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Facebook Is A Total Downer For Its Users, Studies Suggest

Facebook Messenger is better than texting

Is Facebook making you feel bummed out? If so, you’re not the only one. Studies have shown that most college users find their social network activity to be a bit depressing. A recent research done out of the University of Michigan surveyed undergrads, who live near the campus, with questions asked via text messages. Amazingly,… Read more »

Lean In? Sheryl Sandberg Posts Unpaid Intern Gig, Made $91M Last Week

Sheryl Sandberg Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg urged women to “lean in,” (whatever that means, we still don’t know) but the Facebook hotshot seems to really think opportunity comes dressed as hard work… the kind for which you don’t get compensated. While Sheryl Sandberg may be raking in more money than any person could reasonably spend in a lifetime, she… Read more »

Trayvon Martin Slammed On Facebook By Federal Prosecutor John Craft

tea party ebony boycott

Slain teenager Trayvon Martin was mocked on Facebook by a federal prosecutor in Texas, and Eastern District of Texas attorney John Craft also derided “low information voters” and President Obama on his private page. Aside from the Trayvon Martin criticism Craft engaged in on the social network, Craft posted that “low information voters carried the… Read more »

Royal Baby Family Photos To Hit Twitter Early Next Week, Report

Royal baby photos to be released on Twitter.

We all took a tiny glimpse at the swaddled royal baby, Prince George, the day after he was born. Twitter may be graced with newer and better photos early next week. In another break with tradition, the first public pictures of the future King of England will be posted on social media and will not… Read more »

Internet Trolls Aren’t As Influential Online As They Think [Study]

trolling doesn't work

A study from people who apparently have yet to be introduced to the Internet suggests that positive opinions and behaviors online are a lot more influential than negative ones. Basically, this means that Internet trolls are not as powerful as you fear they are. Using an unnamed news aggregation website (like The Inquisitr, but not… Read more »

YouTube Celebrates Geek Week, Unveils New Easter Egg


Remember when you used to excitedly grab your remote control to thumb over the main menu of your DVD in hopes to find a cool Easter egg? Since then Easter eggs have been used as an extra way for developers to engage with their fan base. We’ve seen Easter eggs in games, websites, and now… Read more »

Facebook Experiments With Trending Topics

Facebook Announces Experiments With Trending Topics

As Facebook continues to work to stay prevalent in the ever growing world of social media, it has now started experimenting with trending topics. According to AllThingsD Facebook is acting more like Twitter. This can be seen through the introduction of Facebook Hashtags, which was introduced about two months ago, and now with Facebook Trending… Read more »

Are White People Boycotting Ebony For Trayvon Cover?

tea party ebony boycott

Are white people boycotting Ebony magazine over a moving series of covers that honor slain teen Trayvon Martin this month? The Ebony Trayvon cover has been heavily circulated on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But soon after, a hashtag was also widely shared, #WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY. As it stands, there is no evidence white people… Read more »

Food Truck Employee Fired After Tweet Shaming Financial Firm

food truck employee fired for tweet over tip.

A food truck employee who was not happy about a tip-less order and spoke up on Twitter was fired over the incident. The fact that someone loses his job, is nothing new, but the way in which Brendan O’Connor lost his had social media up in arms. Employees fired over social media comments is nothing… Read more »

Twitter Troll Outed When Someone Threatens To Tell Mom

Twitter hires former Google executive to handle entertainment business.

Twitter trolls, we all know them. One of them learned a hard lesson when someone threatened to tell his mom. If you use Twitter regularly, chances are you know one or two trolls. I know I do. The nasty language full of insults when they feel you are talking about them, even if you are… Read more »

Chipotle Twitter Hack Faked In Lame Media Stunt

Chipotle Twitter hack

The Chipotle Twitter hack attack wasn’t just stupid, lame, and boring. The Sunday hack was faked by the Chipotle company itself, according to multiple media sources on Thursday morning. This month Chipotle has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fast food chain with a 20-day long treasure hunt. Apparently, nobody much cared. So to… Read more »

Twitter Symbols And Abbreviations Make New Lingo

Twitter hires former Google executive to handle entertainment business.

As Twitter becomes more and more popular and users try to learn the ins and outs of using it, they might come across different symbols, some of which might be unknown to them. We all know the # stands for a hashtag and is used when something is trending or has the potential to trend…. Read more »

We Are Not Trayvon Martin, White Social Web Chants

Trayvon Martin Protests Widespread, But Mostly Peaceful

A new meme following the Zimmerman trial, “We Are Not Trayvon Martin,” has been gaining steam — taking a popular protest cry, “I Am Trayvon Martin,” and flipping it to state the obvious. After Martin was gunned down at the age of barely 17, armed with just Skittles and a can of iced tea, the… Read more »

The Trayvon Martin Riots Video They Don’t Want You To See [Video]

trayvon martin riots

As a verdict neared, the specter of Trayvon Martin riots loomed large on Twitter, Facebook, and even in old media, and many comments were made regarding the perceived potential for unrest after what appeared to be an unpopular impending verdict in the case. Soon after George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, Trayvon Martin riots footage began… Read more »

Reddit Pizza Blitz Drowns Cancer-Stricken Girl In 20 Pies

reddit pizza hospital

A Reddit pizza bombing delighted a sick toddler, who has been battling cancer in a Los Angeles children’s hospital, and just wanted some of the popular treat. The Reddit pizza shower came after Lauren Hammersley, mom to 2-year-old Hazel, made a simple sign out of boredom for her ailing daughter Saturday. Sitting with Hazel, who… Read more »

JusticeForTrayvon: Twitter’s Most Poignant Zimmerman Verdict Tweets

Angry Trayvon App Removed

As the hashtag #JusticeForTrayvon trends on Twitter and rallies are organized across the nation in response to the George Zimmerman verdict, it seems fitting that social media is the litmus test for popular opinion on the case. It is probably accurate to say we all learned of Trayvon Martin through sites like Facebook, where his… Read more »

Injured Kitty In Japan Instant Internet Sensation [Photos]

Injured kitty Japan Internet.

The Internet is a sucker for cute cats, and this injured kitty in Japan is no exception. Millions of hearts went “awwwwww” when photos of this little guy appeared online. The photos show the tiny little thing wrapped up in what appears to be a hand made crochet cast, for lack of a better word…. Read more »

Reddit Permission Slip Warns Parents Kids Might ‘Touch Mud’

reddit permission slip

A Reddit permission slip gone viral is the sort of thing many parents are increasingly becoming annoyed with, a kind of ambient fearmongering embrace of all possible dangers, however remote, keeping kids off playgrounds and out of trees. Over on r/WTF, a subreddit whose name is self explanatory, the Reddit permission slip seems to encompass… Read more »

NSA-Proof App ‘’ From Pirate Bay Founder Protects Private Communication

Pirate Bay Founder Blocks NSA With '' App

The NSA-proof app from a Pirate Bay founder guarantees protection for private communications from those pesky creeps at the National Security Administration the federal government, according to an article on The Hollywood Reporter. The THR website reported that Peter Sunde, one of the founding members of Swedish file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, has launched as… Read more »

Golden Corral Dumpster Story Highlights Power Of Social Media [Video, Update]

golden corral dumpster

The Golden Corral dumpster drama that kicked off this week when a Reddit thread highlighting an older YouTube video that appeared to depict questionable food handling practices is a growing issue for large chains, who often learn of adulteration claims through social media buzz. (Update: After the Golden Corral dumpster story broke this morning, the manager… Read more »

Timebomb Tweet At Pink Concert Lands Teen In Jail

Timebomb Tweet

A 16-year-old boy was thrown out of a Pink concert after their “Timebomb tweet” caused a panic at Rod Laver Arena. The teen was making a reference to Pink’s song “Timebomb” when they tweeted the following message: “@Pink I’m ready with my Bomb. Time to blow up #RodLaverArena. Bitch.” Staff members worried about the tweet used… Read more »

Djokovic Vs. Murray On Social Media, Who’s Winning?

Djokovic vs. Murray on social media

The men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray is underway at Wimbledon, but who is winning on social media? The match has just started on the field and the clear favorite is Scottish player Andy Murray, he is after all the local. On paper the No. 1 seed Djokovic appears to have the edge… Read more »

YouTube And Vevo Sign New Multi-Year Agreement

YouTube and Vevo New Contract

Google controlled YouTube and music video provider Vevo have agreed to a new multi-year deal. According to reports, the new deal is worth somewhere north of $40 to $50 million. The new agreement will also see Google investing more money in the actual Vevo platform. By signing a new multi-year deal, Google ensures that Vevo… Read more »