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U.S. National Shot Dead In Saudi Arabian Capital

The city of Riyadh

A U.S. national has reportedly been shot dead and another injured in the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. A brief statement from Saudi Arabian Press Agency stated that the police later shot, wounded and arrested an assailant shortly afterwards. The statement alleged that the attack resulted in the killing of one person and the… Read more »

Kim Jong Un Returns, Still In Control


North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong Un recently gave “field guidance” to a newly developed residential district, his first public appearance in more than a month. Kim’s prolonged absence set off a flurry of rumors and theories. Although the report might put some of that speculation to rest, no doubt some are still… Read more »

Queen Elizabeth’s Incredible Charm, Even Ex-IRA Commander Likes Her

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is quite the the charmer, but her latest fan may come as a surprise to everyone. Former Irish Republican Army (IRA) commander and Sinn Fein’s deputy first minister Martin McGuinness admitted to the world that he likes the Queen. McGuinness’ history with Great Britain is checkered with accusations of violence, condemnation, and… Read more »

Saudi Female Soccer Fan Attends Match, Men Are Outraged

female soccer fan

A Saudi female soccer fan, who “dared” to attend a match, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after men became outraged. The scene unfolded as the woman, dressed in the traditional black garb — which covered every part of her body, except the eyes — came out to the stadium to support a… Read more »

Vladimir Putin, Russians Celebrate His 62nd Birthday

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the most popular political figures the nation has ever had, celebrated his 62nd birthday Tuesday, and his nation celebrated with him. Taking a rare day off, Putin flew to Siberia where he spent his birthday in the wilderness he loves. The Russian people celebrated the day with tributes and… Read more »

ISIS Crimes in Iraq Are ‘Staggering’ According To U.N. Report

U.N. releases report on"staggering" crimes committed by ISIS against  civilians

The United Nations released a 29-page report Thursday stating that ISIS has committed “staggering” systematic war crimes that demand prosecution. According to Reuters, at least 9,347 civilians have been killed and 17,386 wounded so far this year, over half of them since ISIS began seizing parts of northern Iraq in June. U.N. High Commissioner for… Read more »