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Did Apple Make Jailbreaking Redundant With iOS 8? Not Really!

iOS 8 Jailbreak

Apple Inc. has just released its latest Mobile Operating System; iOS 8. As with every iteration so far, talented developers have earnestly begun their efforts to ‘Jailbreak’ the same. One such security researcher and hacker, Stefan Esser, a.k.a. “i0n1c,” is said to be pretty close at coming up with a perfectly working Jailbreak for iOS… Read more »

Computers Unplugged: The Wireless Future Of Your PC

tangled cables

There’s a monster lurking behind your desk. A tangled mess of electrical snakes is making its way from your computer to your outlet, and if you’re like many people, every time you bump a speaker off the desk you’re faced with the frustrating inconvenience of having to fish it out from a space you’ve designed… Read more »

Bashar al-Assad Facebook Ads Cause Outcry


It is not everyday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Facebook ads show up in someone’s feeds, but when they do, it causes quite the controversy for the world’s largest social media site. Assad’s ads, which linked to his re-election campaign’s Facebook account with over 230,000 fans, have already been taken down, according to the company…. Read more »

Revolutionary Solar Breakthrough Threatened By Budget Cuts

solar plant

In a world where climate change is devastating the landscape, efficient green energy technologies have taken a forefront in the public eye. While solar power is already helping run our world, it has yet to meet the expectations required to compete with oil and coal. In current commercial solar energy plants prices are sadly higher… Read more »

New Apple App Supports Police Brutality

iphone blackout

Police across America have grown disturbed with the public and their desire to film them while they are on duty, especially with the rash of police brutality videos that have been circulating through popular media sites such as YouTube. So much so that they are trying to push laws through that make it illegal for… Read more »

Has Apple Managed To Get It Just Right With The Latest iOS 8?

iOS 8 Announced

Apple has always firmly believed that it exactly knew what its customers or fans wanted. But with the excessively populated and intensely competitive world of smartphones and their respective Operating Systems (OS), there were multiple nuances within the one meant for Apple Smartphone; the iPhone. The iOS has undoubtedly been one of the most successful… Read more »

Pinterest Starts Advertising

Joanne Bradford

The popular image networking site Pinterest has set the goal to start generating revenue. According to, the website has just recently made the decision to promote advertisements. Up until this point, Pinterest has been careful with investor money, not trying to turn a large profit from the visual pinboard site. As part of the… Read more »

Star Trek: What Did George Takei Do For Solar Roadway Tech?


Thanks to Star Trek actor George Takei, a North Idaho couple is finding out just what social media power is all about in the latest story this week to make fans wonder just how far away the future really is. Takei isn’t just any celebrity, mind you. Star Trek fans aside, the 77 year old… Read more »

New Online Dating App For The Quirky Has Arrived

New Online Dating App LoveFlutter

Need an online dating app that will help you find more than just a beautiful face or hot bod? If so, the new app Loveflutter might just be what you need to get your online dating life going! Described as the “thinking person’s alternative to Tinder,” Loveflutter functions similarly to its counterpart, save for one… Read more »

Google’s Self-Driving Car: Details Have Been Revealed [VIDEO]

Google Car

Google unveiled the first generation of its long-rumored self driving car today on its official company blog, revealing that it will soon be testing about 200 of its two-seat, teardrop shaped commuter buggies. The project, which has been the subject of speculation on tech blog’s for at least two years, is apparently now ready for… Read more »

Roundup of Everything to Come at Apple’s Famous WWDC

wwdc 2014 what can we expect

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you know that Apple is a pretty big name in technology. In fact, Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) is just around the corner. So, what are we to expect? Apple’s WWDC is always Mac-related. We can expect the unveiling of new… Read more »

LG G3 Release Date Approaches

LG G3 Release Date

The highly anticipated LG G3 smartphone has been given a tentative release date of July 1 for the United Kingdom and sometime soon after for the United States. It already got released in South Korea today (May 28, 2014), but all other 170 countries expected to feature it will have to wait through the summer… Read more »

Solar Roadways: Suck It, Fossil Fuels

Solar Roadways Making Waves

Surely, these solar roadways fit nicely into President Barack Obama’s latest climate change initiative, since they provide power to an entire town of buildings and all the vehicles driving around. Out of that equation entirely: All those fossil fuels like oil, gasoline and coal largely blamed for the greenhouse gases we’ve unleashed on our atmosphere… Read more »

Google Glasses Cause Headaches – Still Worth $1500?

Title Pic Google Glass

Google Glasses are the way of the future, paired closely with Tylenol. The gadget costs a staggering $1500 and comes with a warning to use it only for ‘micro-interaction.’ The disclaimer was added after consumers frequently complained about eye pain and headaches while using the sleek super-shades. The way-of-the-future gadget seems to always be in… Read more »

Pancake Printer Adds Artistic Mechanical Ingenuity To Breakfast [VIDEO]

Project PancakeBot

Before the hipsters get their grubby hands on this, an inventor unveiled an open-source pancake printer for the delicious entertainment of breakfast aficionados! This will definitely help people who usually skip breakfast because they don’t like it partake in the most important meal of the day. Add this ingenuity to the increased breakfast options people… Read more »