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Fighting Games: A Brief History Of The Genre

A brief history of the fighting game genre

Here’s a brief history of the fighting games genre. Fighting games weren’t always a popular genre, as the first game of the type was Heavyweight Champ in 1976. If you don’t remember it, it’s probably because it wasn’t that great of a game. It wasn’t until almost 20 years later that Capcom take the concept… Read more »

Ryan Davis, Video Game Journalist, Dies Mysteriously At 34

ryan davis cause of death

Ryan Davis, a media personality in the gaming vertical, has sadly passed away at the age of 34 — though a cause of death for the young journalist has not been released. The death of Ryan Davis was confirmed on a site he co-founded, Giant Bomb, by Product Manager Matthew Rorie. Rorie simply said of Davis’… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Trailer Arrives Online [Video]

GTA V Trailer

Rockstar has unveiled the first Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer. The nearly five-minute video gives fans of the franchise an opportunity to see how the game performs. The clip first introduces prospective players to the world in and around Los Santos. Fans of the series will be able to traverse cities, wilderness, and all… Read more »

‘Saints Row IV’ May Be The Last Game In The ‘Saga’

'Saints Row IV' may be the last game in the 'saga', says Volition

Saints Row IV may be the last game in the “saga.” Some of those who grew up with Saints Row games are probably sick of the direction the series took last time, as it was initially about rival gangs. Now it’s become a game about the President in virtual reality fighting anal probes. The sheer… Read more »

Xbox One Reputation System Encourages Gamers To Behave

Xbox One Reputation System will reward you for playing nice online

The Xbox One Reputation System will encourage gamers to behave on Xbox Live. What is the number one reason a lot of lone wolf gamers give for not wanting to play online? Online gamers in general tend to be annoying and cheat too much. Microsoft is planning to make Xbox Live services for Xbox One… Read more »

‘SimCity’ Offline Mode Could Become A Reality

Maxis Electronic Arts

An offline version of SimCity might be on the away after all. The folks at Electronic Arts drew the ire of many gamers when it forced them to play the latest version of the city simulator online. After a considerable amount of backlash, it would seem the developers are thinking about adding an offline mode… Read more »

‘World Of Warcraft’ May Soon Be Getting In-Game Micro-Transactions


Blizzard has already experimented with out-of-game micro-transactions with World of Warcraft. We’ve seen in-game items like pets and mounts go on sale via the game’s website, but the famed MMO developer may be looking into adding in-game micro-transactions as well. Players began to suspect that Blizzard was planning to go the in-game micro-transaction route after… Read more »

Nintendo Petition Hopes To End 3DS And Wii U Regional Locking

Nintendo Regional Locking Petition

A Nintendo petition that is making its way around the web is asking that the gaming giant end the practice of regional locking on its popular 3DS and Wii U gaming consoles. Both the Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 decided to ditch the restrictive practice, and Nintendo gamers are now demanding the same treatment…. Read more »

Xbox Live Keeps Them Separated … Trolls, That Is

Xbox Live keeps trolls separated using Reputation system

Xbox Live is keeping them separated. If they’re bothering you, they get their own group. Nobody likes a troll. They are the reason people get annoyed on the internet on the most part. They seem to exist only to get everybody angry, and are usually the first ones to get banned from forums, or made… Read more »

‘Rise Of The Triad’ Lands Pre-Order Trailer [Video]

'Rise of the Triad' drops pre-order trailer

Rise of the Triad just blasted away with a pre-order trailer! The fast-paced remake of the classic ’94 Apogee (then 3D Realms) first-person shooter is slated to hit PC at the end of July, and the developer has released a trailer with a sweet heavy metal background to get us pumped up. Rise of the… Read more »

Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft, Becomes New Zynga CEO


Here’s something that is at once somewhat expected and a total surprise: Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, is no longer with the company. That’s not the surprising part, however — what is surprising is that he has been named the new CEO of Zynga. The transition is expected to take place July… Read more »

Ouya: How Did The Android Console Fare On Launch?

Ouya review

How did the Ouya do on launch? Ouya was the not so well hyped Android based console funded by Kickstarter and costing only $100, so what could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Now the Ouya should not be confused with Google’s new announcement of an Android powered game console being made to compete with Xbox… Read more »