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USPTO Withdraws Main Objections To Apple iPad Mini Trademark

Apple iPad Mini

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has withdrawn its main objection to Apple’s trademark filing for the Apple iPad mini. A USPTO examiner recently denied Apple’s filing because the name was viewed as descriptive. Apple instead of submitting proper paperwork also simply printed out a sales page for the iPad mini. Apple printed… Read more »

‘O-Bow’ Laser Violin Is Sweet Music To The Ears

Laser Violin

A new laser violin designed by technology lecturer Dylan Menzies is sweet music to the ears even if it skirts the deep tradition of violin playing. Menzies uses specialized software and highly focused lasers to translate the positioning, speed, and motion of a traditional wood carved instrument and its bow. The laser violin technology uses… Read more »

Google Smartwatch Currently Being Created For Android

Google Smartwatch

A Google smartwatch is currently being developed by the search giant, according to several rumors that surfaced on Thursday. According to reports, the Google Android division is developing the smartwatch in order to ensure its compatibility with the company’s mobile OS. In comparison, Google Glass was developed by Google X Lab. News of the Google… Read more »

Apple iMacs Get VESA Mount Option

Apple iMacs Get VESA Mount Option

iMacs can now be ordered with a built-in VESA mount adapter that makes it easy to mount the all-in-one, super-thin computer flush on a wall or on an articulating arm. Apple displays and iMacs have been supported on the same type of L-shaped, aluminum pedestals since 2004 when they introduced a redesigned line of aluminum… Read more »

Google Glass Will Eventually Include Prescription Option

Google Glass

The Google Glass project will eventually include the option for prescription glasses. Google confirmed via the Google Glass G+ page on Tuesday that it would create a system for prescriptions to be fulfilled in future models. The Google Glass setup does not currently support prescription glasses. The company says it is rectifying that problem with… Read more »

TiVo Mini For Streaming Video Launches For $99.99

TiVO Mini Launches for $99.99

TiVo announced TiVo Mini today. For $99.99, the little extender box streams video from a TiVo Premier 4 or XL4/Elite DVR to another room in your home. TiVo Mini is 6.1-inches wide and 1.3-inches tall. It ships with the receiver, a TiVo remote (batteries included), power adapter, and a 6′ HDMI cable. “The TiVo Mini… Read more »

Google Chromebooks Provide New Vision Of Personal Computing


Google Chromebooks provide a new approach to personal computing. Chromebooks may look and feel like traditional laptops, but they are a decidedly different product. Still, this has not stopped Google from taking on the personal computing industry head-on. With last week’s release of the Chromebook Pixel, Google has solidified its position as a third player… Read more »

Apple iPad Gets Its Own Oscars Commercial, Touts Movies And Technology

Apple iPad Oscars Commercial

The Apple iPad attempted to steal a little bit of Oscars spotlight on Sunday when the Cupertino, California based company showed off its newest iPad ad. The commercial features a film-themed homage based around the user interface found on the current generations of Apple’s popular tablet device. While the ad did a good job of… Read more »

Google Chromebook ‘Pixel’ Leaked In Hacked Video

Google Chromebook Pixel

The new Google Chromebook Pixel has been spotted in a newly leaked video. The newest offering from Google is expected to feature a 2560×1700 resolution display with multi-touch. As the name suggests the notebook will also feature Google’s Chrome OS. Google has given the device the clever tagline: “Designed by Google. Down to the last… Read more »