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‘NBA 2K14’ Gets Price Drop And New Locker Codes

NBA 2K14 gets price drop

NBA 2K14 has been one of the most popular basketball video games in years. Despite that popularity, the NBA playoffs are starting to wind down and when they do, people will be turning their attention to games like MLB The Show. That is likely the reason that 2K14 has had its price reduced to an… Read more »

Xbox One Launching In China This September

Xbox One heading to China

The Xbox One might be lagging behind sales numbers of the PS4 but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is all doom and gloom these days. One recent report said the Xbox One has just topped the five million sold mark. A new report now claims the next generation console is going to be launching in China… Read more »

Games With Gold Vs. PlayStation Plus For May 2014

games with gold vs playstation plus September

Sony and Microsoft have confirmed their offerings for the Games With Gold Vs. PlayStation Plus comparison that gamers love to make. While Phil Spencer has promised changes to the Games With Gold program in the future, it takes time for the wheels of legal agreements to change. In the mean time we can continue to… Read more »

‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ Bell Killer Trailer Brings The Spooky

Murdered Soul Suspect gets new trailer

Murdered: Soul Suspect is creeping ever closer to release and as the game gets closer to hitting store shelves, its developers have let more details about the story slip out. Now a new trailer shows the truly spooky aspects of Murdered: Soul Suspect. The ‘Bell Killer’ trailer also introduces the main characters in Murdered in… Read more »

Microsoft Xbox One Sales over 5 Million Units Since Launch

xbox one sales 5 million

Microsoft has released the Xbox One sales figures for its 3rd quarter putting the Xbox One at over 5 million units sold since the platform’s launch. 1.2 million of those sales were in the last quarter sold through to retail stores. While PlayStation 4 evangelists will be quick to jump on the triumph train with… Read more »

‘Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare’ Finally Hitting PC In June

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Coming to PC in June

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has skyrocketed up the charts in popularity the longer its been out. Now Electronic Arts is expanding its offerings by bringing Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare to the PC at the end of June. It seems as though EA has been preparing for the computer launch of Garden Warfare over… Read more »

Atari Landfill Dig: Not A Myth, Actual ‘E.T.’ Video Games Found

Atari landfull dig uncovers buried 'E.T.' video games

The Atari landfill dig has begun, and even though some have discounted the legend as myth, some copies of the E.T. video game have indeed been uncovered. There have been other pieces of video game history buried at the site in Alamogordo, NM, as well, but most importantly the legends have been proven true. It… Read more »

New Video Game Releases for the Week of April 27, 2014

new video game releases april 27

Of all the new video game releases for the week of April 27, Child of Light can be safely said to have the most hype building behind it. The Ubisoft developed role playing game for current and next gen consoles has a lot of heavy weight talent behind it including Far Cry 3 creative director… Read more »

Oculus Rift Prank Video Shows Gamer Freaking Out

Oculus Rift Prank Video Shows Gamer Freaking Out

An Oculus Rift prank video shows one gamer demoing the virtual reality headset only to totally freak out when his “friend” shoves him just as the virtual roller coaster is about to plunge down toward the ground. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Facebook liked the Oculus Rift technology enough to pay $2 billion… Read more »

‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Announced By Activision [VIDEO]

Skylanders Featured

Activision scored when they published Skylanders. Not only is Skylanders a popular game, but it makes parents fork over cash exponentially to fuel their children’s gaming collectives. This is because Skylanders isn’t just a game, but figurines too. Now Skylanders is introducing a new entry in the series known as Skylanders: Trap Team. According to… Read more »

‘Flappy Bird’ Fashion And Accessories Are Coming This Fall

Flappy Bird Fashion UK

Flappy Bird is no longer officially available for download, but that doesn’t mean the property is completely dead. Creator Nguyen Ha Dong, a man who believes that people were becoming way too addicted to his wildly popular game, apparently isn’t too concerned about your ceaseless obsession with the title. According to, Dong is teaming… Read more »

‘Titanfall’ Originally Used ‘Ratchet & Clank’ Engine

Titanfall PS4: The Xbox One Exclusive Isn't The Only Reason A PlayStation 4 Port Is Unlikely

Titanfall is getting a lot of attention these days. With numerous articles floating about the web and excellent promotional marketing, Titanfall is easily one of of Xbox One’s most desired titles. However, here is a zinger that may blow most gamer’s minds. Titanfall originally used the Ratchet & Clank engine! That’s right! The same engine… Read more »

Sony Sells Square Enix Stock for $47 Million

Sony Sells All Square Enix Stock

Sony announced today in a press release that it would sell its stake in Final Fantasy developer Square-Enix for $47 million. The stock Sony owned in Square Enix Holdings amounted to 9.52 million shares according to the translated press release by The Wall Street Journal. Sony originally purchased an 18.6% percent stake in Square Enix… Read more »