North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, reacts during the launch of four missiles in an undisclosed location North Korea.

Is North Korea Preparing To Strike A Nuclear War? [Opinion]

North Korea is preparing to strike a nuclear war. North Korea has had a strong history of nuclear use and heavy threats.

If they decide to use a nuclear missile, many will die and many will either suffer long-term injuries or die as a result of serious radioactive burns.

U.S. officials are anticipating the possibility of North Korea undertaking another missile and nuclear test. The North has apparently started to change and disguise their efforts, as they are aware that satellites are observing them. According to officials, they may be moving their launchers and personnel to a new location, and they have been making varied moves in an attempt to confuse U.S. intelligence.

They added they are observing North Korea closely as there have been strong concerns with regards to the activities taking place. This worries the officials, as they believe that due to their erratic behavior the North could soon test a missile or nuclear device without any warning. One of the reasons this is quite worrisome is that they could decide to affect U.S. ally South Korea. This could also be an underground nuclear test, which would be very dangerous if there is no clear warning.

Should South Korea Be Concerned?

South Korea continues to receive assistance from the U.S. with it intercepting an atomic warhead. Seoul may be quite vulnerable if North Korea decides to do a sneak attack that could leave it completely compromised and destroyed.

Thousands of South Koreans would die or suffer terribly if there were any tests to take place on their land.

However, if the North were to harm the South in any way, this would mean war with the U.S., which may cause even bigger problems for Kim Jong-un who enjoys a variety of luxuries. He may find that he is unable to enjoy certain luxuries once the war he starts affects him.

Other nations such as Iran may soon decide to change how they feel as well depending on how Donald Trump’s government decides to react.

How North Korea is preparing to strike a nuclear war
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What Is The U.S. Doing?

Former president Barack Obama warned the Trump administration about the great risk North Korea posed. The U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, warned that if the diplomatic efforts to denuclearize that had been made for the past 20 years had failed that the new administration would have to come up with a new approach to deal with their latest problem.

“And that includes a period in which the U.S. provided $1.35 billion in assistance to North Korea as an encouragement to take a different pathway.”

He spoke at a conference in Tokyo and discussed that there was a growing threat from Pyongyang and that the North had done two nuclear tests and 24 missile tests in the past year, including the latest ones that landed in the Sea of Japan. General Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, released a statement and said that it had been assessed that there had been changes in North Korea and that they have looked into response options. He said that they had recognized the possibility of the North conducting provocative actions.

How North Korea is preparing to strike a nuclear war
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President Trump is yet to state what the options actually are if the North were to show any acts of aggression towards any other country. There are many American troops located in South Korea, and it would be very concerning especially if any attacks were to take place.

The problem with the tests is that the North is showing power, as its launches do not necessarily have a specific range.

The threats may stem from the friendship that the U.S. has been awarded by the South, which could greatly continue to affect them as this could lead to a huge nuclear war.

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