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Pirate Attack Foiled By EU Naval Forces

pirate ship

A pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden was foiled this week by European Union Naval Forces. A group of Somali pirates briefly took 14 sailors hostage aboard a cargo vessel in the Gulf of Aden. The Marine Link reports that the cargo vessel, known as a dhow, is frequently targeted by pirates and is… Read more »

Northern Ireland Creates Fake Storefronts For Obama Visit

Northern Ireland creating fake storefronts for G8 Summit

You can’t judge a book — or a store — by its cover apparently. The Northern Ireland government reportedly has created fake storefronts to camouflage bad economic conditions in advance of the visit by President Obama and other world leaders for the annual G8 summit meeting on June 17. The G8 (Group of Eight) is… Read more »

Big Yellow Duck: China Bans Images

Big yellow duck being banned in China over Tienenman Square issue

China is banning images of the big yellow duck on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square. At Tiananmen Square 24 years ago, Chinese students tried to halt the progress of a line of military enforcements including tanks heading for Beijing. This led to the massacre of said students as soldiers opened fire and drove tanks over… Read more »

6.8 Earthquake In Taiwan Shakes Things Up [Video]

Taiwan Earthquake 6.8 magnitude

An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 on the Richter scale struck the island nation of Taiwan this past Sunday, June 2. Reports so far have placed the number of fatalities at four. At least 19 individuals have been reported to have experienced serious injury, and an untold number of possible injuries have been reported in the… Read more »

Czech Mother Expecting Country’s First Natural Quintuplets [Video]

czech-first quintuplets alexandra kinova video

A 23-year-old Czech woman is preparing for the arrival of the country’s first-ever set of natural quintuplets. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the Czech Republic’s Alexandra Kinova, from Milovice near Prague, is due to give birth to the quints by Caesarean section on Sunday. The soon-to-be mom of six said she wasn’t even aware… Read more »