.

As if defending his own claims that women must meet stereotypical beauty standards in order to marry up, Hanson explains that “almost everyone is shallow,” regardless of their social class.

But injecting yourself with protein and collagen and dieting like crazy are not the only things on the list of Hanson’s advice to marry up, as even the most stunning woman can be brought down by “embarrassing” relatives and friends, apparently.

That’s why the author encourages women to “ditch” their “embarrassing” relatives and friends to score more chances of marrying up.

While Hanson, who had just seconds ago lambasted “fat” and “ugly” women, admits that “ditch” is “not a very nice word,” he nonetheless encourages hopeful women to get rid of the embarrassing relatives and friends in order to marry up.

“You don’t want a childhood pal hanging around to tell any potential rugged and rich suitor how you got the nickname ‘Stinky’?”

The author then goes on to remind readers that Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton once “ditched” the “black sheep of their family,” Uncle Gary, who wasn’t invited to Pippa’s posh wedding with billionaire James Matthews last month.

Hanson also argues that inappropriate dresses can play a cruel joke on women’s chances to marry up.

The author, who all of a sudden became an expert in beauty, fashion, and makeup, notes that “dresses shouldn’t be too tight, too short, or too revealing,” before saying that makeup should be “subtle” to merely “highlight your existing features rather than adding features that aren’t there.”

Hanson also reveals the “right” attitude to money that doesn’t scare off wealthy suitors: treating money as not the first reason and not even the second reason of marrying up.

“If you show any excitement or start salivating at anything of material wealth then it will be sensed very quickly and it’s game over.”

Hanson is a 27-year-old guy from Bristol who on his own website claims to be “the U.K.’s leading etiquette & expert.” Hanson has previously called people who wear Adidas “wannabe chavs.”

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