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Apple Virtual Reality Headset Coming: Watch Out Samsung Gear VR

Apple Virtual Reality

Apple has been granted a patent for a virtual reality headset. Time reports on what could be another huge success for Apple. “The company has been granted a patent for a head-mounted virtual reality device that would use the iPhone screen as the display. Apple first applied for the patent back in 2008, meaning VR… Read more »

NSA Hackers Infected Hard Drives With Impossible-To-Remove Spyware

The NSA reportedly hacked North Korea first.

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) embedded sophisticated spyware deep in the firmware of hard drives manufactured by top manufacturers as part of an international spying campaign which has infected thousands of computers across more than 30 countries, according to an analysis by researchers at Russian-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab. The analysis was confirmed… Read more »

MacBook Pro To Star In Upcoming ‘Modern Family’ Episode

Modern Familly

The MacBook Pro is the world’s most beloved laptop and it is about to get superstar icon status. The “Lost Connections” episode of Modern Family airs on February 25. According to The Verge, it all takes place on Apple‘s iconic powerful notebook. “MacBooks and iPhones pop up in movies and TV so often that it’s… Read more »

MacBook Air Meets Its Match With The Dell XPS 13

Dell and Apple compete.

The MacBook Air is the hottest lightweight laptop right now. Apple has sold millions of both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the MacBook Air and the notebook is soon set for an upgrade. MacWorld UK has recently revealed what we can expect for the much-hyped device. “Reports suggest the new model will feature a… Read more »

Hackers Steal At Least $300 Million From Banks With Malware

No tipping

Hackers dubbed the “Carbanak cybergang” have stolen at least $300 million from banks and other financial institutions around the world in could be the biggest bank heist ever recorded. The unknown cybercriminals’ nickname comes from the name of the malware they used to infect computers at financial institutions around the world. Once in, the group… Read more »

Japanese Scientists Build Artificial Brain Cerebellum In The Laboratory

The Human Brain

Japanese researchers say they have used human embryonic stem cells to build a three-dimension structure similar to the part of the brain called the cerebellum. In higher animal brains, the cerebellum is responsible for coordinating motor functions and processing sensory information. The team, led by Keiko Muguruma, at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, announced… Read more »

Apple Car Rumors Indicate Full Automation

Is Apple really working on an automated car?

Electric cars are on the rise, but the next big thing to hit the street may be automation. As predicted, car makers, like Tesla Motors Inc., have been building prototypes for self-driving cars. According to the Wall Street Journal, though, other less expected companies are looking into the automated car market. One such company is… Read more »

Social Media Posts Can Be Covered By Insurance Policies

Social Media Posts Covered By Insurance

Social media posts have a huge impact on people. In fact, social media is revolutionizing the way humans communicate. On a daily basis, millions of people use social media for personal and business reasons. A countless number of businesses and individuals, including children around the world, belong to a variety of social networks where they… Read more »

iPhone 6 Plus Data Consumption Reports Are Misleading

iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is the hottest selling phablet in the smartphone world right now, but it allegedly comes at a price. According to several websites, the 6 Plus drives more data than other iPhones, including the iPhone 6. BGR puts a more honest spin on the iPhone 6 Plus data usage reports. “Because the… Read more »

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Coming Soon: Watch Out, Apple

The Surface Pro 4 is coming!

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been a huge success that has redefined the tablet/laptop hybrid. As Microsoft has lowered the price for the Surface Pro 3, many are predicting the Surface Pro 4 is right around the corner. TheAir Herald is one of the sites that is predicting a new Surface Pro 4 arriving very… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Will Make iPhone Jealous

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be announced in early March, but one particular aspect of the screen is driving tech enthusiasts crazy. CNET reports that the Galaxy S6 screen is out of this world. “Samsung may offer a Galaxy S6 with a display that you can view from three sides — the front,… Read more »

Microsoft Beats Apple Bond Sales While Preparing Groundbreaking Products

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft, who has been struggling for relevancy since 2006, has finally beat Apple at something: bond sales. The Wall Street Journal explains Microsoft‘s minor victory. “The software giant on Monday completed the largest U.S. corporate-bond sale this year, selling $10.75 billion in debt with maturities of five to 40 years. The sale surpasses a pair… Read more »

Upcoming iPhone 6s May Get Improved Touch ID

Apple Touch ID

The iPhone 6s won’t be released until the third quarter of this year, but details are already leaking out. Some people have complained that the Touch ID feature isn’t always accurate on the current iPhone 6. It’s pretty obvious Apple has heard consumer feedback, at least according to MacRumors. “KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who… Read more »

Google Calendar Loses Ground as Market Situation Changes


Google Calendar has for a long time been a primary tool that many people used to manage their appointments, to-do lists and time in general. However as the possibilities of mobile and cloud services for time management are getting more diverse, new players enter this market and not just some generic calendar apps, but international… Read more »