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Respawn Confirms ‘Titanfall’ Season Pass and Free DLC

Titanfall Season Pass Free DLC

A Titnfall Season Pass along with free DLC for the soon to be released Xbox One “killer app” was confirmed during The Lobby on Gamespot. Respawn, the developer behind the forthcoming game, revealed the existence of a season pass for the online shooter as well as free DLC. Season passes are a relatively new way… Read more »

Flappy Bird Is Gone – Never Fear, Pugo Is Here

pugo the new flappy bird

What will we do without Flappy Bird?! We’ll have to dodge obstacles with Pugo, the latest and most popular “knockoff” of the insanely addicting app, Flappy Bird. The world has not ended when Flappy Bird was pulled from the app store on February 9. To the contrary, the market has been flooded with clone after… Read more »

‘Flappy Bird’ Mod For ‘GTA 4’ Now Available For Download

flappy bird gta 4 3

Flappy Bird knock-offs aren’t all that bad. There are a few creative recreations of the late game that can still be sorted from a ton of horrible Flappy Bird clones. An example would be the latest mod created for GTA IV that combines the simple gameplay of Flappy Bird and the fast-paced lifestyle of Liberty… Read more »

Halo 5: E3 2014 May Announce Episodic Gaming, Halo TV Show Hybrid

Halo 5: E3 2014 May Announce Episodic Gaming, Halo TV Show Hybrid

At E3 2014, Halo 5, or at least something related to the Halo universe of the Reclaimer Saga, will be revealed to the world. But what if, instead of releasing a standalone game, Microsoft plans to surprise the world with a Halo TV show series that coincides with regular episodic gaming content? In a related… Read more »

Titanfall PS4 Port Cancelled Due To EA Assuming A PlayStation 4 Fail

Titanfall PS4 Port Cancelled Due To EA Assuming A PlayStation 4 Fail

The Titanfall PS4 port was apparently cancelled due to Electronic Arts executives assuming the PlayStation 4 would lose the console war to the Xbox One. Oops? In a related report by The Inquisitr, Microsoft is really pushing the Titanfall Xbox One bundle set to release on March 11. The ironic part is that Sony responded… Read more »

American Lawmakers Attack Violent Video Game Developers

American Lawmakers are trying to attack violent video games. This time, they're going after developers and publishers through voiding tax exemptions.

American lawmakers are at it again when it comes to violent video games. This time, they plan to attack the developers themselves through taxation. The Washington Examiner reported that the GOP tax plan singles out violent video game makers on the upcoming tax reform bill. How they do this is by removing the proposed research… Read more »

Titanfall Release Date Guide For Xbox One, PS4, PC

Titanfall Release Date Guide For Xbox One, PS4, PC

The Titanfall release date is coming up on March 11 and already Respawn Entertainment has already shut down the Titanfall beta. So here’s what you need to know for the launch of the Titanfall Xbox One and PC version… and whether or not a Titanfall PlayStation 4 version will ever hit the ground. In a… Read more »

Nintendo Wii and DS Online Multiplayer Ending May 20

Nintendo Wii DS Wi-Fi Multiplayer Ending

The Nintendo Wii and DS will join the original Xbox in ending all Online Multiplayer support. Announced by Nintendo, the service will close down on May 20, 2014 after launching in November of 2005. The last console to fully end all online multiplayer service was the original Xbox which closed its Xbox Live service on… Read more »

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Test This Weekend

Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot

Bethesda Softworks has announced that a large-scale public beta test for Elder Scrolls Online, it’s long awaited multiplayer installment of the incredibly popular Elder Scrolls Series. The Elder Scrolls Online Beta will take place this weekend. The Escapist described what players can look forward to in Elder Scrolls Online, “You’ll be able to help test… Read more »

Xbox One Price Drop In UK Could Eventually Spread To Other Regions

Xbox One price drop

The Xbox One price drop in the UK could eventually lead to price drops elsewhere. We might not see it any time soon, but the factors prove it possible. One of the possibly biggest reasons for the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One in spite of its initial supply shortage was that Microsoft’s console was… Read more »

Doom 4 Beta: The 2014 Release Date Should Bring Back Horror


The Doom 4 2014 release date is the biggest rumor in the gaming industry right now. But no one knows much about the project other than a beta will be packaged with preorders of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Even then Bethseda isn’t talking very much because their FAQ doesn’t even say when the Doom 4… Read more »

‘Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze’ Review for the Wii U

tropical freeze review

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the latest game from Nintendo for the struggling Wii U console. With sales at dangerously low numbers and 3rd party publishers falling off like rotten bananas, a lot of pressure is on Retro Studio’s next entry in the Donkey Kong series to perform well and move a few Wii… Read more »

Sony Virtual Reality Headset for PS4 Sets Sights On Oculus Rift

sony virtual reality headset oculus competition

A Sony virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 has been knocking around the rumor mills since last year. Today new reports have surfaced which gives credence to the reveal of Sony’s answer to the Oculus Rift during GDC later in 2014. In 1992 Lawnmower Man introduced virtual reality to pop culture and Wired magazine… Read more »

Over 100,000 Play Pokémon Together On Twitch

Twitch Plays Pokémon

Twitch Plays Pokemon is a channel that has been created on the popular video game streaming site, and as I write this there are currently over 100,000 people playing cooperatively. The massive amount of people in this one stream has moved Pokémon Red/Blue into the top spot on Twitch‘s homepage, surpassing League of Legends,… Read more »

Flappy Bird Knockoffs Rejected By Google And Apple

Flappy Bird Clones

The Flappy Bird craze seems to be far from over. Just looking at the Google Play Store there are at least six Flappy Bird knockoffs listed in the top 30 new free games. As the popularity of Flappy Bird and it’s knockoffs seem to keep rising, both Google and Apple reportedly will start cracking down… Read more »