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North Korean Prison Camps’ Horrors Revealed To UN By Defectors

North Korean Prison Camp Survivors Remember Executions, Starvation

North Korean prison camps and their horrors were explained to a United Nations committee by a group of escaped prisoners on Tuesday. Slave labor, beatings, torture, and brutal executions were all part of daily life in the camps, the defectors told the public. Their statements were made in South Korea, the first ever made before… Read more »

Death Toll Rises To 52 In Philippine Ship Collision

At Least 52 dead in philippine ship collision

UPDATE – At least 52 people have been reported dead after a ferry and cargo ship collided in the Philippines on Friday. According to the Wall Street Journal, 52 dead have been recovered in the waters off the Philippine central island of Cebu, said the Philippine Coast Guard. So far, Philippine authorities and fishermen have… Read more »

Stealth Snowmobiles Being Tested By Canadian Military

Silent Snowmobile In Canada

There is a lot of snow in Canada, which might explain why the Canadian military is currently test driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile. The snowmobile is part of the military’s plans for clandestine operations in the Arctic. Creating a stealth snowmobile isn’t a simple undertaking. To keep noise levels down while still providing speed, the… Read more »

Egypt In State Of Emergency As Death Toll Passes 500 [Video]

Muslim Brotherhood call for day of rage on Friday.

Egypt has declared a state of emergency after violence on Wednesday. Over 500 lives have been lost after the Egyptian military forces broke up groups of pro-Morsi in aggressive purges. Some of the worst violence so far has come from the nation’s capitol, Cairo, where at least 200 have been killed. Estimates of the current… Read more »

IOC Will Not Tolerate Gay Protests At Winter Olympics

Any protest of the anti-gay laws in Russia could be punishable by possible disqualification. The International Olympic Committee says it will not tolerate anyone using the event as a personal platform to voice displeasure with the law. An IOC spokesperson told MSN News that Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter states that the Olympics “are… Read more »

95 Killed In Egypt During Pro-Morsi Camp Military Purge

95 killed in Egypt

Egypt has issued a state of emergency Wednesday after 95 pro-Morsi supporters were killed in what is being called a “chaotic bloodbath.” Reuters reports that Egyptian troops opened fire on demonstrators sympathetic to the ousted Morsi, killing 95 and wounding 874. A state of emergency was issued starting at 10pm on Wednesday, and to last… Read more »

Ibrahim Al-Asiri, The United States Most Feared Terrorist

Ibrahim al-Asiri the US most feared terrorist.

Ibarhim al-Asiri’s name is not as well known to the general public, but he is the terrorist most feared by the US because of his ability to create undetectable bombs. He is dubbed as “diabolical”. He is one the up and coming terrorists originated in Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Al-Asiri is a drop-out… Read more »

4,000 Dead Bodies Accidentally Dug Up In London


Workers for the Crossrail project, which is a huge construction enterprise taking place in London to expand its rail system, came across 4,000 dead bodies during their dig. Many of the bodies are believed to have been patients at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Europe’s first ever insane asylum, which was so notorious that it created… Read more »

Brazilian Teen Murders Family, Goes To School, Then Commits Suicide

Brazilian teen kills family and commits suicide

São Paulo — A Brazilian teenager murdered his family before spending a full day at school and then committing suicide. Marcelo Pesseghini killed his parents, Luiz and Andreia Pesseghini, his grandmother, Benedita de Oliveira Bovo, and his great aunt, Bernadete Oliveira da Silva. All four suffered gunshot wounds to the head. Pesseghini is thought to… Read more »