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The Hottest MMORPGS To Play This Summer – Aion


There are so many MMORPGS to choose from that deciding which games to play this summer can be difficult and confusing. To help our readers sort through all the clutter and make the choice a bit easier, we decided to share our picks for the very best online games. This week we will begin with… Read more »

Blizzard Entertainment And Valve Settle “Dota” Trademark Lawsuit

Defense Of The Ancients Trademark Lawsuit

Valve Software and Blizzard Entertainment have settled a lawsuit over the ‘Dota’ label. Under terms of the agreement the Defense of the Ancients name will be used by both company’s in different ways. For example Valve will be able to use toe ‘Dota’ label on a commercial level for products such as the upcoming action… Read more »

Assassin’s Creed III: First Gameplay Footage Released


Ubisoft promised that we’d get to see the first Assassin’s Creed III gameplay footage if the publisher received enough “Likes” on its Facebook page, and now the publisher has made good on its promise. Yesterday, Ubisoft finally released our first taste of Assassin’s Creed III gameplay, and there’s a whole lot to take in. The… Read more »

The Hottest MMORPGS To Play This Summer – Tera


Today we will be revealing the third of our selections for the hottest MMORPGS to play this summer; Tera. Out of the many games to choose from, this brand new MMORPG from South Korea’s BlueHole Studios offers gamers something completely new and different. Tera has introduced the most innovative and unique combat system ever seen… Read more »

Angry Birds Franchise Tops One Billion Downloads


You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that the Angry Birds franchise is a monumental success–chances are, you know of at least one person who has played it at some point–but these numbers may still surprise you. Just a few days after Rovio reported an 800 million download count for the Angry Birds franchise,… Read more »

BioShock Infinite Delayed Into Early Next Year


I hope you weren’t counting on playing BioShock Infinite at any point this year. If so, you’re about to be disappointed. 2K Games sent word today, directly from creative director Ken Levine, that BioShock Infinite will be missing its intended October release date. Instead, BioShock Infinite will now release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox… Read more »

The Hottest MMORPGS To Play This Summer – WOW Mists Of Pandaria


April showers have ended, May is in full bloom and warmer days are rapidly approaching. While the summer is all about school vacation, sports, picnics and fun at the beach, it also provides many of us with extra time to enjoy our favorite online games. Players and fans of MMORPGS (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)… Read more »

Spec Ops: The Line Demo Out Now On PSN, XBL


Spec Ops: The Line is scheduled to hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 late next month, but publisher 2K Games is giving you the chance to try out the singleplayer portion of the game early by way of a Spec Ops: The Line demo, which is out now on PSN and XBL. For Xbox… Read more »

The Elder Scrolls Online Coming to PC, Mac Next Year


It looks like all of those rumors that The Elder Scrolls Online was in production have turned out to be true. Earlier today, ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company, announced by way of Game Informer that The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to PC and Mac next year. “It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil… Read more »

Bethesda Teases First Skyrim DLC ‘Dawnguard’; More Info At E3


Bethesda promised Skyrim fans yesterday that information about the first Skyrim DLC was on the way, and as promised, Bethesda has delivered. Well, sort of. Over on the Bethesda Blog, the company revealed that Skyrim‘s first DLC, called ‘Dawnguard‘, will be arriving on the Xbox 360 first this summer. Unfortunately that’s all Bethesda had to… Read more »

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Revealed During Livestream


When we first heard about God of War: Ascension earlier this month, details on the game were extremely light. We knew that the game would take place before the God of War trilogy, but nothing beyond that. Sony promised to show off a bit of gameplay from God of War: Ascension in a livestream, which… Read more »

Portal 2 Puzzle Editor Coming to PC and Mac Next Month


We haven’t heard much from Valve about Portal 2‘s upcoming in-game map editor DLC since its announcement back in October of last year, but today Valve announced that the “Perpetual Testing Initiative” will be making its way to PC and Mac next month. To be specific, Valve says that the Portal 2 map editor will… Read more »

Forza 4 ‘Top Gear Car Pack’ Hits Xbox Live in May


The next round of Forza Motorsport 4 DLC, called the ‘Top Gear Car Pack’, will be making its way to Xbox Live this May, and with its release the game’s already extensive lineup of cars will be expanded by 10. Forza 4‘s ‘Top Gear Car Pack’ will set you back 560 Microsoft Points ($7), and… Read more »