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ISIS Crossdressing To Escape Battlefield, Iraqi Militia Reports [Photos]

ISIS Cross-Dressing To Escape

ISIS cross-dressing reports are filtering in from Instagram and other websites across the Internet, complete with photos. According to Iraqi militia, they have caught and photographed a number of men resorting to dressing up as women in order to flee the battlefield. The Daily Mail reports that the men have varied in age and are… Read more »

A Third Of Domestic Abuse Victims Are Male, Statistics Say


Statistics from the ManKind Initiative say that more than a third of domestic abuse victims are male, according to a report from the Independent. The stats were published in the newspaper after a man from Peterborough, UK, came forward with his own personal account of being a victim of abuse. Mark Brookes, Chair of ManKind… Read more »

Putin In Absentia, Kremlin Battling Rumor Mill Over President’s Health

Where Is Putin? Health Concerns Over Russian President

He was last seen March 5. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, at the Kremlin and since then has disappeared from the public eye. The question on everyone’s lips is, where has Putin gone? The mystery over Putin’s whereabouts has been further intensified given the Kremlin’s decision to post photos… Read more »