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HP Envy X2 Debuts, Shows Off Tablet And PC Features

HP Envy X2 With Keyboard

The convertible tablet/PC market received some powerhouse competition on Wednesday when Hewlett Packard (HP) rolled out the HP Envy x2. The Envy X2 is a 3.1-pound aluminum laptop computer with a multi-touch capable screen that doubles as a tablet. When separated from its keyboard body, the tablet is just 1.5 pounds and can be used… Read more »

TiVo Stream Box Arriving September 6, Will Cost $129

TiVo Stream Box

TiVo will officially start shipping the TiVo Stream Box on September 6 and users can pick up the Stream transcoder for just $129. If you are unfamiliar with the Stream Box it is a device that allows users to send live or recorded programming from TiVo Premiere-series DVRs to their iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad,… Read more »

Apple iPad Mini Production To Hit 4 Million Units In September

Apple iPad Mini Production in September 2012

Four million Apple iPad minis will be produced by suppliers in September according to an unnamed source who spoke with tech publication DigiTimes. The same source suggests that, in preparation for a massive product manufacturing cycle, some suppliers have already began small-scale production, building several hundred thousand iPad mini devices in June. It is believed… Read more »

iPad Mini and Apple iTV Products Both In ‘Full Production’ [Report]

Apple iTV

Apple is currently producing iPad Mini and Apple iTV devices for release by the end of 2012. According to analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies, the company’s manufacturing partners are working at full speed to get both products ready for release. Misek notes that Taiwanese sales data from July and information from various sources confirms that… Read more »

iTypewriter Makes Your New iPad Feel Awfully Old Fashioned

iTyperwriter Turns iPad Into Awesome Device

If you own an iPad but long for the good old days of typewriter document creation, you are in luck. The iTypewriter is a new fangled device that brings together the look and feel of typewriter keys with the Retina display of the New iPad. Created by industrial designer Austin Yang, the iTypewriter allows users… Read more »

Microsoft Happy To Push Partners Out Of Market With $199 Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface OEM Battle

Acer, Asus, HP, and various other long-time Microsoft partners have publicly asked Microsoft to step away from OEM tablet manufacturing, something the company is not prepared to do. Yesterday I reported that the Windows RT based Surface tablet would sell for the ultra-low price of just $199, a price almost guaranteed to leave Microsoft’s vendor… Read more »

Apple In Talks To Provide Set-Top Boxes For Cable Operators

Apple Set-Top Boxes

If Apple has its way, we will soon be staring at Apple created set-top cable boxes as we watch our favorite TV programming. The tech firm is believed to be in talks with various cable companies to provide their next generation set-top boxes. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech firm has not reached… Read more »

Microsoft Surface To Cost $199 [Rumor]

Windows Surface To Cost 199 Dollars

The Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus 7 will have some major competition starting on October 26. That’s the day when Microsoft will release the Microsoft Surface tablet at a rumored cost of just $199.99. A few weeks ago one retailer in Sweden posted prices for the Surface tablets that reached nearly $2000, a price tag… Read more »

iPhone 5 Rumors: AT&T Release Date And Possible LTE Connectivity

iPhone 5 Rumors

iPhone 5 rumors are in full swing with the anticipated release date less than a month away, according to reports. A September iPhone launch was confirmed by a “trusted AT&T source” and a picture that reportedly shows the new iPhone model’s motherboard suggests that the new smartphone will come with LTE capabilities. While original reports… Read more »

Microsoft Surface 2 Already In The Works

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface will go on sale October 26, and, while that release date is still several months away, the company is already shifting its focus towards the Microsoft Surface 2, according to reports from several tech companies. Tech Radar on Sunday discovered several jobs posted at Microsoft which focus squarely on hardware and software… Read more »

Bill Gates Buys 50 Pounds Worth Of Fake Poop

Bill Gates And Fake Poop Buy

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has purchased 50 pounds of fake poop for a good cause. No the not-for-profit is not running around its massive headquarters pranking employees, instead the organic version of fake poop which is made from soybeans is being used to test a group of high-tech toilets at next weeks Reinvent… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Goes On Sale In August [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was unveiled during Mobile World Congress in February and now the Android-powered tablet is set to finally release in the United States next month. When the tablet first showed up at CES it featured a slot for an S Pen and ran on a dual-core processor. The model going on… Read more »

Steve Wozniak Travels With 50 Pounds Worth Of Electronics

Steve Wozniak is backpack carrying electronics geek

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc. is way geekier than you are. Need proof? The Apple brainchild travels with a 50-pound backpack that is crammed full of his favorite and often unique pieces of electronics. While most of the gadgets can be procured by anyone Wozniak also carries at least one gaming system that you… Read more »

Nikon Extending Supertelephoto Lens Product Line To 800mm

Nikon Lenses

Nikon on Friday announced plans for an 800mm f5.6 supertelephoto lens, a product meant to close the gap between closest competitor Canon. The lens will likely come with a premium, Canon’s EF 800mm f/5.6 L IS USM lens currently costs $13,000. Nikon has yet to announce when its new lens will ship or the cost… Read more »

Apple iPad Sales Prediction Says 20 Million Units In June Quarter

Apple iPad Sales Are Huge In 2012

Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company told investors on Thursday that he was adjusting his iPad shipment forecast from 13.5 million units to 20 million units. In April Wolf predicted 13.5 million units but recently told investors his formula for that prediction was “hastily formulated.” According to Wolf: “In our view, it’s only a matter… Read more »

Google Nexus Q Hacked To Play Android Games

Hacked Google Nexus Q for Video Games

That didn’t take long. Less than one day after Google I/O attendees received free Nexus Q units images began surfacing on the Google+ account of Apportable employee Christina Kelly that showed the Google Nexus Q hooked up to computer monitors running the game Sword and Soldiers. According to Kelly the hack which only took a… Read more »