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Beats Headphones Get A Little Help From Designer Alexander Wang

Beats Headphone By Designer Alexander Wang

Beats Headphones is getting a little help from acclaimed designer Alexander Wang. Beats by Dre, the insanely popular headphones with the hefty price tag, recently received a bit of a makeover from New York City fashion guru Alexander Wang. If you have $449 just sitting around in your bank account collecting financial dust, then you… Read more »

World’s First 3D Metal-Printed Gun Can Hit A Target 30 Yards Away

World's First 3D Metal Printed Gun

Texas company Solid Concepts made the world’s first usable 3D Metal Printed gun. The pistol is a classic 1911 and functions “beautifully,” according to a blog post on the company’s website. The gun was made from more than thirty 3D-printed components using 17-4 stainless steel and Inconel 625 materials. This isn’t the first time a… Read more »

iPad Air Teardown Shows Tight Construction, Hard To Fix Tablet

Apple iPad Air Teardown

A recent teardown of the Apple iPad Air has revealed a device that is incredibly hard to repair if you are a do-it-yourself handyman. Not only is the next-generation iOS 7 tablet hard to repair, getting the thing open is even difficult. The results of the tear down shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all,… Read more »

iPad 5 Fingerprint Scanner Among Apple Release Date Event Rumors

iPad 5 Fingerprint Scanner Among Apple Release Date Event Rumors

iPad 5 release date rumors are claiming the iPad 5 fingerprint scanner will grace future Apple tablets. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Apple iPad 5 release rumors say the iPad 5 features will be enough to be a PC desktop replacement. There’s even rumors that a 13 inch screen iPad will be… Read more »

Google Nexus 5 Prototype Leaked [Video]

Google Nexus 5 prototype leaked

Google’s Nexus 5 prototype was accidentally leaked when Google dropped a video showing off the new Android smartphone. The video is silent, but the phone was shown from every angle, so we now have an idea what to at least physically expect. The rumored specs for the Google Nexus 5 include a 4.95 inch display,… Read more »

Government Shutdown In 2013 Fails To Halt ‘Iron Man’ Suit

Government shutdown of 2013 doesn't affect 'Iron Man' suit

The government shutdown of 2013’s effect on the Iron Man suit is nonexistent. The military is still planning to push for the technological marvel that could eliminate US casualties in future overseas wars. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the military is really trying to get a remarkable new Iron Man suit created and sent… Read more »

Wireless WildCat Robot Run On Various Terrain Surfaces [Video]

WIreless WildCat Robot

In 2012 a Cheetah robot that could run 29 miles per hour was created, unfortunately the robot needed to be tethered to a power supply. Fast forward one year later and the team at Boston Dynamics have unveiled the Wireless WildCat Robot. The machine is an upgraded wireless version of the Cheetah which runs at… Read more »

iPad 5 Release Date, Price, CPU Rumors: Apple Unveiling Set For October?

iPad 5 Release Date, Price, CPU Rumors: Apple Unveiling Set For October?

iPad 5 release date rumors seem to indicate that Apple’s iPad 5 unveiling will occur in October. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the iPhone 5S reviews seem to indicate the new iPhone lacks the expected Apple innovation. Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and others are offering special deals and trade-ins for the iPhone 5S but… Read more »

Scott Cassell Builds Submarine Out Of Spare Parts

Underwater Submarine Made From Recycled Parts

What do counter-terrorism operatives do in their spare time? If we’re talking about Scott Cassell, he builds submarines out of spare and recycled parts. The US explorer recently completed construction of a 1.5 ton vessel he named The Great White. The submarine launched off the coast of Tioman Island in Malaysia and can reach depths… Read more »

Samsung Smart Watch: Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Compared To Apple iWatch

Samsung Smart Watch: Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Compared To Apple iWatch

The Samsung smart watch is called the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and it’s already being compared to the Apple iWatch. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch had some its features leaked before today. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will include a 1.63 inc screen, a 4-megapixel camera in the strap, a… Read more »

Nymi Bracelet: Replace Passwords And Keys With Your Heartbeat

Nymi Bracelet

The Nymi bracelet could replace passwords and keys. The silicone bracelet detects the wearer’s heartbeat for authentication. Sensors in the bracelet monitor the heart’s electrical activity, much like an electrocardiogram. The device supports Bluetooth 4.0, allowing for communication with smartphones. As reported by, the Nymi bracelet is compatible with Android, iOS, OS X, and… Read more »