Why Domino’s Pizza Remade ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ [Opinion]
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Why Domino’s Pizza Remade ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ [Opinion]

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is back on our screens thanks to Domino’s Pizza. Fans of the cult 1980’s movie can enjoy the delivery pizza company’s remake of one of the movie’s most famous scenes as it airs on TV in the U.S. from Monday, March 20.

The ad’s early reception has also been very positive. Domino’s Pizza has been credited with “hitting a lot of the beats of the original,” while Adweek states it “is a pretty faithful remake.”

The remake shows Joe Keery (star of Stranger Things) take on the mad race first run by Matthew Broderick in the 1986 movie. In the original, Broderick raced to home to avoid trouble for skipping school. In the Domino’s Pizza advert, Keery races home to meet a Domino’s delivery driver on his doorstep, pizza boxes in hand.

This new advert from Domino’s Pizza has retained many of details of the original. From jumping the high gate to stealing a soda, the Domino’s ad repeats all the significant shots loved in the original. It even includes a cameo from Alan Ruck, the actor who played Cameron Frye in the original 1986 movie, who drives the updated red Audi.

And there are differences besides the new car.

Keery doesn’t glance at a regular 1980’s timepiece but at his modern smart watch, displaying the Domino’s Pizza new Tracker app that is the motivation behind this ad. Another is the script, with his co-star calling “get that pizza” instead of saying” he’s going to marry me” Early on in the scene.

Domino’s choice of this particular movie to advertise its new Tracker app has left fans debating more, and critiquing less, why they are seeing a new actor vaulting fences through suburban America. Moreover, does this mean that a remake of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is also in the pipeline?

Let’s start with the Domino’s Pizza ad. So, why might Domino’s have chosen to remake this cult scene now?

This year doesn’t mark a major anniversary for the movie, as it will be turning an unremarkable 31-years-old on June 11.

But as Jeff Beer points out, this movie “remains a cultural touchstone” in the U.S. today. But why should a movie about a kid trying the skip school continue to live in the hearts of Americans today, as Domino’s Pizza will hope really is the case?

Does the movie’s continued relevance reflect a contemporary desire for the care-free relief the movie offers? Watching a “high school wise guy” fight to get a day off is a simple model of someone trying to fight a system. It is also something we can all empathize with in our own experience (hands up anyone who didn’t dream of taking a day off high school?)

Or is it Domino’s Pizza hope that we’ll just love reliving the simple thrill of a simple chase? A race in which the movie’s star tries to avoid trouble from his school principal nemesis and, far worse, his parents.

As for a future remake that runs a little longer than Domino’s Pizza version, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off would be joining a long list of reborn 1980’s movies made in recent years. Yet despite the vast improvements in technology since the originals were made, remaking a cult movie is not always a sure route to success.

While Hairspray (2007, the original was made in 1988) was a well-received reinvention of the musical classic, the remake of Robocop (2014, original 1987) badly failed to hit the heights of the original. Any remake is a risk, and fans would no doubt be divided at the prospect of Ferris Bueller getting another day off beyond this Domino’s Pizza ad.

Whether this comes as good or bad news to you, there are no signs yet that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will be trying for another day off anytime soon. In fact, there are several good reasons why the movie would be impossible to remake today, according to The Huffington Post.

For now, fans of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off can sit back and enjoy the nearly two-minute offering of the cult 1980’s movie every time the Domino’s Pizza ad airs.

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