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New Twitter Profiles: 5 Cool Changes You’ll Love

New Twitter Profiles: 5 Cool Changes

The new Twitter profiles have now rolled out to everybody, but there are very few people who have taken advantage of all that the new Twitter profiles have to offer. We’ve taken a look at the new Twitter profile and with the help of others, have found 5 cool changes that you can make to… Read more »

Almost Half Of Twitter Users Prefer To Sit On The Sidelines

Large Majority of Twitter Accounts Inactive

Twitter may be considered one of the fastest social media platforms to spread the buzz about any topic, but a new report suggests that a high number of Twitter users seldom use the service. A report by Twopcharts, a firm that monitors Twitter usage, reveals that nearly half of the Twitter users have no say… Read more »

Beyonce Accused Of Photoshopping Her Instagram Pictures

Beyonce Doctored Photo

Instagram is one of the best current-updating social apps people just love to use. Considered “better” than Twitter and way less cumbersome than Facebook (which so happens to be Instagram’s sister site), it is not a surprise celebrities would utilize it for their image. Beyonce is a prime example of a star who knows how… Read more »

Twitter Rolls Out Redesigned Profile Pages For Select Users

Michelle Obama Twitter Page

Twitter has rolled out a new design for its profile pages for a select group of users around the globe. This is the same user interface that Twitter was testing back in February. In a blog post announcing the redesign, Twitter says that the new web profile lets the user choose a larger profile picture… Read more »

Twitter Crashes And Returns In The Biggest Outage Since Its IPO


In what has to be the longest outage since its 2013 initial public offering, popular social networking service Twitter went down for “most users” earlier today, reports ZDNet. The outage started at 11:01 am Pacific Time and continued until 11:47 am. As the norm is, Twitter confirmed that the service was indeed down, on its… Read more »

Facebook And Instagram Delete Posts For Illegal Gun Sales

Facebook Gun Posts

Facebook and Instagram are taking a stand against illegal gun sales. If any of their users post any form of gun sale activity deemed to be illegal, they will delete them. This came about because of gun control advocates. Because of the pressure, the social network, with 1.3 billion users, will take the next two… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Blamed For WhatsApp Downtime


Mark Zuckerberg was blamed by netizens for WhatsApp’s Saturday downtime three days after Facebook bought the app for $19 billion dollars, The Daily Beast reports. WhatsApp users filled Twitter with their frustrations over the newly-bought messaging app’s downtime. Some joked that the WhatsApp team is currently celebrating the buyout at the app headquarters, causing their… Read more »

Potential Twitter Redesign Abandons Text Stream For Photos


A potential Twitter redesign may be abandoning the 140 character text wall that has changed the way we share and receive our social information. First reported by Mashable,profiles may be changing to better feature photos and videos rather than the short text blurbs that most people know. In the example below of Mashable’s features editor… Read more »

Is Facebook Hiding My Posts? The Problem With Facebook [Video]

Is Facebook hiding your posts? Unless you are paying for others to see them, then they are probably not being seen.

Many Facebook users are concerned the social media juggernaut is hiding their posts from friends and followers. It turns out they might be right. While Facebook has led the social media revolution over the last few years, they are facing a problem. How will Facebook monetize their site without alienating their users? According to Veritasium,… Read more »

Facebook: Young Users See The Site As ‘Dead And Buried’


The Global Social Media Impact Study funded by the European Union has found a very disturbing trend for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Among older teenagers, the prevailing opinion is that Facebook is “not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried”. Teens are now being drawn to social networks they find simpler, like… Read more »

Facebook ‘Sympathize’ Button Could Become A Reality

Facebook Sympathize Button A Possibility

Could a sympathize button be making its way to Facebook? While it may not be right away, Facebook has said that they are toying with the idea. We’ve all had those moments: a friend or loved one expresses sadness at a recent family member passing, or just overall upset because of a bad experience during… Read more »

Instagram Rumored To Add Private Messaging By End Of The Year

Instagram Private Messaging

Instagram is rumored to be close to adding a private messaging feature into its photo-sharing app, and this new feature could be made available as soon as the end of this year. According to Gigaom, “well-placed sources” tell them that the company is gearing up to launch the new private messaging feature inside its ever… Read more »