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iOS 11 Features, Release Date: What We Know So Far And What We Hope To See [Opinion]

The iOS 11, Apple’s next major software update, is going live sometime in the fall. At this moment, the Cupertino-based company is still keeping details under wraps, but we already know some of the things we can expect to be added or improved.

What We Can Expect To See On The iOS 11

Apple is yet to offer the first look on the iOS 11, but we are already hearing what the next major update could entail.

Features. The upcoming iOS 11 could introduce group Facetime video chatting, Mac Rumors reports. This will make the app more competitive with other popular programs like Skype, which has allowed group video calling for years. Group calls will reportedly start in an iMessage chat of up to five persons.

Design. Every major update tweaks the user interface of the iOS, so we can safely assume that we’ll be seeing some design changes in the next update. This has already been confirmed, but we don’t know yet whether the iOS 11 will bring major adjustments or minor ones.

Siri. Apple is also believed to be working on greatly improving the function of its virtual assistant. Rumors suggest that iOS 11 will integrate with iMessage and iCloud. Siri could also be enhanced with contextual learning abilities, which will make the AI more intelligent.

A more intelligent Siri may arrive on iOS 11
iOS 10 Siri [Image by Apple]

iPad. As the tablet works somewhat differently than iPhones, you can pretty much expect iOS 11 to have iPad-exclusive features like additional Apple Pencil functions. The software might also be preparing for an upgraded stylus, which will then introduce even more features for the iPad Pro variants.

Release Date. Every major iOS update is officially launched alongside Apple’s next set of iPhones. That puts the release date in September. By then, supported devices will also be able to download iOS 11 and enjoy its new features. Before that, however, the Cupertino tech giant will offer a sneak peek during WWDC 2017 next week. You should also look out for the rumored batch of new iPad Pros that will be unveiled at that time, the Inquisitr previously reported.

What We Want To See On The iOS 11

There are a few things that users would like to see in the next update, some of which have been requested for years.

Dark Mode. As the name implies, this feature will change the color scheme of the phone to a darker shade. Several apps already support this, so why developers can’t implement it OS-wide is a mystery. The iOS 10 does not provide theme customization, which is okay, but some users want at least the option to go dark.

Improved Interface. Although we already expect to have some design changes, CNET reports that the iOS is due for a makeover. The four columns of apps and the dock have not been changed at all for years save for a few aesthetic improvements. A significant redecoration of the user interface will be much welcomed.

iOS 11 should revamp the user interface
iOS 10 on the iPhone 7 [Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

Notifications. The cards displaying the notifs on the iOS 10 are not that clean to look at compared to the iOS 9’s presentation. As the report describes them, they look chunky and they unnecessarily take too much space. Apple will do well by redesigning notifications and widgets.

If you’re interested in the iOS 11, watch out for Apple’s annual event WWDC on June 5-9 in San Jose, California. There are likely to be beta versions for testing afterward like the previous releases, which you can participate in. The company will release a list of compatible devices and instructions on how to back up your device and install the beta by then.

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