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Millions Of Honeybees Found Dead [Report]

millions honeybees dead

Millions of honeybees are dead in a new colony collapse disorder crisis being reported from Ontario, Canada. And that’s on a single farm in Elmwood, Canada. Depending on the reports you read, 30 million, 37 million, or even 40 million honeybees may already be dead — a reflection of the expanding numbers as the crisis… Read more »

Two Charged In Canada Day Bomb Plot

2 Arrested In Canada Day Bomb PlotCanada Day Bomb Plot

A British Columbia man and woman have been charged with conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack. Police say explosive devices were placed outside the province’s legislature on Canada Day, where thousands were gathered for the national holiday according to CTV News. Amanda Marie Korody, 30, and John Stewart Nuttall, 39 — both of Surrey,… Read more »

Sumatra Earthquake Death Toll Estimates Rising In Indonesia

Sumatra Earthquake Death Toll Estimates Rising In Indonesia

The Sumatra earthquake rattled the northern tip of Indonesia’s islands. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Indonesia has been suffering from a haze blamed on forest fires. The haze even caused an economic hit. Now the Sumatra earthquake in Indonesia is just making things worse for the country. The US Geological Survey (USGS) says the… Read more »

Autistic Toddler Wows The World With Her Paintings

autistic toddler iris grace painting

An autistic toddler in the UK has captured worldwide interest creating beautiful paintings far beyond her years. Three-year-old Iris Grace Halmshaw – who is autistic and cannot speak – lives with mom Arabella Carter-Johnson and dad Peter-Jon Halmshaw and has been painting as a part of her therapy sessions. At the age of two, the little girl was… Read more »

BBC Calls Nelson Mandela ‘Black’, Faces Odd Backlash From Journalist

Nelson Mandela First Black President of Africa

Media giant BBC has come under fire after describing former President of Africa Nelson Mandela as the country’s “first black president.” In a letter to The Hindu former veteran Indian journalist M.S. Prabhakara writes: “It is disgusting, but not surprising, that the BBC in its online world news bulletin should consistently describe Nelson Mandela, lying critically ill in a Pretoria… Read more »

Nelson Mandela Improving: Report

Nelson Mandela condition improves

South African President Jacob Zuma says that the condition of Nelson Mandela has improved overnight. The statement comes after he visited the anti-apartheid hero in the hospital in Pretoria. According to CNN, Zuma said that Mandela’s medical team told him that the former President “remains critical but is now stable.” Mandela, who is 94 and… Read more »

Japanese Man Sues TV Station For Being Too ‘Americanized’

Japanese TV Sued

A man recently sued a TV network in Japan for using too many English words in its programming. Japanese broadcaster NHK is being sued by 71-year-old Hoji Takahashi for “undue mental stress” over the amount of foreign words he encounters on the channel. The pensioner said the overuse of English loanwords makes it hard for… Read more »

Nelson Mandela’s Daughter Says Family Is Holding On Until ‘Very End’

Nelson Mandela On Life Support

Nelson Mandela is critically ill, but his oldest daughter says he is still responding to touch and opening his eyes. Speaking to the state-run South African Broadcasting Corp., his daughter says: “I reiterate that Tata is very critical, that anything is imminent. But I want to emphasize again that it’s only God who knows when the time… Read more »