Thomas Gibson formerly of Criminal Minds And Tim Allen Last man Standing

Tim Allen, Thomas Gibson, And Other Reasons Viewers Boycott Network TV: ABC, CBS, CNN [Opinion]

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson fans are boycotting ABC, and so are a lot of other groups. Additionally, Gibson fans are boycotting CBS as well. Many viewers are boycotting multiple other networks, including CNN, NBC, and others.

Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing was canceled by ABC very recently, and the reasons they offered for removing Allen’s very popular program made no sense to their frustrated fan base. There really is no logical explanation for canceling the third highest-rated show on the network. Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was reportedly pulling in 8.1 million viewers for the live plus seven days, even in their Friday time slot.

Thomas Gibson fans have now been boycotting Criminal Minds on CBS for nearly a year and have expanded their boycott to include ABC and CBS for their part in firing Thomas Gibson and allegedly “smearing his name” in the media unjustly. The Thomas Gibson fan movement #NoHotchNoWatch has been able to maintain a huge Twitter presence for longer than most boycotts.

Like Last Man Standing, Criminal Minds had enjoyed stellar ratings for the duration of the show. Criminal Minds ratings plummeted after Thomas Gibson was fired, but Criminal Minds without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore has been renewed.

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson fans are not the only ones frustrated enough to change the channel or just turn off the TV. Religion definitely plays a role in at least some boycotts, including the thinking of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing supporters. Tim Allen is a devout Christian, and few network TV programs showcase American Christianity in the same way Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing does.

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson supporters remain furious even though the news coverage has died down considerably for Tim and Thomas’ causes. Twitter, however, tells a different story. Tim Allen’s boycott is joined by others participating in an ABC boycott who are frustrated by what they call “fake news,” “agenda” based programming, and “disrespect.”

Kathy Griffin has also inspired a boycott with her bizarre photo shoot with the fake decapitated head of U.S. President Donald Trump, according to Breitbart. The View has also inspired a boycott. ABC is also being boycotted because Katy Perry is an American Idol judge now.

Tim Allen of Last Man Standing
Tim Allen of ‘Last Man Standing.’ {Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]
Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson, formerly of ‘Criminal Minds.’ [Image by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images]

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson supporters and other Network TV boycott groups are gaining traction. Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing has inspired a petition on that has so far received over 109,454 signatures, as well as a half-dozen other Last Man Standing petitions. One of those has an additional 13,876 signatures.

Thomas Gibson supporters have put up numerous petitions. One on Care 2 Petition has 22,329 signatures, but petitions are ignored by CBS and ABC, both of whom share the profits of Criminal Minds. Twitter protests and boycotts of Criminal Minds have been disregarded. How long will ABC, CBS, and other major networks be able to withstand these across-the-board boycotts?

Boycotters feel networks don’t care what the people want to see and instead force agenda-driven programming that doesn’t make sense or match the ideals of a major demographic of Americans.

Thomas Gibson fans, Tim Allen fans, and other former ABC and CBS viewers feel ignored, disenfranchised, and completely disregarded as they lose their favorite celebrities and shows and are presented with programs that cast their own beliefs and values in a poor light.


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Thomas Gibson fans, Tim Allen fans, and other CBS, ABC, CNN, and NBC Network boycott groups are growing. Networks are already feeling the pinch of streaming services and newer, hungrier networks like the CW and AMC. Will major networks be displaced by a new breed of television programming?

Thomas Gibson and Tim Allen fans continue to boycott, and they are joined by a variety of other angry viewers.

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