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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Praises Donald Trump

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Digs Donald Trump

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the former WWE Superstar, has one of the most successful podcasts in the world in both his family-friendly version and the Thursday “cluster muck.” What makes the show so successful and such a joy to listen to is his willingness to engage fans and speak to them like they’re long-time buddies…. Read more »

New England Patriots Tweet Thanks To Racial Twitter Handle

New England Patriots tweet

The New England Patriots officially became the first NFL team to reach the milestone of one million followers on Twitter recently, and so they decided to celebrate. Unfortunately, their social media person celebrated without thinking, and ended up thanking an extremely racist Twitter handle in the process. The Boston Globe reported that the questionable tweet… Read more »

NBA News: Derrick Rose Suffers Another Injury

Derrick Rose suffers another injury

It seems that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose just can’t get away from the “injury bug,” as Rose injured his left hamstring in the Chicago Bulls’ 100-93 win over the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night. After the game, Rose was asked about the injury and didn’t seem too concerned about it. “I guess it’s… Read more »

NBA News: Derrick Rose Responds To Fans Calling Him Soft

Derrick Rose responds to his "soft' label

Fans of the Chicago Bulls have grown extremely frustrated with the injury issues that former NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose has been dealing with for the past three seasons, and Bulls fans may have been put over the edge after Rose’s recent comments in response to angry fans calling him soft. “I’m good, man,”… Read more »

Blake Griffin Charged With Battery, Could Possibly Face Jail Time

Blake Griffin

NBA star Blake Griffin has officially been charged with allegedly slapping a man inside of a nightclub in Las Vegas last month. TMZ Sports reported on Wednesday that the Clark Count District Attorney has charged Blake Griffin with a single count of misdemeanor battery. If he is convicted, the 25-year-old Los Angeles Clippers power forward… Read more »

NBA Trade Rumors: Kobe Bryant Headed To Washington?

Kobe Bryant rumored to be traded

Longtime NBA reporter Sam Smith speculated about the future of Kobe Bryant in his latest column for Smith brings up potential trade destinations for Bryant as the Lakers are not very good, in rebuilding mode and don’t have much use for Bryant as he’ll likely be retired from basketball after his contract expires in… Read more »

Brock Osweiler Reaction Gives Everyone A ‘Good Laugh’ [Video]

Brock Osweiler Reaction To Manning Playing

The struggle is real for the Denver Bronco’s back-up quarterback Brock Osweiler as caught on camera at this past Sunday’s game. Fans probably realize that comes with the territory of being a back-up for Peyton Manning, the five-time NFL MVP. There were just 40 seconds left in the third quarter with the Bronco’s trampling the… Read more »

NBA News: Rajon Rondo Headed To Sacramento

Rajon Rondo on the move to Kings

With the Boston Celtics well into their rebuilding phase, this year could be the year where all-star point guard Rajon Rondo is dealt, and Sacramento could very well be the most likely destination for the Celtics’ all-star point guard. This past summer, the Boston Celtics drafted Marcus Smart, a point guard from Oklahoma State University…. Read more »