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New Video Games Released For The Week Of May 24, 2015

New Video Games Splatoon

Amongst the new video games released for this week, we find some nostalgia filled arcade classics, a remastered RPG that won over critics and gamers in 2014, and never-ending spinning limo ride through downtown. ArcaniA: The Complete Tale is a new port of the game featuring a native 1080p resolution. The game features the core… Read more »

Retro VGS Kickstarter Relies On Nostalgia For The Future Of Video Games

Retro VGS Kickstarter

On September 29, 1996, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64. It would be the last console to feature cartridges as the storage medium before Sony’s PlayStation would change the landscape of game distribution and development with the optical disc format. Now Mike Kennedy, founder of GameGavel and Retro magazine, is gearing up to launch the Retro… Read more »

Wii Burns House Down, Xbox 360 Survives Fire

Wii Burns House Down Xbox 360 Survives

Nintendo has long held a track record in building safe and durable consoles and hand held gaming systems. The original Game Boy was found burned and melted with a copy of Tetris during the first Gulf War and is currently on display in a museum. However, accidents happen as a Nintendo Wii has burned the… Read more »

PlayStation 4 Drivers Get Ready, New Logitech Racing Wheel Leaked

PlayStation 4 Drivers Get Ready, New Logitech Racing Wheel Leaked

Heads up for PlayStation 4 players ready to gear up, photos and documentation of a new Logitech racing wheel for PlayStation 4 was leaked just this week. The rumor started with MaxConsole, who released supposed photos and approval certificate of the newest racing wheel for PlayStation 4. MaxConsole reports that Logitech might finally be releasing… Read more »

‘The Witcher 3:’ A Few Things To Do While In Game

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has had an extremely successful launch week by all accounts. While there were some bumps and bugs, The Witcher 3 hasn’t disappointed in terms of scope and the sheer ambitiousness of the game. CD Projekt RED has filled the game with plenty of goodies for players to do, but the… Read more »

‘The Witcher 3’ PC: GOG Proposes Fix To Crashing Issues

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC Screenshot CD Projekt RED

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt crashing for many PC players. Many players were reporting crashing to desktop while playing The Witcher 3, and it seemed centralized on Nvidia users especially. Most Witcher 3 players were reporting issues when they would access the inventory screen or the bestiary, while others simply… Read more »

What’s New In ‘Destiny: House Of Wolves’

Screen cap from Destiny's 'House of Wolves' expansion set.

Destiny released House of Wolves in September of 2014, following that up with the first expansion set, The Dark Below, released in December. The second package of downloadable content was released today, fixing many bugs that have plagued the game since its release. Many early reviews urge those that had previously abandoned House of Wolves… Read more »

‘GTA V’ Might Not Get Any Single-Player Story DLC After All

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, PS3)

Take-Two Interactive began the week by holding an investors call to keep stockholders up-to-date on how well the video game publisher has performed during the previous quarter. As reported by the Inquisitr, Grand Theft Auto V continues to see strong sales across all platforms. In fact, Take-Two is still reporting growth from GTA V since… Read more »

‘The Witcher 3’ Four Reasons You Should Be Playing


For many, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been one of the most highly anticipated games since its initial reveal back in 2013. Some point to the video of Witcher footage to detail what a true next-gen experience will be like. But for those who have never delved into the world of The Witcher 3,… Read more »

Square Enix Postpones E3 2015 Press Conference To Avoid Nintendo Conflict

Square Enix Moves Press Conferesnce To Avoid Nintendo Conflict - Image courtesy Nintendo

Square Enix has rescheduled their dedicated pre-E3 press conference to Tuesday, June 16 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Originally scheduled for 9:00 a.m. PDT the same day, the Square Enix media event has been moved to avoid conflict with the Nintendo Digital Event presentation recently announced to air at that time. Square Enix’s conference may be… Read more »

Oculus Rift Tech Specs Revealed As Mac And Linux Versions Delayed

Oculus Rift Tech Specs Revealed

The Oculus Rift tech specs have been revealed ahead of its official consumer launch date next year. Virtual Reality has been set to make a second attempt at integration with our digital entertainment for several years now, and we finally have a release window in 2016 from the company that Facebook bought. The tech specs… Read more »