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‘Welcome Home Cheater’ Sign Spotted In Washington

welcome home cheater

A sign reading “Welcome Home Cheater” was allegedly spotted by a Reddit user’s pals in Washington State, but, as is often the case with these enticing public embarrassment revenge stories, we only have a small bit of the tale. Less than a small bit, in the case of the “Welcome Home Cheater” banner, neatly painted… Read more »

Facebook Taking Down Post-Mastectomy Photos, Cancer Survivors Upset


Breast cancer is a scary topic for anyone, and sometimes finding help and support from others can prove to be a challenging experience. For some, like Scorchy Barrington of New York, inspiration comes from online programs/groups. Programs such as the SCAR Project bring a lot of men and women who suffer with breast cancer hope… Read more »

Snoopy Makes His Vine Debut, 11 More Clips To Soon Follow

Snoopy Makes Vine Debut

Khoa Phan has made a name for himself on Vine by creating some really cool and inventive stop-motion animations. This week, Phan took his talents to the world of Charles Shultz and his Peanuts characters. Phan inked a 12-Vine deal with Peanuts Worldwide to create a group of inventive Vine’s that would bring us back… Read more »

Tumblr Founder Goes From High School Dropout To $250 Million

Tumblr Founder Rich

Tumblr has made David Karp a very rich young man. The 26-year-old founder of the blogging platform never finished high school but now has sold his creation for a fortune. Karp recently sold Tumblr to Yahoo! for $1.1 billion, leaving him with a pretty nice sum. Forbes estimates that Karp, who owns a 25 percent… Read more »

Survey Reveals ‘Pinterest Stress’ Affects Nearly Half Of Moms

pinterest stress

Do you suffer from “Pinterest stress,” a condition involving the feelings of inadequacy women experience when browsing the perfectly color-coordinated gluten-free meals and explicitly detailed seasonal crafts pinned and repinned to the site? If you’re a user, the idea of Pinterest stress probably doesn’t even need to be explained — any of the site’s mostly… Read more »

YouTube Paid Subscriptions Begin

YouTube begins paid subscriptions

YouTube paid subscriptions have begun. It seems paid video feed has gone a step further today. Movie and TV hosting is nothing new to the internet, with Netflix and Amazon Video, and now YouTube has taken a leap into seeing how it can make more money off its services. YouTube won’t be taking on the… Read more »

Facebook Friend Worth $174.17, Says New Study


How much is a Facebook friend worth? According to a new study a Facebook friend is worth about $174.17. That doesn’t really apply to your aunt Sally or uncle Joe. The new study, which was conducted by the social intelligence company Syncapse, focuses on companies on Facebook and the value of their social media fans…. Read more »

Fourth Grader Calmly Explains Gay Marriage: ‘Get Over It’

fourth grader gay marriage essay

The gay marriage debate took an interesting turn this week when an essay penned by a fourth-grader went viral, sparking debate again over the issue of marriage equality. A frequently-lamented tenet from the anti-equality side is “the children” and whether gay marriage morally poses a risk to kids in America. Many who oppose marriage equality… Read more »