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Chinese Doctors Attach Hand to Foot During Emergency Procedure

Chinese Doctors Attach Hand to Foot

Chinese doctors where able to save a man’s severed hand by attaching it to his ankle. According to BBC News, Xiao Wei lost his right hand in a work-related accident. To make matters worse, he was unable to have it reattached to his arm right away. The Huffington Post reported that Xiao Wei lost his… Read more »

Stonehenge Gets $44 Million Renovation, New Visitor Center To Open

Stonehenge gets a renovation, complete with visitor center

Stonehenge has undergone a $44 million (£27 million) renovation that includes a new visitor center to be opened Wednesday. Visitors will be transported about a mile and a half from the center to the stones via shuttle bus. They also have the option to walk down a newly-reconnected ancient processional approach. The center will feature… Read more »

Syrian Civil War Bombing Death Toll 76, Rising In Aleppo

Saudi Arabia calls for U.N. to address Syrian war crimes as cease fire is broken

A bombing related to the Syrian civil war has produced a death toll of at least 76, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday. Army helicopters dropped something called “barrel bombs” on the rebel controlled city of Aleppo, impacting civilian areas of the city. Syrian President Bashar Assad uses his air force quite… Read more »

Drone Strike In Yemen Kills At Least 14, None Militants

Drone Strike Hits Wedding Convoy In Yemen

A US drone strike in Yemen on Thursday left at least 14 dead and injured at least 22. An unnamed security official says that none of the dead were wanted militant suspects. He calls the attack directed at a wedding convoy a “tragic mistake.” Two important tribal leaders were among those killed in the strike…. Read more »

North Korea Executes Leader Kim Jong Un’s Uncle

North Korea Executes Kim Jong Un's Uncle

North Korea has announced the execution of leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle, saying that he was a traitor who tried to overthrow the government. The chilling news comes days after Pyongyang’s announcement that it had removed Jang Song Thaek from all his posts due to allegations of corruption, drug use, gambling, womanizing, and leading a… Read more »

Ukraine Riots Tense After Police Crackdown [Video]

Kiev Rioters Claim Victory After Police Disperse

The Ukraine riots continue after well-armed police withdrew from Kiev’s Independence Square, or Maidan. A court ruling announced Tuesday night found the protesters in violation of the law. Soon after police in riot gear began pushing on the entrenched anti-government demonstrators camped in the Ukraine capital. Tuesday night police were seen tearing down barricades erected… Read more »

Yemen Attack Led By Al Qaeda, 52 Killed [Video]

Yemen Attack Leads To Clashes In Capital

A militant attack in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, resulted in 52 deaths on Thursday. At least seven victims were foreign nationals. The attack included two-stages, first a suicide car bomb and then a firefight with armed militants. Credit for the terror strike was claimed by the Yemen branch of al Qaeda, known as al Qaeda on… Read more »

United States Declares Support For Japan In Dispute With China

United States Supports Japan In Dispute With China

The United States has declared its support for Japan in the ongoing dispute with China over islands located in the East China Sea which Japan administrates. China established, unilaterally, an air defense zone last weekend, which Japan and the United States don’t recognize. As tensions grow in the area, the Obama administration is accusing Beijing… Read more »

Shark Attacks And Kills Teen Body Boarder Off Australian Coast

Shark Attacks Teenage Boy

A teenage body boarder was killed after being attacked by a shark off of Australia’s east coast. This is the second shark attack that has ended in a fatality this month. The Inquisitr reported that a surfer was attacked and killed by a shark off of the west coast of Australia exactly one week ago… Read more »

Police In Glasgow Say Helicopter Pub Crash Killed Eight [Video]

Glasgow Police Say Eight Died In Helicopter Pub Crash

Police in Glasgow say that the number of dead has risen to eight after a police helicopter crashed into a crowded pub late Friday. Rescue crews are now digging through the partly destroyed building, hoping to save trapped survivors. Authorities say that 14 people have been taken to area hospitals for injuries. As reported by… Read more »

Nigeria Destroys 240,000 Bottles Of Beer For Being Against Islamic Law

Nigeria Destroys 240,000 Bottles Of Beer For Being Against Islamic Law

Nigeria destroyed nearly a quarter million bottles of beer in a strike against behavior that violates strict Sharia Islamic law. The crackdown happened in the city of Kano, where police enforcing Islamic law destroyed close to 240,000 bottles of beer. The beer had been taken from trucks entering the city in the past few weeks…. Read more »

United States Sends B-52s Over China Air Defense Zone

United States sends two B-52 bombers over China air defense space

The United States sent two B-52 bombers over China’s Air Defense Zone, without notifying Beijing. United States officials said on Tuesday, the two bombers went into a disputed area over the East China Sea challenging the country’s wish to expand its air zone. Both countries have been at odds over China’s intentions and today’s actions… Read more »

Angola: Islam Is Not Banned, Says Rumors Meant To Cause Tension

Destroyed Mosque

Angola has not banned Islam, according to a spokesperson for the African nation’s embassy. Earlier in the week, reports surfaced that the government had barred the religion from the country. Reports said that Angola was declaring Islam illegal and shutting down all mosques. Rosa Cruz e Silva, Angola Minister of Culture, reportedly said that the… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Men Offer ‘Free Hugs’, Get Arrested [Video]

Saudia Arabia men offer 'Free Hugs', get arrested

A couple of Saudi Arabia men showed off a placard offering “Free Hugs” and were arrested. If you’re in the US, be grateful you’re free to do things like that and possibly even be called a hero. A while back, a video went viral where people stood in the street with the same sign, and… Read more »

China Stealth Drone: Test Flight Of ‘Sharp Sword’

China Stealth Drone

A China stealth drone test flight of the “Sharp Sword” appears to have been successful. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a US drone crashed into the side of one of the Navy’s ships. China’s stealth drone, called by the Chinese “The Lijian”, made news today after pictures and videos of the test flight were… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Encourages Citizens To Leave Lebanon After Bombings

Saudi Arabia encourages its citizens to leave Lebanon after bombings

Saudi Arabia is telling its citizens in Lebanon to get out after a double terrorist bombing outside the Iranian embassy earlier in the week and escalating tensions with the Islamic group Hezbollah. Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, has indirectly placed blame on Saudi Arabia for two attacks on Tuesday in which suicide bombers detonated themselves… Read more »

Sri Lanka War Crimes Probe Headed Toward Showdown [Video]

Sri Lanka Put On Notice Over War Crime Probe

Sri Lanka has been put on notice by British Prime Minister David Cameron. He says the nation’s probe into war crimes are not moving quickly enough. Cameron has called on the international community to conduct its own probe into allegations of atrocities committed by the Sri Lanka government during the country’s long civil war. President… Read more »

Pink Star Diamond Sells For Record $83 Million At Auction

Pink Star diamond sells for record $83 million

The Pink Star diamond has sold for a record $83 million at auction in Geneva. The diamond was sold to New York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, who renamed the gem the Pink Dream. The $83 million price tag included Sotheby’s commission. The winning bid was for $74 million (68 million Swiss francs). “Ladies and gentlemen,… Read more »