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Cortana: Microsoft’s Answer To Apple’s Siri


Whenever I think of Cortana, a sexily-designed, holographic assistant for Master Chief comes to mind. Though it may lack the feminine design of the character from the Halo Series, the general public will have their own Cortana of their own. Microsoft has provided retaliation against Apple‘s Siri and Google Now in their voice interface assistant… Read more »

Windows XP Updates, Support Ending Soon

windows xp

Windows XP updates and support are about to end, and Microsoft is set to use pop-up messages to alert you. With Windows 8 already the chosen release operating system for many home computing devices, Microsoft is getting ready to take the proverbial ax to a system which has been around for over a decade. Windows… Read more »

iPad Air 2 Release Rumors: A Waterproof Tablet From Apple?

ipad air 2 release rumors waterproof

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is expected to be the big release from the company whose tablet was just named the best. Rumors surrounding what Apple will do to upgrade the top selling iPad Air and when it will release are heating up following the close of the MWC 2014. One of the things the tech… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Could Save Your Children’s Lives

mark zuckerberg facebook founder

I know what you must be thinking. How can Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg save my child’s life? Sure, he’s the Facebook owner and has a lot more influence than he even realizes. Could he really save a child’s life or other nation’s youth however? It seems that he is trying. While it is not massively… Read more »

iPad Air Unseats Rivals, Wins Tablet Award Without Even Showing Up


Apple’s had a rough go of it as of late. The global technology juggernaut, while constantly producing cutting edge products like the iPad Air, absorbs a battery of criticism, some just and some unfair, from their lack of gaming support on their computers, to their general exclusivity when it comes to software and hardware development…. Read more »

2015 Mini Cooper S With Five Doors Caught On Camera [Photos]

2015 mini cooper s five door photos

A Mini Cooper S with five doors, supposedly the 2015 model, was caught on camera cruising the streets recently. BMW recently released their third generation of the classic British car, showing a desire to get back to a more classic style. There is an eye on the future for the Mini, as reports about a… Read more »

Mozilla Working On $25 Smartphone For Emerging Markets

Mozilla Working On $25 Smartphone For Emerging Markets

Budget phones are becoming just as important as high-end flagships for many companies now that countries like China and India are opening up to smartphones and other electronics in a more significant way. These budget devices have generally been available throughout the world since they are still relatively costly at $80-100 but Mozilla may change… Read more »

Apple Devices Vulnerable To Hacks, Require Major Update

Apple Devices Vulnerable To Hacks, Require Major Update

A finding by a group of security researchers on Friday revealed that almost all Apple devices are vulnerable to a variety of hacks. Even though Apple has already issued an update for iOS in response to the security concerns, it is still working on an update for Mac computers, which are still vulnerable. While the… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Blamed For WhatsApp Downtime


Mark Zuckerberg was blamed by netizens for WhatsApp’s Saturday downtime three days after Facebook bought the app for $19 billion dollars, The Daily Beast reports. WhatsApp users filled Twitter with their frustrations over the newly-bought messaging app’s downtime. Some joked that the WhatsApp team is currently celebrating the buyout at the app headquarters, causing their… Read more »

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch

Samsung is kicking off Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 with a bang by revealing its new Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch. Alongside the Galaxy Gear 2 is the Gear 2 Neo, another smartwatch which so far appears to be very similar to its companion. The unveiling of both smartwatches comes just one day before Samsung is… Read more »

LG G2 Mini Release Date Begins In March, Specs Unveiled Before MWC

lg g2 mini release date march spec unveiled mwc

The LG G2 Mini release date has been anticipated globally as the phone market continues to become more specialized. After seeing the international success of the LG G2, the South Korean hardware manufacturer decided to take aim at the mid tier market. The miniature 3G Dual SIM model of their flagship is set to release… Read more »