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Samsung Likely Preparing 4K Galaxy Note 5 With Much-Improved Gear VR

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won’t be released until September, but alleged details about the device keep pouring in. According to Know Your Mobile, the Galaxy Note 5 will likely feature a curved Edge display. This is based on an a Q&A session with Samsung’s Vice President of Product Strategy, who admitted this was a… Read more »

iPad Mini 4 May Hit Shelves Before Microsoft Surface Pro Mini

iPad Mini

Since the iPad Mini 3 was released late last year, consumers didn’t expect a new iPad Mini so soon. However, that may change. According to the Christian Post, we could see the new iPad Mini in the next month or so. The site uses other sources to conclude that we could see an unveiling of… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S6 May Start Challenging iPhone 6 On April 11

Samsung Galaxy S6

After the announcement a couple weeks back, it was expected that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be available in early April. Now, according to PhoneArena, the exact in-store availability of the Galaxy S6 may be April 11. “One of our loyal PhoneArena readers has just sent us some information that we know you’ve been waiting… Read more »

Password Free Logins Debut For Yahoo Users

Yahoo Password Free

The password is an aging security system, and Yahoo wants to make it easier for its users to abandon the old and insecure method of account security. Tech companies are embracing the two-step authentication process that has been slowly building in popularity, especially amongst gamers. It is more secure but requires a few extra steps… Read more »

Pinterest Just Entered A Partnership That May Put Facecbook In Jeopardy


The five-year-old social media site, Pinterest, just entered a partnership with Apple. The union is thought to be a threat to many social media sites, mostly Facebook. The first noticeable change to Pinterest was the adding of app pins. Originally on Pinterest, users could only pin photos. Now, users can pin links to individual iOS… Read more »

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Compared To Apple’s New MacBook

Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from comparing it to Apple’s new MacBook, which was just announced one week ago. The MacBook itself has received mixed reviews. Sean Hollister from Gizmodo thinks the MacBook is a little awkward. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop? The keyboard… Read more »

4G Around The World: Where Should You Live To Enjoy The Fastest LTE Speeds?

4G Around The World

Does your country offer you decent speeds on currently the latest mobile standard 4G? An expansive report compiled recently has offered a detailed perspective about the world’s cellular communications and what the real-world speeds are, despite networks upgrading their cell towers to offer 4th Generation or 4G speeds for mobile devices. Merely having the “best”… Read more »

Apple Watch Hasn’t Even Launched Yet & It’s Already Inspiring Knock-Offs

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch won’t hit the market until April 24, but it’s already launched several imitation devices. Alibaba Group already has several knock-offs for sale on its site, according to Market Watch. They’re reportedly selling out as well. Alibaba’s list of “hot items on sale” includes a device called the AW08 watch, which looks similar… Read more »