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Google Chromebook ‘Pixel’ Leaked In Hacked Video

Google Chromebook Pixel

The new Google Chromebook Pixel has been spotted in a newly leaked video. The newest offering from Google is expected to feature a 2560×1700 resolution display with multi-touch. As the name suggests the notebook will also feature Google’s Chrome OS. Google has given the device the clever tagline: “Designed by Google. Down to the last… Read more »

New Grammar Pen Vibrates With Every Error You Make

New Grammar Pen Vibrates With Every Error You Make

A new grammar pen has been designed that can identify errors in spelling or letter formation in real-time. The pen, which delivers a warning vibration to the writer’s hand every time a mistake is spotted, is intended to help kids write more accurately and quickly. The grammar pen features two functions: Calligraphy Mode, which can… Read more »

Nokia Tablet Might Feature Android, Claims Elop

Stephen Elop - Nokia Android Tablets

Could a Nokia Android tablet be on the way? According to CEO Stephen Elop, the company is currently developing both Android and Windows tablets. While Elop admits that Windows is still the company’s OS of choice, the possibility of an Android based tablet marks a turning point for the struggling mobile device manufacturer. In an… Read more »

Apple Mac Pro Sales Being Discontinued In Europe

Apple Mac Pro European Discontinuation

Current versions of the Apple Mac Pro will be discontinued in Europe in order to satisfy new stringent guidelines for production. According to 9to5Mac, the device is not being removed from sales channels because of market appeal but rather because existing models do not comply with consumer electronics standards set forth by new European rules… Read more »

Apple iPad 128GB Announced, Goes On Sale February 5

Apple 128GB iPad

Apple on Tuesday officially announced the upcoming release of the iPad 128GB. The new memory capacity will be offered via Apple’s fourth generation model. The Cupertino, California company will offer the new iPad in both Wi-Fi only ($799) and Wi-Fi + Cellular ($929) models. The new memory options will also feature black and white model… Read more »

Pebble Smartwatch Starts Shipping, Many Orders And iOS App Delayed

Pebble Smartwatch

The Kickstarter fueled Pebble smartwatch has finally begun to ship but not without a set of possible delays and a bit of shipping confusion. The watch will arrive late to some customers because of issues with “documentation at the airport,” and the team notes that other delays could be caused by address confirmation e-mail issues…. Read more »

Apple iPads And Free Engraving Promoted For Valentine’s Day

Apple Valentines Day Offer

Apple is offering free shipping, free engraving, and discounted iPad accessories as part of the company’s push to reel in the Valentine’s Day shopping crowd. On Tuesday, Apple launched a special Valentine’s Day promotion on its website. The promotion focuses on iPad and iPad mini gift ideas alongside a wide assortment of accessory categories for… Read more »

Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro Going On Sale February 9

Microsoft Surface 8 Pro Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet will go on sale February 9. The new tablet adds a full version of the Windows 8 platform to Microsoft’s struggling tablet line. The new tablet will go on sale in both the United States and Canada. While the Surface RT was focused squarely on the tablet market,… Read more »

Google Project Glass Invites Sent, Developers To Go Hands-On

Google Glasses Events for Developers

The Google Project Glass initiative is heating up as the company on Wednesday sent out invitations to a pair of developer events. Emails were sent out to developers who already purchased the $1,500 developer edition pairs of the head-mounted display. The e-mail invites those developers to attend both Google Glass Foundry events. During the meetings… Read more »

Microsoft Surface Pro Almost Done Production, Will Debut Soon

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro with full Windows 8 support is rolling off the production line and will soon be made available for sale. Panos Panay, the general manager of Microsoft’s Surface hardware, tweeted on Wednesday that the tablet will be “arriving in the coming weeks.” Microsoft is hoping that the Surface Pro will offer a… Read more »

GoPro HERO3 Improves Upon Previous Models [CES 2013]

GoPro Hero 3

The GoPro HERO3 made its debut at CES 2013, and the company quickly impressed with a much improved upon design. The new rugged cam setup includes a design that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter, and 2x more powerful than previous offerings from the company. The mountable gear is also waterproof up to 180 feet; can… Read more »