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People Really Want Apple To Fail Despite Amazing iPhone 6 Sales

Apple Earnings

Apple’s alleged failure is all over the news today. At the top of the Drudge Report reads the headline, “Apple Future Questioned.” This leads to an article from Yahoo that claims Apple isn’t doing so well. “Apple Inc <AAPL.O> shares slumped nearly 7 percent in after-hours trading as its fourth-quarter revenue forecast fell short of… Read more »

Crime Stoppers Incredibly Successful In Using Social Media To Solve Crimes

Crime Stoppers Using Social Media

Crime Stoppers is incredibly successful in using social media to identify suspects and solve crimes. The tools, strategies, and effort used to track down and capture criminals have evolved substantially when compared to past endeavors. The use of police sketches has been instrumental in identifying suspects in previous years; however, surveillance photographs and video makes… Read more »

5 New Features In iOS 9 Update For iPhone 5

5 New Features In iOS 9 Update For iPhone 5

The new iOS 9 update for iPhone 5 is already up, in beta, and while Apple has yet to encourage installation of iOS 9 on your iPhone 5, tech testers have already dived head first on the new iOS 9 update for iPhone 5, and here are the top 5 new features that they think… Read more »

Ashley Madison Users Leaked By Hackers, 37 Million May Leak – Find The List Of Adulterers Using The ‘Life Is Short, Have An Affair’ Cheaters Website

Data dump

The information of users of the website Ashely Madison has been obtained by hackers. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley Madison is a website that helps married couples cheat on one another, with the website’s tagline being, “Life is short, have an affair.” It’s the same site that conducted a study proclaiming that bad Mother’s… Read more »

Inbox By Gmail Makes Its Snooze Feature More Advanced

Gmail Has Made Its Inbox Snooze Feature More Advanced

Getting an email days, weeks, or even months in advance and then forgetting about it is a thing of the past. Inbox by Gmail introduced its snooze feature earlier in the year, but now it has made it more advanced. Rather than just clicking “snooze,” a user can select the perfect time to read it…. Read more »

Apple Makes Move To Dominate Cable TV With New Streaming Service

apple tv streaming service

Now that Apple has successfully launched its music streaming service Apple Music, the company is moving on to the next thing on its list for world domination – cable TV. The Cupertino-based company is pushing to release its very own Apple streaming TV service by fall. There have been reports that Apple had begun discussions… Read more »

The iPhone, iPod, And MacBook Are More Popular Than The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch appears to be Apple’s biggest failure in several years. According to CNN Money, there is more interest in the iPod than there is in the Apple Watch. “A search on Google (GOOG) Trends comparing five of Apple’s products — iPod, Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch — reveals that people are searching… Read more »

New iPod Touch Equipped With iPhone 6 Camera And Features

New iPod Touch Equipped With iPhone 6 Camera And Features

Apple sped through its iPhone series for the past few years, leaving the iPod touch untouched until this week. After three years of stagnancy with the iPod touch, Apple finally brings the new iPod touch that will revolutionize the iPod market, and could probably become a threat to the iPhone. The Inquisitr previously reported that… Read more »

Microsoft Gives New Details On Surface And Surface Pro Products

Surface Pro

Microsoft is finally talking about the Surface and Surface Pro again. However, it may not be the information fans were hoping for. However, tech blog Thurrott has some information from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. “Microsoft will increase the number of partners that can sell Surface from a couple hundred to a few thousand partners… Read more »

Google Sheets, Docs, And Slides Receive New Editing Features

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - JANUARY 21:  A sign is posted outside of the Google headquarters January 21, 2010 in Mountain View, California. Google will report fouth quarter earnings today.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides apps are receiving a number of useful updates that will make editing documents of all kinds much easier for the owners of mobile devices. Most notably, the developers make it easier to edit document titles from the overflow menu, which makes the process of renaming and organizing documents in Google… Read more »