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Nvidia Shield Opens Up For Pre-Orders Ahead Of Schedule, Costs $349

Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield was suppose to open up for pre-orders in three days; instead, the company launched the pre-order option ahead of schedule for anxious customers. Consumers interested in purchasing the handheld gaming system can purchase the device via the Nvidia website and through several retailers that include Newegg, Gamestop, and Canada Computer. The Tegra… Read more »

Nintendo Claims Ownership On YouTube Videos

Nintendo lays claim to YouTube videos

Nintendo is laying claim to YouTube videos. In a new effort to cash in wherever they can, Nintendo is claiming the copyrights on all YouTube videos containing their intellectual property. This means that all of those “Let’s Play” videos featuring their games will redirect the revenue to Nintendo instead of the channel owners. YouTube channel… Read more »

Xbox 720: Microsoft Planning To Ditch Points System [Rumor]

Microsoft may be ditching the Points system with the launch of Xbox 720

Microsoft may be planning to ditch the Points system, possibly around the launch of the Xbox 720. For quite a while now, Microsoft Points were the way the Windows company was managing download costs and gift cards, and, for some skeptics, it didn’t make much sense. Why would you convert your money into a number… Read more »

‘Borderlands 2’ Tiny Tina DLC Gets Release Date

'Borderlands 2' DLC Tiny Tina gets a release date

Borderlands 2 is getting Tiny Tina DLC, and an official release date. The latest DLC for Borderlands 2 has just landed, and new DLC is already in the works. Krieg the Psycho was released just today, giving gamers a chance to play as a “good guy” version of the melee-heavy enemies you face in the… Read more »

‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’ Could Be Start Of New Series

Blood Dragon could be start of series

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon started off as something that was thought to be a joke. Then it turned into a cool little spinoff of the original game series. Now it could be the start of a whole other series. The game has little to do with the other games in this series, and that… Read more »