Gaming Timeline

Robert Bowling, Call of Duty Creative Strategist, Leaves Activision


Robert Bowling, creative strategist for the Call of Duty franchise and the face of Infinity Ward, announced today that he will be departing from from Infinity Ward and Activision. “Today, I resign from my position as Creative Strategist of Call of Duty, as a lead of Infinity Ward, and as an employee of Activision,” Bowling… Read more »

Child’s Play Shuts Down ‘Retake Mass Effect 3’ Fundraiser


If you frequent any gaming-related message boards or websites, you’re probably already aware that a pretty large amount of gamers are extremely disappointed by Mass Effect 3‘s ending. A couple of campaigns to get BioWare to either change the ending or offer clarification popped up, but ‘Retake Mass Effect 3′ stood out from the rest… Read more »

[Rumor] Prey 2 Cancelled, According to Dutch Website

Rumor - Prey 2 Cancelled

According to Dutch gaming website PSFocus, Human Head Studios’ Prey 2 has been cancelled, and an official announcement from Bethesda about the cancellation is expected to come next week. The site didn’t go into much detail beyond that, aside from noting that the info comes from a “reliable source”, so this news should be taken… Read more »

Angry Birds Space Available Now on Android, iOS, PC, Mac


If you’re getting bored of flinging angry creatures of the avian variety at pigs right here on Earth, you can now do so in space: Angry Birds Space, the sequel of sorts to the original game, is now available for download on iOS, Mac, and PC. “This launch marks a huge step for us as… Read more »

[Rumor] Crystal Dynamics Developing A ‘Soul Reaver’ Reboot


Crystal Dynamics is currently hard at work on its Tomb Raider reboot, but that isn’t all they’re working on, apparently. According to a report by VG247, the developer is working on a reboot of Soul Reaver, part of the Legacy of Kain franchise. To be clear, the report indicates that this is not simply a… Read more »

BioWare Not Opposed to Changing Mass Effect 3 Endings


Fans have been very vocal in their qualms with the ending(s) of Mass Effect 3, which many believe to be crushingly underwhelming to the point that a large group of fans are asking BioWare to change the ending–and, if BioWare’s latest address to fans is any indication, that option isn’t off the table. Recently BioWare… Read more »

Diablo III (Finally) Gets A Release Date


It’s been a long, long time coming, but Blizzard finally announced today that Diablo III will be unleashed on retailers and in digital form globally on May 15, 2012. “After many years of hard work by our development team and months of beta testing by hundreds of thousands of dedicated players around the world, we’re… Read more »

Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play for the Weekend


If you still haven’t checked out BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, the company announced today that it will be offering new players the chance to play the MMO over the weekend entirely free of charge. Individuals who wish to take part in BioWare’s “Weekend Pass” event for SWTOR will be able to do so… Read more »

BioWare Addresses Mass Effect 3 ‘From Ashes’ DLC Controversy


All of the controversy over BioWare’s day-one Mass Effect 3 DLC, ‘From Ashes’, got quite a bit more heated over the weekend after a video surfaced claiming to prove that Javik, the new companion introduced in the DLC, was already available on the disc. In the video, the user showed that Javik could easily be… Read more »