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Malala Receives Taliban Letter Explaining Why She Was Shot

Taliban Send Malala Letter Explaining Attempted Murder

Malala has a gotten Taliban-penned letter explaining why she was shot. Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old school Pakistani school girl, was targeted and attacked by Taliban gunmen last year. Armed men shot her in the head and left her to die. The letter, reports BBC, stops just short of being an apology for the attack. Refusing… Read more »

North Korean Ship Seized In Panama Canal, Carrying Cuban Missiles

North Korean Ship Seized In Panama, Found With Missiles From Cuba

A North Korean ship was seized by authorities in Panama Monday evening. Trying to pass through the Panama Canal, the ship was discovered to be transporting “undeclared military cargo.” The New York Times reports that Panama’s president, Ricardo Martinelli, said that the illicit goods were presumed to be “sophisticated missile equipment.” The military cargo was… Read more »

New Ireland Abortion Law A Controversial First

Ireland Abortion Bill Successfully Passes

Ireland has passed a new abortion law that allows women in the country to get the procedure for the first time. The law, however, is highly restrictive and will only allow abortions under special circumstances. The move is seen as historic for Ireland, which has traditionally held strict bans on abortions of any form. While… Read more »

Five Die And Dozens Escape During Indonesia Prison Break

5 Dead And Dozens Have Escaped During Indonesia Prison Break

Five people are reported to have been killed in a riot at a prison in Indonesia’s Sumatra island that led to the escape of dozens of inmates according to BBC News. Authorities were searching for scores of inmates, including terrorists, who escaped a crowded Indonesian prison that was still burning Friday after prisoners set fires… Read more »

Gangster Magazine: Japanese Yakuza Group Launches Official Publication

Gangster Magazine Japan

A Japanese yakuza group now has its very own gangster magazine. While it might seem like a plotline from a Takashi Miike movie, apparently one outfit in the Japanese mafia now has its very own monthly publication. The magazine reportedly contains poetry and articles tailored specifically to those who work in the underworld. The gangster… Read more »

Cafe Owner Warns Customers: I’m A Black Woman

Black Woman Owns Restaurant

If you visit the Yeanon Cafe in Osset, West Yorkshire, be warned: The cafe owner is a female and black. No, I’m not being racist. That is the actual notice the cafe owner has left for customers on the entrance to her establishment. Apparently, enough racists live in the area that they will literally walk… Read more »