Red Hot Chili Peppers Slammed For ‘Satanic Practices’ [Opinion]

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been called out for worshipping Satan and “leading the masses away from God to Hell.”

The California funk rockers may appear friendly enough, but apparently Anthony Kiedis, Flea, and the rest of the devilishly red hot dudes “pay homage to Satan” on a regular basis and are hellish whores who allow themselves “to be used by the Satanic powers of darkness.”

The accusation of devil worship has been leveled at the Chili Peppers by the Christ in Prophecy website and the Good Fight Ministries YouTube channel.

In a section marked Satan’s Story on the Christ in Prophecy website, it warns the “most people do not take Satan seriously,” and that “Celebrities often mock Satan and Hell.”

It then points to Aussie rockers AC/DC as being prime offenders who bragged about ending up in Lucifer’s realm on their classic 1979 track Highway to Hell.

Devil Worship
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]

“Ain’t nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time. My friends are gonna be there too. I’m on the highway to Hell. No stop signs or speed limit. Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Hey, Satan paid my dues. Playing in a rocking band. Hey, Momma, look at me. I’m on the way to the promised land. I’m on the highway to Hell.”

The website then cites Metallica as also being fully paid up members of Satan’s gang, before explaining that the music scene is infested with celebrities keen to appease the dark lord with the big horns.

“There are many other such examples of Satanic songs being peddled today by various musical groups. Most of these songs are probably parodies designed to do nothing but shock. But some of the groups profess to be Satan worshipers.”

It then points a firm and accusing finger at the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a band with one foot firmly in Lucifer’s camp.

It cites the main reason for this as the 1992 MTV awards ceremony where Kiedis famously thanked Satan for the band’s award, alongside Salvador Dali, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Muhammad Ali.

According to Christ in Prophecy, this is bona vida proof that Anthony and the other Peppers sold their souls for rock n’ roll a long, long time ago.

For some reason, the Chili Peppers have been signaled out for special attention by many a bible basher.

Devil Worship
Is Flea saluting his dark lord? [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc]

Another video, by the self-titled Vigilant Christian, whose channel has over 400,000 subscribers, kindly informs us, “For those of you who don’t know, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold their soul for fame and fortune in the entertainment industry.”

Well, thanks for that. Someone better tell Anthony who revealed in his 2004 memoir Scar Tissue, that his devout Christian grandmother was furious at his MTV award prank.

“I had to write Granny a postcard on her eightieth birthday, explaining that I wasn’t really a Satanist.”

As for his own thoughts on religion. Kiedis is not so keen of fire and brimstone but more about the universal love and the spirit of God as he explained to Guitar World.

“That spirit of universal love and the spirit of God.Whatever that might be to you. I don’t mean it in a religious sense at all. Let’s just call it an energy, or beauty. That energy is everywhere… For me, that beauty has always been there, even when I was dying. It’s infinite. It’s in the jail cells. It’s in the ocean. It’s in all of us. It’s there when you’re born and it’s there waiting for you when you die.”

Devil Worship
Are these what Satanists look like? [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

Meanwhile over at Christ in Prophecy they’re still busy warning the world about the devil’s music and his dark intentions. Under a heading entitled “Satan’s Reality” they write, “I want to emphasize again that Satan is not some inanimate evil force or power. He is a real person with all the traits of personality — feelings, emotions, will, and intelligence.”

You’ll be telling us his name’s Ed Sheeran next.

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