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‘LEGO Worlds’ Available, Takes Minecraft Head-On


LEGO Worlds is a very real thing, and it looks like the classic toy maker is aiming to squash all those Minecraft comparisons over the years. Announced as an early access title, LEGO Worlds is the first procedurally-generated game created entirely of LEGO blocks. The player can either start from scratch and begin building anything… Read more »

‘GTA V’ Boss Claims That Full Power Of Consoles Not Yet Realized

GTA V Rockstar Games

For those who play GTA V on console, you might want to take note of what Rockstar’s CEO Strauss Zelnick said concerning the PS4 and Xbox One this week. According to GameSpot, the GTA V boss was speaking to the 43rd Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference this past week, talking about his company’s current-gen… Read more »

The Power of the Cloud For Xbox One Is Still Up In The Air

Xbox One Power of the Cloud

When Microsoft debuted the Xbox One to the world, the presentation left more questions than answers. One such question that has never been truly explained is the nebulous “power of the cloud” which the Inquisitr was also dubious about. An impressive statistic was given of a 300,000 server capacity assisting the Xbox One to facilitate… Read more »

New Xbox One Controller Leaked On Xbox Support Page

New Xbox One Controller

A new Xbox One controller may have leaked on the official support page from Microsoft’s Xbox One. The official Xbox One support page briefly posted new information that pointed to a new Xbox One controller that will be released in June, 2015. E3 2015 runs in the middle of June making a reveal at the… Read more »

Games With Gold For June 2015 Offers Still More ‘Pool Nation FX’

Games With Gold June 2015 Massive Chalice

Xbox One owners must love their pool games because Games with Gold for June, 2015 is offering Pool Nation FX for the third consecutive month. Balancing out the rather unimpressive pool title is Double Fine’s Massive Chalice, a turn-based strategy game. Posting today on his blog, Major Nelson spilled the beans on the free Games… Read more »

‘WildStar’ Going Free-To-Play, Is The Latest MMO To Drop Sub Fee

WildStar Online Carbine Studios NCSoft

WildStar, the quirky, sci-fi/western MMORPG, is going free-to-play. Announced via Twitter this morning, WildStar is the latest major MMO release to drop the subscription fee less than a year from its initial launch. #WildStar is going Free-To-Play! Get ready for an epic party. Things are about to get wild! — WildStar (@WildStar) May… Read more »

New ‘Witcher 3’ Patch On PS4, Xbox One Still Waiting

witcher 3 patch now on ps4

The Witcher 3 has been updated on PS4, but Xbox One owners have been left waiting. Patch 1.03, which hit PC last week, was released for Sony’s console; however, it is currently only available in Europe. So really, the rest of the world’s PS4 owners are waiting alongside Xbox One players for The Witcher 3… Read more »

New Video Games Released For The Week Of May 24, 2015

New Video Games Splatoon

Amongst the new video games released for this week, we find some nostalgia filled arcade classics, a remastered RPG that won over critics and gamers in 2014, and never-ending spinning limo ride through downtown. ArcaniA: The Complete Tale is a new port of the game featuring a native 1080p resolution. The game features the core… Read more »

Retro VGS Kickstarter Relies On Nostalgia For The Future Of Video Games

Retro VGS Kickstarter

On September 29, 1996, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64. It would be the last console to feature cartridges as the storage medium before Sony’s PlayStation would change the landscape of game distribution and development with the optical disc format. Now Mike Kennedy, founder of GameGavel and Retro magazine, is gearing up to launch the Retro… Read more »

Wii Burns House Down, Xbox 360 Survives Fire

Wii Burns House Down Xbox 360 Survives

Nintendo has long held a track record in building safe and durable consoles and hand held gaming systems. The original Game Boy was found burned and melted with a copy of Tetris during the first Gulf War and is currently on display in a museum. However, accidents happen as a Nintendo Wii has burned the… Read more »