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Royal Baby Gets A Nickname: Our Little Grape

Pregnant Kate Middleton Not Too Sick To Hit Swiss Ski Resort

Kate Middleton and Prince William haven’t decided on a royal baby name yet but they have started using a nickname: Little Grape. According to Yahoo News, the happy couple arrived at the nickname after Kate was told that the fetus was about the size of a “little grape” when she was nine weeks pregnant. Kate… Read more »

Black Death Skeletons Unearthed In London

Black Death Skeletons Unearthed

Thirteen Black Death skeletons were unearthed in London, archaeologists announced on Friday. The skeletons were dug up by workers on the £15 billion Crossrail project. While only 13 skeletons have been dug up so far, up to 50,000 people may be buried at the site in Charterhouse Square. The area was mentioned as a plague… Read more »

Shark Hero Who Saved Toddlers Sacked Because He Was On Sick Leave

Shark Hero Who Saved Toddlers Sacked Because He Was On Sick Leave

A British tourist who wrestled a shark away from toddlers on an Australian beach has been sacked after returning home because he was on sick leave. Paul Marshallsea, a 62-year-old charity worker from Wales, was hailed as hero back in January when he grabbed hold of the shark’s tail as it swam towards toddlers playing… Read more »

Two US Soldiers Killed By Afghan Police Officer


An Afghan police officer killed two US soldiers and two fellow Afghan police officers in a surprise attack Monday morning. The shooter died in the resulting firefight. An Afghan police officer stood up in the back of a police pickup truck with a machine gun and opened fire upon US special forces and Afghan policemen… Read more »

Queen Cancels Engagement Due To Illness

Queen Cancels Engagement

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth cancelled an engagement on Monday due an illness that followed her recent hospitalization. Despite the cancelled engagement, officials said the queen’s health is not a serious concern. Elizabeth was discharged from the hospital last week and is otherwise in good health. A Buckingham Palace spokesman announced the queen’s decision, saying: “The queen… Read more »

EU Banning Animal-Tested Cosmetics

EU Ban Animal-Tested Cosmetics

The EU is banning cosmetics with animal-tested ingredients. The union regulators have also pledged to put their efforts toward getting other parts of the world to accept alternatives as well. The European Union already banned testing finished cosmetic products on animals in 2004. A ban is already in place for animal-tested ingredients, but extensive lobbying… Read more »

Top Restaurant Sickens 63 In Denmark

Top Restaurant Sickens 63

A top restaurant sickened 63 people in Denmark with viral gastroenteritis. The restaurant, Noma, was ordered by Danish food safety officials to clean up and have better food handling procedures. The virus that hit the two-star Michelin eatery causes vomiting and diarrhea. A spokesman for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration called the outbreak “massive.”… Read more »

Hugo Chavez’s Funeral Attended By Several World Leaders

Hugo Chavez Funeral

Caracas, Venezuela — Hugo Chavez’s funeral was held on Friday and was attended by several world leaders, who paid their respects to the late Venezuelan president. World leaders were joined by athletes and left-wing celebrities in celebrating the life of Chavez, who passed away from a massive heart attack on Tuesday. The funeral was held… Read more »

Lion Attack In African Bush Kills Woman During Outdoor Sex Act

Lion Attack during outdoor sex act

A lion attack in the African bush has killed a female who was having sex in the great outdoors. Sharai Mawera and her partner, an unidentified male, were enjoying a private moment in the African bush when they fell prey to the killer lion. A source close to the attack told news agencyMy Zimbabwe, “Unfortunately… Read more »

Obese Traffic Cops Get Reassigned In Vietnam

vietnam traffic

Obese traffic caps will soon get reassigned to desk jobs in Vietnam. According to Reuters, obese, short, or abusive officers will be banned from working the streets of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Any obese officers currently working on the streets will be reassigned to a desk job in Hanoi. According to a local newspaper,… Read more »