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Ubisoft Wants To Make ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Toys For Your Kids

Assassins Creed For Kids Mega Blocks

Ubisoft wants to alter Assassin’s Creed for your kids, according to an panel with Yannik Spagna at the GameON Finance conference in Toronto, Canada. Assassin’s Creed is a highly successful brand for Ubisoft, with the franchise now on an annual release schedule and two brand new games released this month. The games have all held… Read more »

Walmart Changes Price Matching Policy Following $90 PlayStation 4 Scam

Walmart $90 PlayStation 4 Scam Policy

Less than honest customers of Walmart who scammed the company to sell PlayStation 4’s at a $90 price point have forced the company’s hand in changing the online price matching policy. The Inquisitr reported the promotion was abused by savvy Amazon members who had a selling account. By creating a product page for a $90… Read more »

Ubisoft Announces ‘The Crew’ Open Beta

Ubisoft Announces 'The Crew' Open Beta

Ubisoft has announced that The Crew will be receiving an Open Beta for gamers who want to take a test drive through the upcoming online racer. The Open Beta for The Crew will take place on November 25 through November 27 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The catch is that in order to… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs’ For Wii U Leaves Bad Blood DLC Behind

Watch Dogs Wii U No Bad Blood DLC.jpg

Watch Dogs for Wii U launches today in North America giving owners of the struggling Nintendo console a chance to experience a portion of what the PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers have had for the last 6 months. The Inquistr has reported on the success of the game for Ubisoft as it has sold upwards… Read more »

‘Far Cry 4,’ Other Ubisoft Games Having Connectivity Issues

Far Cry 4 connectivity issues

Far Cry 4 and other Ubisoft games are having some rather striking connectivity issues on Far Cry 4‘s launch day. While this was supposed to be a big day for Ubisoft, it is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare as it appears the company’s servers cannot handle the load. It’s possible the… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of November 16, 2014

New Video Game Releases November 16 Far Cry GTA V Smash Bros

The sheer amount of new video game releases for the week of November 16 is enough to make any gamer feel like they are destined for the poor house. With Ubisoft racing to fix the issues that are plaguing Assassin’s Creed: Unity, there are plenty of new games ready to take its place. The biggest… Read more »

Telltale ‘Game Of Thrones’ Screenshots Leaked

This Game of Thrones leaked screenshot shows Cersei.

Some Game of Thrones screenshots have made it to the internet ahead of the game’s release. The scenes are quickly circulating through social media, where fans excited for the game’s release have been waiting for new details. Locations and other details for the game were only recently released — players will see the world through… Read more »

Griefing Is Why You Can’t Change Your PSN Name Yet

Change Your PSN Name Griefing

Being unable to change your PSN name has been one of the sticking points for PlayStation users. Once you create your account name, you are stuck with it for all eternity. You could create a new account, but those purchases, trophies, and thousands of hours poured into Skyrim or the three level 30 Guardians you… Read more »

Mike Maulbeck Rejoins Code Avarice After Threatening To Kill Gabe Newell

Mike Maulbeck Rejoins Code Avarice

Mike Maulbeck, the 20-year-old co-founder of developer Code Avarice, rejoins the studio he co-founded after beginning the process of leaving the company for good. The resignation came after the culmination of a volley of vitriolic tweets from Mr. Maulbeck against Steam, which had miscategorized Code Avarice’s game Paranautical Activity on the Steam storefront. Mr. Maulbeck… Read more »

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan Confirmed Along With PS2 And PS1 Games

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan

A PlayStation Now subscription plan is being worked on, according to comments made by SCE’s Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi. In the comments following a post on the Official PlayStation Blog about the arrival of Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, and other titles to the PlayStation Now digital rental service, Jamshidi confirmed the plan to… Read more »