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Apple Considering Buying Company Behind Xbox 360’s Kinect Sensor? [Report]

Kinect 2.0

Apple is looking into purchasing Israeli tech firm PrimeSense, the company whose 3D sensor is responsible for Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360. The price? $280 million, reportedly. This is all according to a report from Israeli publication Cataclist. The report claims that Apple is looking to purchase the company to include the firm’s… Read more »

First Arrest Filmed Using Google Glass [Video]

first arrest filmed using Google Glass

Google Glass is one of the newest technology innovations and apparently the first arrest has been captured using the camera. User Chris Barrett has captured what seems to be the first arrest using the newest invention by Google. Barrett, who is an independent filmmaker and founder of PR Serve, a PR site for startups, was… Read more »

Target Gift Cards For iOS Buyers

Apple iOS devices with Target Gift Card

Retail giant Target is now offering customers gift cards of varying amounts based on specific Apple iOS products they choose to purchase. The company’s newest attempt to move a larger number of Apple iPads, iPod Touch’s Apple TV’s, and the iPhone 5 showed up in this weeks nationwide sales flyer. All but the iPhone 5… Read more »

Your Smartphone Makes You Wimpy, Says Harvard Business School Study

smartphone wimp

Is your smartphone turning you into a wimp? Is the hunched-over posture you assume to use your iPhone changing your behavior? If you keep getting run over in meetings, the Harvard Business School has a study that’s just for you. Maarten W. Bos and Amy J.C. Cuddy published a working paper last week called, iPosture:… Read more »

Xbox One Kinect Peripheral Won’t Work With PCs, Microsoft Confirms


If you were hoping to be able to play around with the Xbox One’s new version of Kinect on your PC when the console launches this fall, you’re in for some disappointment. Speaking to Ars Technica, a representative from Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One’s Kinect device won’t be able to plug into PCs. The… Read more »

Samsung’s Desktop PC Business Isn’t Going Away

Samsung Desktop Business Closure

Samsung’s desktop PC business isn’t about to close down. Recent rumors suggested that the company was preparing to ditch desktop PCs in an effort to restructure its PC business. According to a recent report, Samsung officials were planning to divert the company resources in support of tablets, notebooks, and other personal mobile devices. An initial… Read more »

Spinpod Makes Time-Lapse Photography Possible On Your Smartphone

Time-Lapse Photography On Your Smartphone

Unless you’re a professional photographer, or a skilled amateur, capturing high-quality time-lapse photography on your smartphone is probably something just out of your reach. Luckily, two Ph.D. candidates from the University of California have created a new accessory for your smartphone that makes the process a whole lot easier. The device is a highly portable… Read more »

Google Glass Won’t Get Facial Recognition Apps, For Now

Google Glass Facial Recognition

Google Glass wearers will not be able to download and utilize facial tracking apps in the near future. The Project Glass team on Friday announced that Google Glassware, the new name for Google Glass apps, will not feature the ability to easily track the faces of people Google Glass wearers stare at on the streets…. Read more »

HTC Ditching 12-Inch Windows RT Plans

HTC Ditches 12 Inch Tablet Plans

HTC is reported to have cancelled plans for its new 12-inch Windows RT tablet. According to reports, the company, realizing weak market demand for the Windows-based operating system, has decided to ditch the device. The report also claims that the high cost for simply developing the tablet would have made HTC require steep sales pricing… Read more »

Foxconn, Mozilla Preparing June 3 Reveal For Firefox Tablet

Firefox OS Tablet

Hon Hai-owned Foxconn and Mozilla-owned Firefox are teaming up to create the world’s first tablet to run on the Firefox OS. The event will go down on June 3, just ahead of the Computex showcase. Foxconn and Mozilla are being tight-lipped about the device, which analysts believe is a new tablet device and not the… Read more »

Apple Tablet Shipments Lose Ground To Android

Apple vs Android Tablet Sales

Research firm IDC believes the Google Android tablet market is besting Apple iPad shipments. The study focuses on Q1 2013 shipments in which the research firm says 56.5 percent of the market was dominated by Android. The company’s study claims that Apple achieved a 40 percent marketshare. In third place, the IDC study claims that… Read more »