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Xbox One Release Date Closing In After ‘Invitation’ [Video]

Xbox One release date closes in as Microsoft drops its 'Invitation'

The Xbox One release date is closing in less than a month from now, and Microsoft is seizing the moment by releasing yet another commercial. Thankfully this time the commercial isn’t showing off everything but the games. Yes, the first TV spot was like a confirmation that Microsoft wasn’t thinking about the gamers when it… Read more »

‘Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls’ Expansion Pack Details Revealed

Diablo 3 Expansion Pack

Since the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is looming on the horizon, the folks at Blizzard Entertainment decided to cough up some details about the popular game’s forthcoming expansion pack. It sounds like a wonderful addition to the adventure. In addition to new acts, levels, monsters, and items, players have a brand new artisan at… Read more »

Batman: Arkham Origins Developers Discuss Taking Over From Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Origins Developers Discuss Taking Over From Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Origins is the third Batman game in the acclaimed series surrounding the Arkham asylum and all the legendary Batman villains that end up being locked away there. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Batman: Arkham Origins DLC called Initiation puts Bruce Wayne up against ninjas. Also being released today is Batman: Arkham… Read more »

Capcom To Begin Work On A New Fighting Game

Capcom Fighting Game Japan

Virtual brawlers rejoice! Capcom is getting ready to begin work on a new fighting game. The company that first put the Street Fighter franchise into the hands of armchair scrappers oh-so many years ago is reportedly ready to begin work on another video game featuring all sorts of hand-to-hand combat. According to executive producer Yoshinori… Read more »

‘GTA 5’ PC Bit Torrent Could Literally Ruin Your Day

'GTA 5' PC bit torrent could ruin your day

A new GTA 5 PC bit torrent has been proven just a bad idea all around. While technically bit torrents are a bad idea to begin with for copyright reasons, this one has an especially nasty bonus attached. First off, Grand Theft Auto 5 is not available on PC yet, and might not see a… Read more »

Goodbye Nintendo Wii, Groundbreaking Console Ends Production

Nintendo Wii Ends Production Run

When the Nintendo Wii was unveiled competitors Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (Playstation) dismissed the gaming console as nothing but a passing fad. More than 100 million units later and the popular console has ended its production run. Deemed as the “first gaming console for everybody” by Oprah Winfrey, the Wii ended up in retirement homes,… Read more »

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ 16-Minute Gameplay Demo Hits [Video]

'Batman: Arkham Origins' gameplay demo shows off the Batcave and the Gotham City Police Department

A 16-minute Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay demo has hit, showing off the Gotham City Police Department and the Batcave. The prequel to the Arkham series is certainly an ambitious one, in that it expands Batman’s turf to cover the entire city of Gotham with multiple levels and a more open world environment. As previously reported… Read more »

‘Forza Motorsport 5’ Car List Increased

'Forza 5' car list and spotlights doubled

Forza Motorsport 5‘s car list has been increased by 24, bringing the total to over 100 now for the Xbox One exclusive racing title. The racing title that Microsoft is hoping you’re wanting more than Need for Speed: Rivals and Gran Turismo 6 has controls that take full advantage of the most high-end racing wheels’… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs’, ‘The Crew’ Release Delayed Until 2014

'Watch Dogs', 'The Crew' release dates delayed

Watch Dogs and The Crew‘s release dates are getting delayed, meaning that they won’t be launch titles for next-gen consoles after all. Ubisoft may be getting cold feet about jumping into the gaming pool so quickly after Assassin’s Creed IV and the current top sellers Grand Theft Auto 5 and Pokemon X and Y, but… Read more »

New Xbox One Friends App Demonstrated [Video]

New Xbox One Friends app demonstrated by Major Nelson

The new Xbox One Friends app is demonstrated by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb in the video above. In yet another attempt to surpass the console’s capacity for playing video games, Microsoft has gone past the sports and TV talk and is now expanding where Skype would suggest. The Xbox One is being turned into a… Read more »

‘State Of Decay: Breakdown’ DLC Details Revealed

State Of Decay DLC Undead Labs

Hungry for more juicy bits about Undead Labs’ upcoming State of Decay: Breakdown DLC? The team behind the open-world title recently opened up about the first expansion pack. Instead of coughing up even more missions for the game’s main storyline, the developers decided to implement a so-called “sandbox mode” that puts your survival skills to… Read more »