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Mobile Porn Popular As 2013 Mobile Data Usage Doubles… Go Figure

Mobile Porn Popular As 2013 Mobile Data Usage Doubles... Go Figure

Mobile porn has become the most popular internet pornography viewing platform according to the 2013 mobile data usage statistics that also show tablet and smartphone data usage doubling. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Courtney Stodden doesn’t want to be a porn star, but she doesn’t mind getting nude with zombies. Mobile data usage in… Read more »

Woody Harrelson Says ‘Two Boxes Of My Paper Saves One Tree’

woody harrelson

Woody Harrelson is not only a fine actor. He is also a dedicated environmentalist and the co-founder of a company called Prairie Paper Ventures; the company makes paper from crop waste instead of trees. At one time people believed that the advent of computers would bring the “paperless office.” Few predictions have been so spectacularly… Read more »

iPhone 6 Rumors: Secret Apple Memo May Reveal New Release Details

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has no release date yet and hasn’t even been officially announced, but rumors originating from a secret memo within Apple are fueling speculation about the latest iPhone. Reports this week say Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a memo to employees dropping hints about a new product and “big plans that we think… Read more »

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Review

Kindle Fire HDX Review

Tech support, and in particular, Mayday, is at the center of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX. The new Mayday service has been included in the majority of Amazon’s marketing material and although it may not seem like a big deal to some consumers, Mayday could end up being the future of tech support as we… Read more »

iOS7 Jailbreak Released By Evasi0n Team

iOS7 Jailbreak Released By Evasi0n Team

A new iOS7 jailbreak utility has been released by a team of hackers at evasiOn, the same team that gave the world the iOS6 jailbreak. The Mac and Windows utilities were released Sunday by evasi0n and are compatible with iOS7 devices in version 7.0 through 7.0.4. For those who aren’t tech savvy, the jailbreak allows… Read more »

Apple Signs Historic China Deal: Shares Jump – But Should They?

iPhone 5Cs

Apple has now officially announced signing a deal with the world’s biggest cellular operator, China Mobile, who will sell their iPhones for the first time. The hardware giant will start selling it’s line of iPhones officially in the world’s most populous country very soon, taking orders from December 25, according to AppleInsider. The cellphones will… Read more »

Year-End Car Deals In 2013 Offer Savings… And Danger

Year-End Car Deals In 2013 Offer Savings... And Danger

Year-end car deals will probably be the best 2013 car deals you can find, but besides savings there’s also some dangers you need to watch out for. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT reveal had both muscle power fans and greenies salivating in turbocharged unison due to the new fuel… Read more »

Hong Kong Data Center Scrapped By Google

Hong Kong Data Center

A Hong Kong data center was recently scrapped by the folks at Google. Although the company planned to spend $300 million on the center in the Kowloon area of the city, Google ultimately decided against the project due to a lack of adequate land. ZDNET reports that Google originally wanted the data center up and… Read more »

Facebook ‘Sympathize’ Button Could Become A Reality

Facebook Sympathize Button A Possibility

Could a sympathize button be making its way to Facebook? While it may not be right away, Facebook has said that they are toying with the idea. We’ve all had those moments: a friend or loved one expresses sadness at a recent family member passing, or just overall upset because of a bad experience during… Read more »

Internet-Free Twitter Access Coming To Emerging Markets In 2014

Tweeting too much information

Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook and gearing up to offer an internet-free version of Twitter in emerging markets. The social network is partnering with Singapore-based startup U2opia Mobile, which has already been working with Facebook and Google Talk to provide disconnected versions of their feeds. Once the service goes live, people in… Read more »

Google May Be Working On An Android Set-Top Box

Google May Be Working On An Android Set-Top Box

As tech companies continue to compete for the living room, Google is reportedly trying to enter the set-top market as well in order to compete against Apple, Roku, and others. The set-top box which is rumored to be in the works for a 2014 release will be based on Android however, Google is taking a… Read more »

Beats Headphones Get A Little Help From Designer Alexander Wang

Beats Headphone By Designer Alexander Wang

Beats Headphones is getting a little help from acclaimed designer Alexander Wang. Beats by Dre, the insanely popular headphones with the hefty price tag, recently received a bit of a makeover from New York City fashion guru Alexander Wang. If you have $449 just sitting around in your bank account collecting financial dust, then you… Read more »

T-Mobile LTE Boosted With MetroPCS Spectrum

T-Mobile LTE Boosted With MetroPCS Spectrum

As T-Mobile continues to expand its LTE service into new markets, it has also had to try and boost the speed of its data network in order to compete with the likes of AT&T and Verizon, which have continuously boasted faster LTE data speeds. The carrier will now be utilizing its acquisition of MetroPCS in… Read more »

Security Portals Now Unmanned At Some US Airports

Security to leave airport

Unmanned airport security portals may be the wave of the future. The new pilot program currently being tested at two US airports is a radical departure in airport safety technology. The system itself is a model of simplicity. A passenger departing from the terminal steps into an elevator-sized glass portal and waits while the cylinder… Read more »

AMD R9 290X Review

amd r9 290x review

Although it may not be able to compete in the high-end CPU market with ...