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Meet The LG Fireweb, The Company’s First Firefox OS Phone

LG Fireweb Smartphone with Firefox OS

The LG Fireweb is upon us, marking the first time the electronics manufacturer has offered a Firefox OS-based smartphone. The 4-inch device joins other devices from ZTE Open and Alcatel One (ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire). The device is being targeted in Brazil via local carrier Telefonica. On the Mozilla blog the company… Read more »

Favorite Car Color Is No Longer Silver, It’s . . .

favortite car color

For more than ten years, silver has held the acclaim of being the world’s favorite car color. But that fact has now changed… The first question is, how does anyone actually know what the world’s favorite car color is? Are surveys taken to ask people which color car they like best? Of course not! The… Read more »

Facebook Users Can Post Beheading Videos, Finally


Facebook is again allowing users to post violent videos after a temporary ban. The original ban came after gory videos showing decapitation circulated on the social media site. Complaints lead these types of videos getting banned in May, but beheading fans can breathe easy this week. As CNN Money reports, Facebook isn’t exactly encouraging users… Read more »

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Costs A Cool $4.5 Million

Lamborghini Unveils Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini’s new Veneno Roadster may be a beautiful car, but it will set you back a cool $4.5 million. The automaker unveiled its first version of the Veneno supercar at the Geneva Motor Show in March. But it didn’t matter then if you wanted your own, as all three examples were bought and paid for…. Read more »

Facebook Down, Hilarity Ensues

Facebook Down, Now What?

Facebook down! Whatever shall the world do! Facebook users everywhere had trouble accessing the social media website Monday morning, meaning they couldn’t get their morning “likes,” comments, and status updates in before having to start their busy day. According to NBC News, many users received the following message after trying to do almost anything on… Read more »

Dating App ‘Carrot Dating’ Compares Women With Dogs [Video]

Dating app 'Carrot Dating' compares women with dogs

Dating app Carrot Dating tells us that women are like dogs. You read that right, and we wish we were joking. The man behind the dating app is also one of the founders of the website, a dating site that suggests striking a deal for a romantic encounter. Brandon Wade has a seemingly misogynistic… Read more »

AT&T Wireless Offering $5 Per Day Tablet Access, No Contract Required

AT&T Wireless Tablet Per Day Plan

AT&T Wireless is now offering an off-contract, a-la-carte option for tablet users. Under the new plan, tablet customers can purchase a $5-per-day pass for short-term data access. The $5 tablet plan includes 250 MB of data access for 24 hours. AT&T is also offering a 3-month plan for $25. The 3-month plan includes 1GB of… Read more »

Google Selling Facebook Ads Via FBX Platform

Google Selling Facebook FBX Ads

Google and Facebook are facing off in the social networking space, however, that hasn’t stopped Google from selling Facebook FBX ad inventory. The new partnership will be run by Google’s DoubleClick platform and will allow customers to buy FBX ad inventory through its Bid Manager product. On the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog, the company writes: “Partnership… Read more »

Government Github Aims To Streamline Programming Efforts For Public Officials

Government Github Launches

Collaborative development platform GitHub is attempting to fix the broken government tech systems that have driven all of us crazy for years. The 4 million member strong developer community which touts its open-source focus has introduced Government GitHub. The site is described as “dedicated to showcasing the amazing efforts of public servants and civic hackers… Read more »

iPad 5 Fingerprint Scanner Among Apple Release Date Event Rumors

iPad 5 Fingerprint Scanner Among Apple Release Date Event Rumors

iPad 5 release date rumors are claiming the iPad 5 fingerprint scanner will grace future Apple tablets. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Apple iPad 5 release rumors say the iPad 5 features will be enough to be a PC desktop replacement. There’s even rumors that a 13 inch screen iPad will be… Read more »

Rare Ferrari F50 Supercar Shows Up In Salvage Yard

Ferrari F50 Salvage Yard Auction

Ferrari collectors are always on the lookout for rare finds and there are very few as rare as the Ferrari F50 supercar. Built in the 1990s there were only 349 of the vehicles put into production. In August one of the vehicles in excellent condition sold for $1.7 million at auction. Now a rare Ferrari… Read more »

Cheap iMac May Be Coming In 2014

apple imac cheap imac

Apple may begin offering a cheaper version of its popular iMac computer sometime in 2014, according to a KGI Securities analyst. Ming-Chi Kuo states that Apple is already working on the “cheap” iMac and upon release, it will be able to boost sales by as much as 10 to 20 percent. This forecast from KGI… Read more »

Google Nexus 5 Prototype Leaked [Video]

Google Nexus 5 prototype leaked

Google’s Nexus 5 prototype was accidentally leaked when Google dropped a video showing off the new Android smartphone. The video is silent, but the phone was shown from every angle, so we now have an idea what to at least physically expect. The rumored specs for the Google Nexus 5 include a 4.95 inch display,… Read more »

LG G2 Review

lg g2 review

LG’s latest, and slightly unconventional phone received lackluster applause after it was announced. However, LG’s G2 may actually be one of the best Android devices to come out this year. For years, LG had been at the front of the phone market with hits like the En-V, but the company has since become less popular… Read more »

Apple’s Headquarters To Receive Major Update

apple headquarters main campus california

Apple will be completely re-doing the layout and design of its main campus once it moves the campus’ location to HP’s old headquarters. Since HP has removed itself from its old Cupertino area, Apple is taking advantage of the open space and is relocating its campus. Nothing is completely set in stone and Apple is… Read more »

Google Adding User Data To Ads

google ad network shared endorsements

Google has announced that it will be expanding its ad program to include user data, such as pictures and information. Names and photos will be included in so-called “reviews” that display underneath an advertisement, essentially to add credence to the ad itself. In order for this to work, Google has had to update its terms… Read more »