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iPad Air Teardown Shows Tight Construction, Hard To Fix Tablet

Apple iPad Air Teardown

A recent teardown of the Apple iPad Air has revealed a device that is incredibly hard to repair if you are a do-it-yourself handyman. Not only is the next-generation iOS 7 tablet hard to repair, getting the thing open is even difficult. The results of the tear down shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all,… Read more »

Hyperloop May Be Possible, Not Really, But Sort Of

elon musk hyperloop plan

Elon Musk, Tesla’s very ambitious founder, came up with the idea for a Hyperloop transportation system that would transport people faster than any plane or train can. The plans were real and Musk put them out for everyone to see. However, he pulled himself away from the project, stating that it was not the right… Read more »

Google Glass Use Results In Driver Being Ticketed

Google Glass

A Google Glass explorer was ticketed in California for using the new wearable piece of technology while operating her motor vehicle. Cecilia Abadie was pulled over near San Diego for speeding, but a second citation was given simply because she was using Google Glass, which according to the cop and her ticket, was the same… Read more »

Google Barge Holds A Secret Project, Here’s What Is Inside

Google Barge Holds A Secret Project

The Google barge holds a secret project according to the rumors swirling around. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Google Android viruses may surprise many who have assumed their smartphones are immune to malware, although it’s no secret. The famous internet company is being ultra hush-hush over the Google barges being built on both… Read more »

Adobe Hackers Stole Information From More Users Than Previously Reported

Adobe hackers stole information from more users than previously reported.

Adobe hackers stole more information than previously reported. A lot more. Initial reports stated fewer than 3 million users were affected by the security breach, when in actuality 38 million consumers were compromised. The software giant that is used by millions to complete everyday tasks for work and play, with programs like Photoshop, says hackers… Read more »

Motorola Ara Announced, Modular Smartphones On The Way

motorola project ara phoneblocks modular smartphone

Motorola Ara has been announced and may revolutionize the way that smartphones are built and used by consumers. Ara is an “open hardware platform” meant to modularize smartphones, therefore allowing users to have full control over their device and how it operates. Project Ara has been in the works for the past year, according to… Read more »

Google+ Users Top 300 Million, 37% Increase

google+ users

Google+ may be one of the most frequently insulted social networks, but according to Google, its user base is nothing to scoff at. In recent months the social network has seen a massive increase in users and has now broken past 300 million. In May, that number was just 190 million, showing just how fast… Read more »

When 3,500 Strangers Comforted Dying Man With #SkyBluePink Campaign

Sky Blue Pink campaign comforts dying man with 3,500 messages.

A dying man in Nebraska was comforted by 3,500 strangers he never knew as his family kicked off the #SkyBluePink campaign after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Brian Curtis decided to forgo chemotherapy, as he also suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and doctors gave him about a year to live. His son Brandon, 30 started… Read more »

Giraffe Riddle: Answer Meme Wrongly With Photos, Get A Dangerous Virus?

Giraffe Riddle: Answer Meme Wrongly With Photos, Get A Dangerous Virus?

The giraffe riddle answer has been stumping people since it first appeared. If you can’t answer, you’re supposed to change your Facebook profile photo to a giraffe, but some websites are claiming the giraffe challenge will serve up a dangerous virus instead of Facebook fun. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, if you don’t mind… Read more »

Meet The LG Fireweb, The Company’s First Firefox OS Phone

LG Fireweb Smartphone with Firefox OS

The LG Fireweb is upon us, marking the first time the electronics manufacturer has offered a Firefox OS-based smartphone. The 4-inch device joins other devices from ZTE Open and Alcatel One (ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire). The device is being targeted in Brazil via local carrier Telefonica. On the Mozilla blog the company… Read more »

Favorite Car Color Is No Longer Silver, It’s . . .

favortite car color

For more than ten years, silver has held the acclaim of being the world’s favorite car color. But that fact has now changed… The first question is, how does anyone actually know what the world’s favorite car color is? Are surveys taken to ask people which color car they like best? Of course not! The… Read more »