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YouTube VHS Mode Celebrates The Videocassette

57th Anniversary Of The VCR

YouTube is celebrating the 57th anniversary of the videocassette recorder with VHS mode. For many people who use the video sharing site on a regular basis, the idea of recording a video using analog equipment is probably archaic. In addition to providing severely downgraded picture quality, videotapes were also prone to break at the drop… Read more »

Facebook Red Equal Sign Adopted By 2.7 Million Users

facebook red equal sign numbers

The Facebook red equal sign meme that took over profiles this week on the social network seemed to be everywhere — many users even complained that with all the users changing avatars, it rapidly became difficult to discern who was who. But as the Facebook red equal sign trend (and its inevitable parodies) persisted, many… Read more »

Facebook Red Equal Sign Adopted By Brands, Businesses Too

facebook red equal sign budweiser

The Facebook “red equal sign” meme has not only taken over user profiles in the past 24 hours — the site’s brands and companies too have been altering the simple image to convey a support for marriage equality and transmit their position to fans, followers, and customers. The Facebook red equal sign meme began to… Read more »

Facebook Reply Option To Make Commenting Easier

facebook reply option

A Facebook reply option has long been a missing feature from the social network, but big pages are starting to get the awesome new feature today. The Facebook reply option involves “threaded comments,” which means that, instead of a big jumble of non-linear conversation, users can actually directly reply to comments made. The Facebook reply… Read more »

Overly Attached Girlfriend Adorably Opens Up About Internet Infamy

overly attached girlfriend laina walker

Anyone who’s been on the internet for five minutes or more knows “Overly Attached Girlfriend,” the meme in which a wide-eyed young woman is captioned with an ever increasing number of “stalker” type phrases. The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme is, as you may know, a still taken from a YouTube video she created for a… Read more »

Twitter Sued For $50M Over Anti-Semitic Tweet Data

Twitter Sued For $50M

Twitter was sued for $50M by the Union of Jewish French Students (UJFS) after the social network refused to give out user data for anti-Semitic tweets. The case goes back to October when Twitter saw several anti-Semitic French-language tweets, which were tied to the hashtag #unbonjuif (translated to “A good Jew”). The tweets prompted the… Read more »

YouTube Now Serves One Billion Visitors Per Month


YouTube is now the home of one billion monthly visitors. Funny videos, tutorials, highly touted documentaries, music videos — pretty much every type of video a user could want — can be found on the social video website. The networks incredible growth is thanks in no small part to its availability on a myriad of… Read more »

Dad’s Letter To Gay Son Nate Goes Viral, Breaks Hearts

dad's letter to gay son

A dad’s letter to his gay son has become an internet sensation, after readers across the web were moved by the father’s preemptive acceptance of his son’s coming out. Little is known about the boy, Nate, and his father, but a letter from the dad to his gay son suggests some background to the story…. Read more »

Teacher Fired For Online Comment, Doesn’t Know What He Said

Online comments gets teacher fired

Munhall, PA – A teacher has been fired for a comment he made online, but administrators won’t tell him what he said to lose his job or even which social network he said it on. Alan Francis was a full-time substitute teacher for Steel Valley High School in Pennsylvania before receiving a virtual pink slip… Read more »

Hater App, The Middle Finger Of Social Networks

Hater App

The Hater App isn’t your typical social network. Debuted at the 2013 SXSW conference, the app is like a big middle finger to the social networking world. Unlike your typical social network, the Hater App focuses solely on grievances. Rather than clicking a “Like” button, the network wants users to hate people, places, and other… Read more »

HTC Leaks ‘Myst’ Facebook Phone Details

Facebook phone details leaked

The Myst Facebook phone by HTC has had its details leaked. The HTC Myst is apparently the company’s next attempt at bringing us the Facebook phone. With Facebook’s ever-expanding web of updates, it only makes sense that it’s attempting to take its social network to the next level. The graph search, still in Beta mode,… Read more »