Three members of the Prison Break cast discuss the revival of the series

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Has Left Fans Dazed And Confused [Opinion]

This article may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen Season 5, Episode 8 titled “Progeny.”

As hard as it is to believe the season and series finale of Prison Break is scheduled to air next week. While most fans of the series would agree the revival of Prison Break has been exciting, Season 5 has also been pretty confusing. Considering there was nearly a decade between Season 4 and Season 5, it makes sense that there would be some confusion. However, there are some plot holes in Season 5 itself that has left Prison Break fans with more questions than answers.

What’s the deal with Lincoln’s cash flow issue?

One really great point that Buddy TV makes best is the massive plot hole in the very short Season 5 regarding Lincoln and his money issues. As those who have seen Season 5 so far know, Lincoln went to Yemen to rescue his brother. While Lincoln was in the Middle East, he didn’t really appear to have a cash flow problem. In fact, he just seemed to have an endless sum of cash to throw at people for every little thing. Fast forward to Michael – yet again – escaping from a prison and Lincoln is magically out of money. Not only that, but he owes Abruzzi $100,000, which just thickens the plot. Was it just convenient for the plot twist for Lincoln to suddenly be out of money or is it realistic that he actually ran out of money? Certainly seemed a little strange.

Why does everyone trust T-Bag?

T-Bag is a murder, a rapist, a pedophile, and really just a untrustworthy and unsavory individual. In fact, Michael, Sara, Lincoln, and Sucre made sure T-Bag went back to prison when Season 4 ended. All of the sudden, Michael is turning to T-Bag in Season 5 for assistance? How did T-Bag get out of jail in the first place? Why is Michael putting so much faith in T-Bag doing what he wants him to do?

Rockman Dunbar and Robert Knepper at a Prison Break panel
Rockman Dunbar and Robert Knepper [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

More importantly, there was a time where T-Bag actually tried to rape Sara. Yet, Michael invited T-Bag to assist Sara and his child? It is also worth noting that Sara was just as willing to welcome T-Bag into the picture to help. What changed to make T-Bag such a great guy all of the sudden? More importantly, Michael couldn’t really be asking T-Bag to kill his son right?

Is anyone still alive?

Perhaps the biggest question for anyone who happened to watch seen Season 5, Episode 8 titled “Progeny,” is whether or not anyone is still alive. After all, the episode appeared to end with both Lincoln and his brother Michael getting shot.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller of Prison Break standing together
Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller [Image by Lionel Cironneau/AP Images]

Is it possible Prison Break was really revived only to kill of Michael Scofield once again and to take his brother with him this time? Considering how bad Poseidon’s killers have been about actually shooting and killing people throughout all of Season 5, could she have really managed to shoot Michael without hitting his son who he was holding at the time? Could she have accidentally shot them both? Could she have shot herself instead? Or, did Michael manage to do something to get her first?

Will the Season 5 finale answer all questions?

As Buddy TV reminds us, Episode 8 titled “Progeny” left Prison Break fans with a lot more question than answers. Did Michael get shot? Is Lincoln dead? Where’s Sara? Who is T-Bag supposed to be killing? The real question most fans really have at this point is simple – will the Season 5 finale of Prison Break answer all of these questions? Share your thoughts with me in the comment’s section down below!

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