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Apple Watch Sales Hit 2.79 Million As Apple Allegedly Prepares Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch To Ship 20 Million Plus Units, Analysts Say

Many people thought the Apple Watch was flopping, especially since sales figures haven’t been released. However, according to CNET, sales aren’t as bad as some thought. “Apple has sold 2.79 million Apple Watch units since the device went on sale in April, research firm Slice Intelligence told Reuters on Thursday. The company added that of… Read more »

Cockroaches With Mind-Control Headsets Moved With Precision By Their Masters – Tiny Biological Robot Army to Rise?

Cockroaches With Brain-Control Headsets Moved With Precision By Their Masters

Cockroaches fitted with brain-control devices are being steered with precision by their masters in China. These little biological robots could one day be useful in disaster management and rescue, in regions where it’s impossible for humans to venture. Engineering students in China have devised a brain-to-brain interface to control live cockroaches, transforming these critters into… Read more »

The Martin Jetpack Is Seriously Useful In Helping First Responders Save Lives

Martin Jetpack

The commercial jetpack is no longer product of science fiction—it’s a reality. In fact, the Martin Jetpack is seriously useful in helping first responders save lives. The Martin Aircraft Company has been working on developing a functional jetpack since the 1980’s. After all these years, it looks as though the New Zealand-based company finally created… Read more »

E3 2015 Will Make Virtual Reality ‘The Next Big Thing’ In Gaming

E3 2015 Will Make Virtual Reality ‘The Next Big Thing’ In Gaming

The world is hours away from the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2015 and millions of gamers are already anticipating the hottest and coolest gaming news that E3 will bring this year. Yearly E3 presentations by the biggest game producers like Sony, Microsoft, and EA Games are already expected in the upcoming E3, but game… Read more »

Apple MacBook Has Another Major Flaw That Is Angering Users

Apple's new MacBook

When Apple officially released the new MacBook a couple months back, mouths watered at the site of a notebook that looks tiny and gorgeous, while feeling as light as a piece of cardboard. Many people wondered how Apple fit so much in such a tiny notebook. The answer, unfortunately, was that Apple had to leave… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 May Not Be An iPhone 7 Plus Killer


More alleged details keep leaking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5. BGR discussed Samsung’s upcoming phablet on Thursday. The website uses other sources in reporting that the device will only come with a 5.9-inch 2K Super AMOLED display. This is a major disappointment for those who thought the device would come with a 4K… Read more »

Is The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 About To Be Announced?


The Surface Pro 4 appears to be the most anticipated laptop/tablet hybrid of the year and anticipation continues to grow. In 2014, the Surface Pro 3 was announced about a month before its arrival. Now that the July 29 date for the release of Windows 10 is coming up, many are wondering if the Surface… Read more »

Tesla To Deliver Model X: ‘Three To Four Months’ [Video]

tesla model x

If you’re one of the 20,000 people who’ve ordered a Tesla Model X – the electric car manufacturer’s answer to SUVs – you won’t have to wait much longer. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, told buyers the cars will start rolling off the line as early as this September. Tesla has been taking orders for the… Read more »

Spotify Doesn’t Seem Worried About Apple Music

This week, Apple unveiled its new streaming music service called Apple Music. Apple Music will allow subscribers to listen to any song in the iTunes...

This week, Apple unveiled its new streaming music service called Apple Music. Apple Music will allow subscribers to listen to any song in the iTunes library. Besides being created by Apple, the new service is practically identical to other services. Apple’s main competition will be with the popular music-streaming service, Spotify. Spotify allows desktop users… Read more »