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‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2’ – Capcom Clarifies Mircrotransactions Outrage

resident evil revelations 2 microtransactions

Capcom have stepped forward to clarify details about Resident Evil: Revelation 2‘s microtransactions controversy, which has been upsetting fans and has left gamers with unanswered questions. The internet was in an uproar when rumours that the new Resident Evil game would require microtransactions to continue playing after death began to circulate thanks to a Spanish… Read more »

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Spoilers: Superman Confirmed By Easter Egg?

'Batman: Arkahm Knight' spoilers: Is Lex Luthor and Superman in the game?

New Batman: Arkham Knight spoilers may have been revealed when a sharp-eyed fan was watching the third Batman: Arkham Knight trailer surrounding Ace Chemicals. In one particular screen grab, you can see something in the background which could easily be confirmation that Superman may be in the game. It hasn’t been confirmed by Rocksteady Games,… Read more »

2011 PlayStation Network Hack Reaches Settlement Process

2011 PSN Hack Settlement

Sony has never had a good track record when it comes to security of their products and networks. The now infamous CD DRM fiasco of 2005 put the tech giant in the cross hairs of angry computer savvy individuals and they have never really been able to dodge that image. In 2011, an attack from… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of January 25, 2015

New Video Game Releases January 25 Life is Strange Grim Fandango

January is almost over, however, there are a few new video game releases for the week of January 25 that need to be addressed before we enter the commercially driven month of love that is February. What do zombies, bounty hunters, Tim Schaffer, and ironically sexualized anime characters have in common? They all have games… Read more »

‘Borderlands 3’ Announcement Coming At Pax South

Borderlands 3 is coming

Borderlands 3 has been rumored for quite a while now, but it sounds as if the game will become a reality in the very near future. Borderlands 3 was actually hinted at on the opening day of Pax South, and Gearbox Software has said there will be a full reveal come Sunday. If the Borderlands… Read more »