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Toxic ‘League of Legends’ Players Facing Bans From Riot Games

Banned Toxic League of Legends Players

Toxic League of Legends players may be facing bans from developer Riot Games in a new initiative to combat the ongoing war against the toxic player. In an official Twitter post from Jeffery Lin, lead designer of social systems, players that show extreme toxicity will be given either a 14 day or permaban in League… Read more »

‘Destiny’ Beta Got Two New Maps, For Two Hours

Destiny Beta gets new maps

The Destiny beta got a couple of new maps on Saturday, but players only got to sample the new content over a two-hour window. The people running the Destiny beta have been working hard to make the event as special as possible and Saturday’s addition certainly did that. Gamespot reports that one of the maps… Read more »

‘Watch Dogs’ Drawing Gamers’ Ire Despite Topping Sales Charts

Watch Dogs getting plenty of sales and plenty of anger

Watch Dogs is an interesting video game if for no other reason than the contradicting realities surrounding Ubisoft’s games. One the one hand, Watch Dogs has shipped more than 8 million copies since it was released. That number puts Watch Dogs on top of the June sales charts when it comes to video games, especially… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of July 20, 2014

New Video Game Releases for the Week of July 20

The new video game releases for the week of June 20, 2014 continue the slow drip that defines the summer release schedule. Both consoles and PC are as barren as the desert as it was last week with only a few droppings of spice to liven up the otherwise bleak landscape. Forza: Motorsport 5: Racing… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Has Made $85 Million From Her Video Game

kim kashes in on hollywood game

Kim Kardashian is about to become the highest-paid video game voice actor of all time. The reality television star lends the voice to her own character in the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which has been a huge hit on mobile. The game allows players to coach Kim through the trials of being a celebrity, including… Read more »

Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega Is Suing ‘Call of Duty’ Developers

call of duty sued by manny

The ‘Call of Duty’ game franchise is one of the most successful gaming series ever. The makers have always attempted to use real-life personalities to infuse a strong sense of relevance and reality. Interestingly, barbaric former Panamanian Dictator, Manuel Noriega, currently in jail, is suing the makers. Manuel Noriega, once a feared dictator has been… Read more »

‘Tekken 7’ Trailer Revealed, What We Found In The Footage [Video]

'Tekken 7' trailer teases revenge against Heihachi

The Tekken 7 trailer has been revealed during EVO 2014, a yearly event for fighting game aficionados to shows their skills for the world to see. Namco and Bandai obviously chose the tournament event due to its importance to the genre, rather than revealing their plans at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Now the world… Read more »

Raiden Is Revealed For ‘Mortal Kombat X’ At EVO 2014

Mortal Kombat X

Out of all the fighting games that were revealed at E3 2014, the one that stood out was easily Mortal Kombat X. Easily surpassing the rehash of Street Fighter IV into its fourth version, which actually won’t beat Street Fighter II, the next game in the series proves to be interesting because it plays a… Read more »

‘Destiny’ Xbox One Beta Video Leaks, Doesn’t Look Horrible

Destiny for the PS4 and Xbox One

The first footage of the Destiny Xbox One beta leaked out Saturday. A beta tester apparently forgot that they were automatically sharing their Xbox One recordings and two 30 second clips were quickly picked up by the likes of Reddit and NeoGAF. As the title of this article snarkily suggests, it doesn’t look all that… Read more »

New Video Game Releases for the Week of July 13, 2014

New Video Game Releases Week of July 13 Magic.jpg

The new video game releases for the week of July 13 showcases the barren landscape that is the summer release schedule. The week’s offerings are very limited, even amongst the scheduled PC releases when compared to the previous week’s list. ATLUS will head up our breakdown of the new video game releases for the week… Read more »

‘Super Smash Bros.’ 3DS Tournament Planned for San Diego Comic-Con

Super Smash Bros 3DS Tournament

Nintendo has announced a Super Smash Bros. 3DS tournament to be held during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. This is the second official Nintendo sponsored tournament event after the Smash Invitational held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles during the week of E3. The Super Smash Bros. 3DS tournament will be the first major… Read more »