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Best Car Brands According To 2014 Car-Brand Perception Survey

Top Car Brands

Are you planning on buying a car in the near future? If so, you may want to take some time to do research on the vehicles you are considering. Consumer Reports conducted their annual Car-Brand Perception Survey from December 6, 2013 to December 15, 2013, to determine the best and worst cars, according to the… Read more »

iPhone 6 Screen Size Rumors Claim Sapphire Retina Display Specs

iPhone 6 Screen Size Rumors Claim Sapphire Retina Display Specs

Apple iPhone 6 screen specs rumors are claiming not only will the iPhone 6 display be bigger but that it may be made of hardened sapphire crystal. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the iPhone 6 release date rumors are pointing to a time earlier in 2014. Some analysts believe Apple is moving up… Read more »

560-HP Beetle Rallycross Racer Built To Attract Young Urban Crowd

560 hp beetle rallycross racer

Volkswagen unveiled their plans to bring a 560-hp Beetle racer to the 2014 Global Rallycross stage. The announcement came at this week’s Chicago Auto Show. Powered by the team of Andretti Autosport, Volkswagen will actually enter two of the juiced up bugs in what is becoming one of the largest world racing events. Volkswagen’s Rallycross… Read more »

Yahoo Down Or Hacked? ‘Connection Refused’ To Many

Yahoo Down Or Hacked? 'Connection Refused' To Many

Has Yahoo been hacked or perhaps are the servers down? In a related report by The Inquisitr, Yahoo email accounts were compromised by hackers and one Yahoo malware attack affected thousands. Yahoo officials claimed it should just be a matter of changing passwords to keep your information safe: “We are resetting passwords… we are using… Read more »

Mystery Barge By Google Not A Conspiracy: What Is Inside

Mystery Barge By Google Not A Conspiracy: What Is Inside

The Google mystery barge is actually not so mysterious, nor is it a conspiracy, since we already know what is going to be inside. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the internet company has been famously hush-hush over the Google barges being built on both sides of the United States, with one being constructed… Read more »

Kia Motors America’s Record January, Adds K900 In Spring 2014

kia motors america record sales january 2014

Kia Motors America is reporting record sales for January 2014. The Seoul, South Korea based company has been in the American market for 20 years now and have seen a growing brand loyalty. With 37,011 Kia vehicles sold, the company outdid their January 2013 numbers by just over 700 units. Kia made a lot of… Read more »

Family Wireless Plans: Price War Heats Up, AT&T Slashes Prices

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger, And Metro PCS, Facing Anti-Trust... What About AT&T?

What better day than Super Bowl Sunday to start offering new family wireless plans? In their latest attempt to gain ground on rivals T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, AT&T is slashing prices on their family wireless plans starting today. A family of four can expect to see a 20 percent savings on plans offering 10 gigabytes… Read more »

Happy 65th Anniversary, VW Beetle Invasion of America

VW Beetle

The VW Beetle invaded America 65 years ago, in January 1949. Though it went on to sell over half-a-million units in a single year in the mid-1970s, in its first year the distinctive, ultra-compact car sold a grand total of two. The first VW Beetle was brought to the United States by a Dutch businessman,… Read more »

iPad Mini With Retina Display Being Outsold By iPad Air

ipad mini retina display ipad air

The iPad Mini with retina display was launched alongside of the iPad air in November 2013. Market analysts were waiting to see which one performed well out of the gate. With the final quarter of 2013 reports coming in, it looks like the iPad Air is a heavy favorite to outsell the iPad Mini with… Read more »

Surface Tablet Sales Report Dances Around The Truth

microsoft surface tablet sales report

The Surface table from Microsoft has been a huge disappointment in terms of sales since it was released in 2012. In fact, the Surface tablet so underperformed in 2012, Microsoft was forced to write off almost one billion dollars in losses. Last Thursday, Microsoft released a report applauding the success of the Xbox One, while… Read more »

iPad Mini Retina Display Overkill For a Small Screen?

iPad Mini Retina Display Overkill For a Small Screen

Is the iPad Mini retina display overkill for such a small HD screen? In a related report by The Inquisitr, rumors of an Apple iPad Pro claim the release date will be in 2014 and that Apple intends on competing in the business market by creating a hybrid notebook/tablet. Apple has been declaring the 64-bit… Read more »

Can Google Glass Revitalize The Porn Industry?


Is Google Glass the porn industry’s knight in shining armor? According to experts, the wearable device could keep the pornography business afloat for many lucrative years. During the XBIZ 360 conference at the W Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, a company called presented a promotional video that showed how the porn industry can use… Read more »

Gmail Goes Down Across The World, Hilarity Ensues

Gmail Down

Can you read me now? Good! Gmail and other Google services such as Google+ and YouTube suffered from a service outage Friday, affecting hundreds of millions across the globe. So what caused the mysterious outage? Well, that has yet to be determined. According to the Chicago Tribune, Google first acknowledged the outage at 11:12 am… Read more »

iPhone 5s Data Usage Is Higher Than Any Tablet

iPhone 5s Data

iPhone 5s users sure like their phones — and their data plans apparently. In the most recent study by JDSU, a technologies company dedicated to improving optical networking worldwide, they found that iPhone 5s data usage is the highest of any device. Ever. They even use more mobile data than any tablet on the market…. Read more »

Google Contact Lenses Will Measure Glucose Levels In Diabetics’ Tears


A new set of contact lenses from Google will measure the level of glucose in diabetics’ tears. Google are currently developing this latest technological advancement, and if they successfully patent the creation then they will help to eliminate a painful daily part of diabetics’ routines. Individuals who suffer from diabetes have to monitor their glucose… Read more »

Beats Music App: Release Aims To Take Down Spotify

beats music app

The Beats Music app release has music industry experts asking the question, “can the new streaming music service take down Spotify?” On Tuesday, Beats Music will hit iOS, Android, Windows, and the web, sending music ready to be streamed for anyone willing to pay the $9.99 subscription fee. Sound familiar? The popular company is not… Read more »

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Point To Earlier In 2014

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors

The new iPhone 6 release date rumors claim Apple is now shooting for a launch a bit earlier than previously anticipated. In a related report from The Inquisitr, the original rumored release date for the iPhone 6 was in September and some people thought we might see exotic features like a holographic keyboard. Now it’s… Read more »

HTC One M8 Release In March? New Case Design Leaked Early

htc one m8, htc one, htc one two, htc two

The HTC One M8 (or HTC One Two or HTC Two) release is predicted to be announced next month at the Mobile World Congress event. Many believe the successor to the HTC One phone is coming by March. Rumors concerning the HTC One M8, the top secret sounding design name for the next generation HTC… Read more »

Chevrolet Silverado Named Truck Of The Year 2014


The Chevrolet Silverado, made by General Motors, won the title “Truck of the Year” on Monday at the North American International Auto Show. Just to ensure that General Motors enjoyed a clean sweep, their Corvette Stingray picked up the “Car of the Year” award for 2014. The incoming CEO of the company, Mary Barra, spoke… Read more »

iPad Mini: Retina Display And Apple A7 Processor On New Model

IPad mini Retina

The iPad Mini was considered to be a high quality, lightweight and pretty cost-effective tablet when it was first released by Apple Inc. But the upgraded version, the iPad Mini 2, is packed full of new features, all aimed at making the user experience that much crisper. As well us upgrading the iPad Mini to… Read more »

Google Glass Traffic Ticket Thrown Out by California Court

Google Glass

California courts may have set precedence today as a Google Glass traffic ticket was thrown out. Reuters reported the decision was handed down today by a Sand Diego court commissioner in a case that may have lasting implications for how wearable technology will continue to be interpreted by the current laws of the land. As… Read more »

Is Facebook Hiding My Posts? The Problem With Facebook [Video]

Is Facebook hiding your posts? Unless you are paying for others to see them, then they are probably not being seen.

Many Facebook users are concerned the social media juggernaut is hiding their posts from friends and followers. It turns out they might be right. While Facebook has led the social media revolution over the last few years, they are facing a problem. How will Facebook monetize their site without alienating their users? According to Veritasium,… Read more »

Apple Refunds $32.5 million for Kids Mobile Game Purchases

Apple ID Hacked

Facing a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission, Apple has agreed to a settlement with the FTC where Apple refunds $32.5 million for kids mobile game purchases. The total amount of the refund is $32.5 million. 9 to 5 Mac obtained an internal email from Apple CEO Tim Cook which shares the end results of… Read more »