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Xbox Live App Lets You Order Pizza

Xbox Live will let you make orders with Pizza Hut app

Xbox Live is letting you order pizza with a new app from Pizza Hut. Have you ever been up to your ears in Halo 4 and had a craving for pizza? There’s an app for that, thanks to Pizza Hut and Xbox Live. Microsoft seems determined to make sure you never turn off your Xbox…. Read more »

Microsoft’s Next Gen Xbox Might Be Announced May 21

Microsoft New Xbox 720 Rumors

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox gaming console could be announced at an event on May 21. News of the potential Xbox reveal was scooped by Windows blogger Paul Thurrott and delivered to the team at The Verge. Microsoft had originally planned to reveal the Xbox 720 (potential name) in April but decided to push back the big… Read more »

Woman Picks Up Rare $15,000 Nintendo Game For $7.99 At Goodwill

Woman Picks Up Rare $15,000 Nintendo Game For $7.99 At Goodwill 22

A North Carolina woman has picked up the mother of all bargains at her local Goodwill: A copy of the game Stadium Events for Nintendo’s NES system. The Goodwill price? $7.99. The game’s value? Roughly $15,000. While most people will be unaware of Stadium Events, collectors count the game as the Holy Grail of NES… Read more »

‘FIFA 14’ Details Revealed

FIFA 14 details have been released

FIFA 14 details have been released this morning as promised. Electronic Arts is rolling out information about this game and NHL 14 this week, and the dual rollout doesn’t seem to just be a coincidence. Both games feature a tweaking of the game play engines that will hopefully make them all the more realistic. When… Read more »

PS4 Price Geared To Appeal To Gamers ‘In The Broadest Sense’

Exec says PS4 will be priced to appeal to a broad audience

The PS4 has had all kinds of rumors floating around about the console since it was first announced. One set of rumors has consistently been floating around what the price of the next gen console will be, and now Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has come out and said that the price of… Read more »