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LG G3 Release Date Approaches

LG G3 Release Date

The highly anticipated LG G3 smartphone has been given a tentative release date of July 1 for the United Kingdom and sometime soon after for the United States. It already got released in South Korea today (May 28, 2014), but all other 170 countries expected to feature it will have to wait through the summer… Read more »

Solar Roadways: Suck It, Fossil Fuels

Solar Roadways Making Waves

Surely, these solar roadways fit nicely into President Barack Obama’s latest climate change initiative, since they provide power to an entire town of buildings and all the vehicles driving around. Out of that equation entirely: All those fossil fuels like oil, gasoline and coal largely blamed for the greenhouse gases we’ve unleashed on our atmosphere… Read more »

Google Glasses Cause Headaches – Still Worth $1500?

Title Pic Google Glass

Google Glasses are the way of the future, paired closely with Tylenol. The gadget costs a staggering $1500 and comes with a warning to use it only for ‘micro-interaction.’ The disclaimer was added after consumers frequently complained about eye pain and headaches while using the sleek super-shades. The way-of-the-future gadget seems to always be in… Read more »

Pancake Printer Adds Artistic Mechanical Ingenuity To Breakfast [VIDEO]

Project PancakeBot

Before the hipsters get their grubby hands on this, an inventor unveiled an open-source pancake printer for the delicious entertainment of breakfast aficionados! This will definitely help people who usually skip breakfast because they don’t like it partake in the most important meal of the day. Add this ingenuity to the increased breakfast options people… Read more »

Google Glass Users Viciously Pan NYC Restaurant

Feast, an eatery in NYC's East Village

Google Glass users are pushing back after an incident that took place in NYC’s East Village, lobbing poor reviews at a restaurant that asked a user to remove the wearable tech. The event transpired last April, according to Mashable, when Katy Kasmai, a Google Glass user, was asked to remove her Glass when dining at… Read more »

Facebook Slingshot App To Take On Snapchat

Let the app wars begin!

Say hello to Slingshot, an upcoming Facebook application being heralded as Facebook’s first-ever legitimate competitor to Snapchat. That’s right, folks. Your options for quick and discreet photo and video messaging are about to go up by one. According to the Financial Times, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself is overseeing the project. Slingshot will permit you… Read more »

Broadband Companies Allegedly “Typing Up” Your Internet


According to Level 3 (arguably the largest internet company around the globe), a number of big American broadband companies have been taking advantage of consumers. In fact, Level 3 alleges that five of the biggest US consumer providers have been using what’s nearly a monopoly to up profits. This has led to higher consumer costs,… Read more »

Sony And IBM Time Travel To Bring The Cassette Tape Into The Future

Sony brings the cassette tape into the next century.

Children of the 80s and 90s would likely get nostalgic over the thought of a cassette tape. They might have fond memories of carrying around their Walkman in their Jansport backpack or having to manually rewind a tape with a #2 pencil. Regardless, the cassette tape was already becoming obsolete by 1993 and, today, few… Read more »

New Invention Promises To Put PETA Out Of Business


It looks like the PETA girls are going to have to put their clothes back on again as a new invention promises to put an end to their organization. While thoughts of shady, meat-eating, fur coat wearing animal haters with gasoline tanks in their hands spark in your imagination, don’t worry. It’s not anything like… Read more »