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Baby Toted To Safety In Gym Bag While Flood Waters Rise [Video]

When flood waters rose, rescuers lifted a toddler to safety in a gym bag.

Australia – With the floods and heatwaves taking Australia by storm, one 14-month-old made headlines after being rescued from the back of a pickup truck caught in flood waters near Biloela. The tyke was stranded with his mother and her friend when the truck got stuck in rapidly rising waters. When the helicopter rescuers came,… Read more »

Drunk Driving Permits Approved In Ireland

bottle of booze

Kerry County, Ireland – Please don’t let this shake your faith in the wisdom of local government. County councillors in Ireland approved a motion that would allow local police to issue what apparently amounts to drunk driving permits for people who have imbibed the equivalent of two or three drinks. According to Danny Healy-Rae, the… Read more »

Canada’s New Currency Features ‘Wrong’ Maple Leaf

Canada Wrong Maple Leaf

Canada apparently used the “wrong” maple leaf when it printed out its newest currency, according to a botanist. The botanist, Sean Blaney, claims that Canada actually used the Norway maple leaf in its new plastic currency instead of the North American sugar maple. Blaney spends his time tracking plants for the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data… Read more »