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Motorola Skip: Unlock Your Device With A Quick Finger Tap

Motorola Skip

The new Motorola Skip accessory is capable of unlocking your smartphone without a single finger swipe or passcode code. The average user unlocks their smartphone 39 times in a single day, and heavy users could find themselves unlocking their phone hundreds of time. To save on those precious seconds it takes to unlock a smartphone,… Read more »

Elmiraj Cadillac Concept Coupe Unveiled In Carmel [Video]

Cadillac concept

Cadillac unveiled the Elmiraj concept full-sized luxury coupe late last week in Carmel, California. Actor/Director Clint Eastwood was among the celebrities present at the unveiling on Thursday. But if some strange reason Cadillac forgot to invite you along for the ride, there’s a video. Hit that button to enjoy some car porn footage of the… Read more »

Google Patents ‘Pay Per Gaze’ Advertising For Google Glass

Google Glass Pay Per Gaze

Google Glass users will soon see ads that are charged to advertisers on a “pay per gaze” contingency. Google has filed a patent for its new technology, which will work in both online and offline modes. The patent was granted to the tech giant on Tuesday. Google doesn’t specifically list Google Glass, but it does… Read more »

Facebook Is A Total Downer For Its Users, Studies Suggest

Facebook Messenger is better than texting

Is Facebook making you feel bummed out? If so, you’re not the only one. Studies have shown that most college users find their social network activity to be a bit depressing. A recent research done out of the University of Michigan surveyed undergrads, who live near the campus, with questions asked via text messages. Amazingly,… Read more »

Syrian Electronic Army Outbrain Hack Affects Washington Post, CNN

Syrian Electronic Army hack affects Washington Post, CNN

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has claimed responsibility for hacking the link referral service Outbrain used by The Washington Post and CNN. Both national outlets were indirectly affected by the intrusion on Thursday. The Washington Post reported being hacked, but that is not exactly accurate. Outbrain, which the newspaper publication uses for link referral is… Read more »

Best Buy Launches iPhone 5 Trade-In Promotion

iPhone 5 Best Buy Trade-In Program

A new iPhone 5 trade-in program has been launched as the US locations for retailer Best Buy. From today through August 18, customers who trade in their iPhone 4S at any Best Buy location will receive a gift card towards an iPhone 5 worth at least $200. The customers iPhone 4S must be in working… Read more »

Lean In? Sheryl Sandberg Posts Unpaid Intern Gig, Made $91M Last Week

Sheryl Sandberg Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg urged women to “lean in,” (whatever that means, we still don’t know) but the Facebook hotshot seems to really think opportunity comes dressed as hard work… the kind for which you don’t get compensated. While Sheryl Sandberg may be raking in more money than any person could reasonably spend in a lifetime, she… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5C Compared To iPhone 5 In Leaked Video

iPhone 5C Leaked video

The Apple iPhone 5C has been spotted in a new leaked video. Released by insider Sonny Dickson the video does a quick comparison between the already available iPhone 5 and the soon to be released “low-cost” iPhone 5C. Before the high-definition video was released, the only footage we had of the iPhone 5C were a… Read more »

Lavabit, Silent Mail Founders Open Up About Self-Shutdown [Video]

Lavabit, Silent Mail owners discuss shutdown

Both Lavabit and Silent Mail abruptly pulled the plug on their encrypted email services late last week, and their owners are speaking out. You may recall that Lavabit’s Ladar Levision posted a message to users last week that said in part, “I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes… Read more »

Apple Stock Rallies After Billionaire Carl Icahn Tweets

Apple stock rallies after tweet by billionaire Carl Icahn

A coincidence? Apple stock surged after billionaire Carl Icahn took to Twitter. It goes to show how intimately related finances and social media really are. Apple’s shares (APPL) were up five percent after the tweet went out and remained high, going over $500 for the first time since January. The tweet was related to a… Read more »

Trayvon Martin Slammed On Facebook By Federal Prosecutor John Craft

tea party ebony boycott

Slain teenager Trayvon Martin was mocked on Facebook by a federal prosecutor in Texas, and Eastern District of Texas attorney John Craft also derided “low information voters” and President Obama on his private page. Aside from the Trayvon Martin criticism Craft engaged in on the social network, Craft posted that “low information voters carried the… Read more »

Icahn Has Hope For Apple

Carl Icahn Apple

Carl Icahn has announced that he now has a “large position” in Apple and that he feels the company is far undervalued. This news prompted Apple’s share prices to increase as investors took Icahn’s remarks as good news. Icahn’s firm has investments in Apple valued at $1 billion and it appears as though his involvement… Read more »

Personal Jetpack Now Has Permit For Flight

personal jetpack

Are you ready to strap on a personalized jetpack and fly to a destination of your choosing? While we’re a bit off from that reality, there’s one company that already has their jetpack ready to launch to the general public with its permit in hand. New Zealand developers were able to procure a flight permit… Read more »

Hyperloop Physics Explained For Elon Musk’s Dream

Hyperloop Physics Explained For Elon Musk's Dream

The Hyperloop by Elon Musk seems improbable, but can the Hyperloop work as advertised? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is already being criticized as being too ambitious. Elon Musk estimates the Hyperloop could be built for $6 billion if only for personal transport. The Hyperloop would cost $10 billion if larger… Read more »

BlackBerry Releases The 9720, Runs BB 7

blackberry 9720

BlackBerry has released a new smartphone running their old BB 7 operating system. This comes just after Blackberry announced that they would be considering potential buyout options. The BlackBerry 9720 comes with the once popular QWERTY layout resulting in a low-res 2.5-inch screen. The screen size itself will be a limiting factor as to how… Read more »

Royal Baby Family Photos To Hit Twitter Early Next Week, Report

Royal baby photos to be released on Twitter.

We all took a tiny glimpse at the swaddled royal baby, Prince George, the day after he was born. Twitter may be graced with newer and better photos early next week. In another break with tradition, the first public pictures of the future King of England will be posted on social media and will not… Read more »

Apple’s iPhone To Be Unveiled In September

Apple stock rallies after tweet by billionaire Carl Icahn

The news of the Apple team going back to the drawing board for the improved iPhone hasn’t been a secret. According to a report from AllThingsD, Apple plans to unveil their newest iPhone device, the iPhone 5s on September 10. As for the certainty of its unveiling date, AllThingsD is the most reliable source for… Read more »

Internet Trolls Aren’t As Influential Online As They Think [Study]

trolling doesn't work

A study from people who apparently have yet to be introduced to the Internet suggests that positive opinions and behaviors online are a lot more influential than negative ones. Basically, this means that Internet trolls are not as powerful as you fear they are. Using an unnamed news aggregation website (like The Inquisitr, but not… Read more »