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Roku Streaming Stick Hits Market, Death Knell For Google Chromecast?

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick hit the market today, and the new device could spell trouble for Google’s streaming device, the Chromecast. Both devices are small, about the size of a pack of gum, and plug directly into a television set’s HDMI port. Both offer significant advantages for customers who want a low-cost means to turn… Read more »

Apple Promises To Racially Diversify Emojis

Apple Bringing Racial Diversity To Emojis

Race has always been a ‘hot button’ and emotionally charged topic in America and it seems to have re-entered the forefront of national conversation with a vengeance in recent years, even invading discussions concerning the casting of comic book movies with mealymouthed frothing by those not keen with ethnic variations on iconic characters. Now Apple… Read more »

iPhone Hearing Aids The Next Innovation For Hearing Impaired


For many, the pain of losing their hearing is only compounded by the notion of having to use a hearing aid. Known to be a signal of old age, hearing aids have always been thought of as a less than ideal necessity for many aging Americans. But thanks to an innovative Danish hearing aid group,… Read more »

Amazon Responds To Google’s Price Cut For Cloud Services, Nearly Halves The Rates


Amazon Inc. responded to Google’s price cut of Cloud Services by halving the tariffs for its own similar services. In a direct response to Google’s attempt at undercutting Amazon’s Cloud Services, the latter swiftly announced significant reductions, reported The Register. The entire line–up of Cloud Based Services, which collectively come under Amazon Web Services will… Read more »

Live! Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Event From New Delhi, India!


Weeks following its international announcement, Samsung is readying the launch of its flagship “Galaxy” series handset in India later today. The company is webcasting the event live for Indian users starting at 12 PM local time. Launched as a successor to the hugely popular Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5 has some big shoes to fill…. Read more »

Are Windows XP Hackers Stealing Cash From ATMs Using Flaws In Obsolete OS?

Windows XP ATM flaws

Windows XP, Microsoft’s flaw-ridden operating system effectively becomes obsolete on April 8 when the Redmond, Washington, software giant cuts off all support for the creaky OS. That means, no more upgrades or patches to fix security holes. But cyber-crooks aren’t waiting for the April 8 Windows XP zero hour. According to the computer security company… Read more »

Smartphone Wars! HTC One (M8) Vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 vs HTC One

HTC earlier today launched its much rumored flagship Android powered handset, the HTC One (M8). Building upon the widely appreciated design traits that the original HTC One bought to the table, the HTC One (M8) tries to raise the bar even further. The phone, like its older sibling is a design masterpiece. And this time,… Read more »

The Flip Side Of The Coin


Do you ever get tired of a bulky wallet or money clip full of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and membership cards? If so, Coin could be the solution for that headache. In a nutshell, Coin is an electronic device that can store up to 8 of your cards, and works just like a… Read more »

Foldscope Is A Paper Microscope That Can Fit In Your Pocket


What happens when you get a group of bioengineering gurus from Stanford together? Foldscope. Making paper airplanes in class just went a notch further. Now, origami has met MacGyver, only MacGyver is Manu Prakash, a professor at Stanford University. Prakash and his students have gotten extremely creative with their latest science project. Yahoo News says… Read more »

Google Now: Finally on Google Chrome

Google Now On Chrome

Google Now, a venture by Google which started on Android devices and moved to iOS is now available on Google Chrome on laptop or desktops. This years long odyssey has been a painstakingly slow process as Google methodically perfected this feature. The feature showed for the first time with support on Google Chrome updates last… Read more »

The Holy Grail Bullet-Proof Screen Protector For Your Mobile Device

cell phones

The new Holy Grail is a product that even Monty Python would highly recommend. Based on a detailed study completed by, they have determined that currently 91 percent of adults own cell phones. In fact, Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project stated that “the cell phone is the most quickly adopted consumer… Read more »

Burger King Creates New Whopper Of An App

Burger King Kim Kardashian

With over 7,000 stores in the United States, Burger King Worldwide, Inc. is the second largest burger chain, just behind McDonald’s. In order to keep up with today’s current technology, and in an effort to increase their numbers of younger customers, CIO Journal reports that Burger King will be introducing its new app for mobile… Read more »

LAPD Gets A Lamborghini Gallardo To Fleet

Lamborghini Cop Car

Looks like speeders are going to have a heck of a time outrunning the LAPD now that they have a Lamborghini Gallardo in their fleet. It’s like the LAPD played the video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and were like, “We should have those!” According to an editorial on MSN, the Los Angeles Police… Read more »

First Ever Apple Reseller FirstTech Shuts Down After 37 Years Of Service

FirstTech Minneapolis Store

FirstTech, the first ever retailer that sold Apple computers has decided to shut down, after selling and servicing Apple products for over 37 years, according to Time. The company, which has been selling and servicing Apple products for close to four decades now cites rapid changes in the market and high competition for being the… Read more »

Digital Cameras Enter A New Transparent(!) Age

Samsung has filed a patent for transparent digital cameras.

Though digital cameras have slowly declined in popularity, Samsung has a trick up its sleeves that might yank back consumers who have been content to simply take photos with their smartphones. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has filed a patent to create digital cameras that include a transparent display. Perhaps the idea of… Read more »

Google Introduces Android Wear, An Operating System For Wearables

Google Android Wear platform

After conquering the smartphones space, Google has set its sight on the next big thing on the horizon. Wearable gadgets. In a blog post earlier today, the company’s SVP for Android, Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai announced the birth of Android Wear, an operating system for wearable gadgets – more specifically, smartwatches – in its… Read more »

Microsoft Office For iPad To Debut On March 27

office for iPad

Microsoft is all set to officially launch its much talked about Microsoft Office for iPad suite on March 27, reports The Verge. The company has sent out invitations to bloggers and journalists for an event scheduled for the same day at San Francisco. This event would also be the first press meet that would be… Read more »

iOS 7.1 Will Kill Your iPhone Battery — Unless You Do This

Tips to preserve iOS 7.1 battery life.

iOS 7.1 — in many ways — is a welcome update to the iPhone and iPad operating systems. However, if you hope that the update will improve battery life, you might want to lower your expectations. Many who have installed the iOS 7.1 update have found that not only is the battery life not improved… Read more »

Microsoft Offering Windows Phone For Free To Indian Hardware Manufacturers

microsoft windows phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone has been doing well over the past few months. It has overtaken BlackBerry OS and is currently the third most popular smartphone platform on the planet. The only problem is, this third place is actually a very distant third place thanks to the absolute dominance that Google’s Android holds over the smartphones… Read more »