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JusticeForTrayvon: Twitter’s Most Poignant Zimmerman Verdict Tweets

Angry Trayvon App Removed

As the hashtag #JusticeForTrayvon trends on Twitter and rallies are organized across the nation in response to the George Zimmerman verdict, it seems fitting that social media is the litmus test for popular opinion on the case. It is probably accurate to say we all learned of Trayvon Martin through sites like Facebook, where his… Read more »

Injured Kitty In Japan Instant Internet Sensation [Photos]

Injured kitty Japan Internet.

The Internet is a sucker for cute cats, and this injured kitty in Japan is no exception. Millions of hearts went “awwwwww” when photos of this little guy appeared online. The photos show the tiny little thing wrapped up in what appears to be a hand made crochet cast, for lack of a better word…. Read more »

Reddit Permission Slip Warns Parents Kids Might ‘Touch Mud’

reddit permission slip

A Reddit permission slip gone viral is the sort of thing many parents are increasingly becoming annoyed with, a kind of ambient fearmongering embrace of all possible dangers, however remote, keeping kids off playgrounds and out of trees. Over on r/WTF, a subreddit whose name is self explanatory, the Reddit permission slip seems to encompass… Read more »

NSA-Proof App ‘’ From Pirate Bay Founder Protects Private Communication

Pirate Bay Founder Blocks NSA With '' App

The NSA-proof app from a Pirate Bay founder guarantees protection for private communications from those pesky creeps at the National Security Administration the federal government, according to an article on The Hollywood Reporter. The THR website reported that Peter Sunde, one of the founding members of Swedish file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, has launched as… Read more »

Golden Corral Dumpster Story Highlights Power Of Social Media [Video, Update]

golden corral dumpster

The Golden Corral dumpster drama that kicked off this week when a Reddit thread highlighting an older YouTube video that appeared to depict questionable food handling practices is a growing issue for large chains, who often learn of adulteration claims through social media buzz. (Update: After the Golden Corral dumpster story broke this morning, the manager… Read more »

Timebomb Tweet At Pink Concert Lands Teen In Jail

Timebomb Tweet

A 16-year-old boy was thrown out of a Pink concert after their “Timebomb tweet” caused a panic at Rod Laver Arena. The teen was making a reference to Pink’s song “Timebomb” when they tweeted the following message: “@Pink I’m ready with my Bomb. Time to blow up #RodLaverArena. Bitch.” Staff members worried about the tweet used… Read more »

Djokovic Vs. Murray On Social Media, Who’s Winning?

Djokovic vs. Murray on social media

The men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray is underway at Wimbledon, but who is winning on social media? The match has just started on the field and the clear favorite is Scottish player Andy Murray, he is after all the local. On paper the No. 1 seed Djokovic appears to have the edge… Read more »

YouTube And Vevo Sign New Multi-Year Agreement

YouTube and Vevo New Contract

Google controlled YouTube and music video provider Vevo have agreed to a new multi-year deal. According to reports, the new deal is worth somewhere north of $40 to $50 million. The new agreement will also see Google investing more money in the actual Vevo platform. By signing a new multi-year deal, Google ensures that Vevo… Read more »

Andrew Cain Commits Suicide After Police Mock Him On Facebook

facebook suicide andrew cain

Andrew Cain, a 19-year-old from Idaho, took his own life this week — after local police mocked him on their Facebook page. While Andrew Cain’s situation was not uncommon (police are increasingly using social media to shame suspects), the suicide aspect is a new one — and the teen’s family member say that while they… Read more »

Mike Patterson Dies After Heroic Rescue, Family Issues Statement

mike patterson dies

Mike Patterson has died after initially becoming paralyzed in the rescue of a 4-year-old girl, and now good samaritan has is being remembered not only for his sacrifice, but for his life. The story of Mike Patterson’s heroic rescue at great cost to himself was one that moved many on the web even prior to… Read more »

Chick-Fil-A Founder’s Gay Marriage Tweet Deleted

chick-fil-a gay marriage tweet deleted

Chick-Fil-A’s gay marriage stance was briefly at the fore again this week when founder Dan Cathy tweeted a message of disdain following the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA, the Defense Of Marriage Act. Last summer, Chick-Fil-A became an unlikely flashpoint in the gay marriage debate when Cathy extolled “the biblical definition of a marriage” in… Read more »

Google Street View Lets You Stand On World’s Tallest Building

Google Street View lets you stand on top of the world's tallest building

Google Street View lets you stand on top of the world’s tallest building. Google Maps has given us the ability to see things we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to, like landmarks in London while you live in Southern California, for instance. As time goes by, we continue to find little Easter Eggs using the navigation… Read more »

Reddit PUA Kickstarter Raises $16K+ For Rape Tips Book

reddit rape kickstarter

A Reddit inspired Kickstarter to publish a “PUA” book titled Above The Game has come in for huge backlash after it was revealed that much of the tome’s expected content involved advocating behavior that walks a scary line between “seduction” and “sexual assault.” Reddit’s misogyny and big PUA (pick-up artist) culture is often lambasted on the… Read more »

Facebook RSS Reader: Graph API Code Points To Future Feature

Facebook RSS Reader

A new Facebook RSS reader may soon become a reality. Facebook on Friday began delivering press event notices to various publications, and the letter claims a “big idea” is on the way from the world’s largest social network. Facebook Reader talk began surfacing after developer Tom Waddington discovered new code inside the Facebook Graph API…. Read more »

Bill Gates Joins LinkedIn, Instantly Becomes Super Influencer

Bill Gates Joins LinkedIn

Bill Gates has joined LinkedIn, and his influence was felt almost the moment he signed into his business-centric social account. As expected, Gates’ involvement on LinkedIn has immediately tagged him as a super influencer. A super influencer at LinkedIn requires the user to be a successful business mogul who contributes blog posts for the platform…. Read more »

Facebook Hashtag Feature Debuting Soon

Facebook announced that hashtags will be available in the coming weeks

The Facebook hashtag will be rolling out in the coming weeks, seeking to deepen the competition with rival social media site Twitter. The feature was first hinted at in March, with Facebook exploring how it could implement the popular function. Facebook acknowledged that, while Twitter has been the go to social media source for self… Read more »

HGTV Apologizes After American Flag Tablecloth Outrage

HGTV american flag tablecloth

HGTV’s American flag tablecloth suggestion ruffled a lot of feathers, and the home improvement network has apologized for offending a large number of Facebook and Twitter users with its website suggestion that the American flag be used as a “table runner” for July 4 barbecues before it is displayed on a flagpole. The HGTV American… Read more »

Twitter: Chewbacca Gets His Cane Back

Twitter gets Chewbacca his cane back

Chewbacca recently got his cane back thanks to Twitter. The actor known for his role as the Wookiee from Star Wars had his cane confiscated by airport security on his way back from a Sci-Fi convention. Seven-plus-foot-tall Peter Mayhew had his lightsaber cane seized when TSA thought it was an actual weapon, but thanks to… Read more »