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Samsung Galaxy S6 Has Bad Defect: Will iPhone Fans Rejoice?

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems like a smartphone for the ages. However, as BGR points out, the initial units of Samsung’s new smartphone have a major screen defect. BGR uses information from Asia Today to determine that the edges of Samsung’s displays do not register touches — at all. The problem is a much bigger… Read more »

HBO Streaming Service: HBO Now Set To Debut In April


HBO’s streaming service is set to debut in April. Dubbed HBO Now, the much-anticipated service will allow viewers to stream HBO content without a cable or satellite TV subscription. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said the stand-alone service could reach up to 80 million viewers – who do not currently subscribe to HBO through their… Read more »

Maci Peterson’s Text App Keeps Your Drunken Sex Messages Sober

Maci Peterson's 'Take Back Text Messages' App Shows Promise And Is Saving Relationships

Maci Peterson’s “take back text messages” app is helping to save people from stupid, regretful sex texts. Ever been like, “on second thought,” but was too late? Of course, if you’re reading this, you’ve possibly been in an unfavorable text situation or two. Possibly, maybe as a technological saving grace, Maci received a few unwanted… Read more »

More Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs Leaked: Watch Out New MacBook Air

Surface Pro

Details for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keep leaking and it looks like Microsoft will, once again, have a groundbreaking device. Last week, it was thought that the new Surface Pro 4 wouldn’t be released until July. However, some expect the device to arrive sooner since prices for the Surface Pro 3 have been slashed… Read more »

Updates to Google Calendar Android App Include 7-Day View, Drive Attachments


Recent updates to the Google Calendar Android app are catching the attention of users as developers incorporated customer feedback into the latest release. After going live at the end of February, Google Calendar’s updated version now offers users the option to view a 7-day week, attach files from Google Drive to calendar events, and quickly… Read more »

Mystery Priest Takes Snapchat Confessions Against Catholic Church Rules

Priest Uses Snapchat For Confession

The photo messaging app, Snapchat, is used for many reasons, from innocent conversations to the exchanging of sexy photos. Snapchat is unique in that, once opened, the messages only last a short time, and then disappear. This creates a false sense of security for Snapchat users, leading to the sharing of information that otherwise may… Read more »

Google Will Be Launching A US Mobile Network


Software behemoth Google is planning to launch a small mobile network across the US, a report from City A.M. can confirm. The move is seen as a potential threat to competing telecoms businesses, such as AT&T, as the search engine giants add another avenue of communication to their empire. The project aims to allow users… Read more »

Google Play Plans To Test Paid App Placement In Search Results

Google Play Store

Google Play’s app results are about to get a little more mixed. Google is about to start the testing phase of a new feature that could allow app developers to pay to have their apps placed in search results. The Play store has enjoyed steady growth since its 2012 launch, coming ever closer to its… Read more »

First Look: Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

After making its appearance in leaked photographs and sly teasers, Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S6, has finally been revealed to the general public. At an event held in Barcelona, Spain, on the eve of this year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung talked in detail about the latest from its stable. Like it was… Read more »

iPhone 6 Now Faces Massive Competition With Galaxy S6 And HTC One M9

iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6, along with the iPhone 6 Plus, has been leading the smartphone world since last September. With Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S6 this morning, Apple is likely running scared. The official unveiling of the Galaxy S6 has left technology enthusiasts even more impressed than they thought they would be. BGR claims the… Read more »

Apple Watch To Replace Car Keys: Your Turn, Samsung

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch won’t appear in stores until April, but it is already causing quite the buzz — good and bad. The Telegraph reports on quite an interesting feature Tim Cook says the Apple Watch could have. “The watch is designed to be able to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are… Read more »