Megyn Kelly Dressed A Bit Provocative For Putin Interview

Megyn Kelly Dressed Like ‘Escort’ Manages To Peeve Off Putin Like She Did Trump? [Opinion]

Megyn Kelly has had a go at it with Vladimir Putin in an interview for her new NBC Sunday night gig. Kelly met the powerful world leader in the same mode of dress and by carrying herself much like the way she did when she interviewed Donald Trump as a Republican candidate.

Kelly, who has been out of sight and out of the minds of the viewers for several months now since leaving Fox News needs to do something to rally interest in watching her again. It didn’t take long to see that she was easily replaced, just as the other highly rated personality from Fox, Bill O’Reilly, was. Tucker Carlson wiped away any fears of waning viewers for Fox within days of hitting the evening primetime slot with both Kelly and O’Reilly gone.

When Kelly was at Fox she was popular on that network, but she didn’t become nationally known to non-Fox viewers until after she moderated the Republican debate and sparred with Donald Trump. It was during this venue where many believe that Kelly twisted the interview format so that she could throw out accusations at Trump first and then ask him to answer to these claims. There were some pretty horrendous claims about his past treatment of women that Kelly sprung on him at the time.

It seems that even Fox might have been fooled into thinking it was Kelly the viewers were hooked on after the ratings rocketed following the debate. While her ratings did go up, it was the viewers tuning in to see how her battle with Trump was progressing, the one that she started with the debate. Trump was the real viewer draw, not Kelly. Many people also feel that it is Trump who put Kelly in the national spotlight, giving her the gigantic boost in fame that she was awarded after the debate.

Now that Kelly has been off the air and is about to make her debut Sunday night, June 4, on NBC, she’s got her work cut out for drawing in the numbers of viewers that her Trump ploy did over at Fox. Kelly “turns on the sex appeal for Putin,” which is how an article from Lifezette sees the former Fox personality approaching this interview. You can see part of the interview in a clip below that Kelly posted to her Facebook page.

Kelly’s rather provocative mode of dress was echoed by some of the readers from the Washington Post article, who left their thoughts in the comment section of that article. One reader mentioned how Kelly has now met with two world leaders looking like an escort for both meetings. The escort comment included, “I find it hard to take Kelly seriously when she is dressed like an escort to an interview with 2 global leaders. Shows poor judgment and preparation.”

Another reader wrote “Ms. Kelly’s attire was totally unprofessional. Shoulders exposed, satin dress — I mean this was not a cocktail party.”

Some comments about Kelly mentioned how the interview was more about her than anything else. One reader writes, “Megyn has a way of keeping it about her. She is very ME centric. It gets old, fast. I used to be a fan.”

Kelly’s mode of dress took on a life of its own in the news and across the social media sites. Many suggest that she doesn’t come off as professional from the get-go because she walks into a room in revealing attire. While no one expects Kelly to dress like an old fashion school marm, they do expect that the clothes she does wear not detract from the interview itself.

With the amount written today on Kelly’s outfit, it looks as if her attire did just that, get in the way of her interview coming off as professional. While Kelly’s interview with Puttin hasn’t aired yet, photos were posted on Friday of Kelly sitting down with Puttin in Russia during the taped interview. Those pictures lit up social media and it was all about what Kelly was wearing, according to Lifezette. One of the pictures is seen below in the Facebook post. You can see “too much leg” in her “off-the-shoulder dress” that many comments honed in on. The Gateway Pundit suggests Kelly came dressed like a “high-class hooker,” which is seen in the post below.

The Washington Postdescribed how Kelly met with an “aggressive” and “peeved” Vladimir Putin. They suggest that Putin may have thought he’d have an easier time with Kelly than Trump did, but that wasn’t the way things played out over there in Russia. While not popular globally, Putin is much loved among the Russians and seeing him in a combative manner is what they expect from their leader, who stands up for his country.

Kelly was able to rattle Putin as her questions became increasingly uncomfortable for the Russian leader, which included Kelly asking about the “hacking scandal,” along with inquiries about Syria and the Ukraine. Kelly managed to entice a “combative performance” out of Putin, which the Post suggests the citizens of Russia probably liked. This is about as much of a hint given on Putin’s behavior, but the interview will air on Sunday night. You can then decide for yourself just how much angst Kelly enticed from Putin.

Megyn Kelly’s Vladimir Putin interview date, time and channel:

You can see Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin Sunday night, June 4, at 7 p.m. on the NBC Network.

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