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North Korea Denies Hacking Sony Pictures, Calls It A ‘Righteous Deed’

north korea denies sony pictures hacking

North Korea has been the chief suspect for hacking Sony Pictures, but the country’s official state news channel has now issued a denial. The hack, which has kept Sony computers offline for almost two weeks, remains unsolved. However, the statement from North Korea, while denying involvement in the hacking, does laud the act, calling it… Read more »

Sony Data Breach: Over 100 Documents With Thousands Of Passwords Exposed

Sony Data Breach

The massive Sony data breach that made headlines earlier this year has apparently gotten even worse. New reports confirm that the hackers behind that major corporate hack have struck again. This time around, the group released an abundance of documents filled with confidential information and secured data. A core element of the new batch of… Read more »

iPad Air Plus Rumors Gain Steam With More Leaks

iPad Air Plus specs rumored to be coming

While it wont’ be here in time for Christmas, the iPad Air Plus is coming relatively soon. The specs for the giant iPad Air have been leaking online for a number of days now and with each leak the rumors seem to be that much more believable. As the Daily Mail is calling it, the… Read more »

Top 5 Smartphones Of 2014


Manufacturers of smartphones are constantly trying to outdo each other and win the hearts of consumers. And many of the phones that are currently being released offer a list of savvy and techy treats — with nearly all the top devices featuring high-resolution screens and chipsets that fluidly power software like immersive games and media… Read more »

Black Friday Tablet Deals? For Your Security, Read This Before Buying

Black Friday tablet shopping danger

Black Friday tablet deals are pretty big this year, with tablets selling for as cheap as around $40 in some places, but consumers should be alert about these deals. It’s not just that they might be poorer quality but, according to computer security experts, they might actually be putting your sensitive information at risk. Most… Read more »

Andrew Shipp, GoPro Social Media Manager, Shares Great Marketing Tips

Andrew Shipp

Andrew Shipp, the social media manager for GoPro, has been able to master a versatile and creative approach to keeping followers excited and engaged about his content. What many business owners and brand marketers have dreamed of accomplishing with their social media profiles, Andrew Shipp has already been able to accomplish and so much more… Read more »

U.S. Military Robots To Join Fight Against Ebola


Despite massive efforts from countless countries to contain the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, the outbreak continues to claim lives at a faster rate than ever. The WHO has estimated around 15,000 current cases, although the organization admits the numbers could be much higher due to the fact that many cases… Read more »