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Charged for Terrorism: Kiev Captures Alleged Russian Soldiers

Ukrainian military soldiers man a highway checkpoint against allegedly Russian insurgents, two of which might be charged for terrorism

Kiev has announced that a pair of allegedly Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainian Security Service will be charged for terrorism. The two men facing terrorism charges are being detained in Shchastya, a small town near the Russian border. Ukrainian security chief, Vitaliy Naida, stated that the pair are linked to Russia’s foreign military intelligence… Read more »

Royal Wedding: Sofia Hellqvist, Prince Carl Philip Prepare For June Wedding

Royal wedding Sofia Hellqvist

The royal wedding of Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip is set to take place in June. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the bride and groom-to-be made their engagement official over the weekend. The royal family gathered at the Stockholm’s Royal Chapel for the traditional “reading of the banns of marriage.” Although Sofia and… Read more »

Philippines Factory Fire: 72 Workers Killed In Massive Blaze

Massive Blaze

A Philippines factory fire left 72 people dead and several others injured. Authorities confirmed the victims were employees at the Kentex Manufacturing Corp., which produces rubber slippers. Although the details are unclear, officials confirmed the workers were trapped inside the building and were unable to escape. As reported by CNN, the Philippines factory fire was… Read more »

Avocado Prices Will Soar In Costa Rica Due To Import Bans

Costa Rica bans avocado imports

As if a spewing volcano wasn’t enough, Costa Rica is now expected to experience an avocado shortage after that country banned imports of the fruit from several major international suppliers, including the United States. Costa Rica has also halted imports from Mexico, the world’s largest producer of avocados. Other countries that have been banned are… Read more »

Japan Could Face Mega Earthquake In The Near Future

Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake And Tsunami Devastate Northern Japan

Japan could face another mega earthquake, according to researchers in Japan, who have detected and traced shallow tremors under the ocean floor. It is the first time this technique has been used to predict earthquakes. Japan is located in the most powerful seismic network in the world — having dealt with a devastating magnitude-9.0 earthquake… Read more »

Egypt Jails Students For Mocking ISIS


Egypt has jailed four students for a video made in jest, mocking ISIS on the charge of “insulting Islam.” According to reports, the four students, aged 15 to 16, in Egypt are facing up to five years in jail, while a fifth child is on the run. A school teacher is also facing seven years… Read more »

8.4 Million Children Suffer From Malnutrition In Indonesia

Malnutrition In Indonesia

Malnutrition is a major and growing concern in Indonesia. In fact, more than 8.4 million children suffer from chronic malnutrition, which causes them to be stunted or excessively small for their age. Stunting due to malnutrition is responsible for reducing a child’s productivity. In addition, children who are stunted because of malnutrition are more susceptible… Read more »