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Tony Stewart Could Not Have Avoided Hitting Other Driver, Witness Says


Tony Stewart, the NASCAR driver who struck his fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. on the track while they were competing, now has one witness to corroborate his story that it was, in fact, an “accident”. On Sunday, The Inquisitr reported on this tragic story: “NASCAR driver Tony Stewart’s famous temper has struck again, this time… Read more »

Christy Mack Posts Photos, Statement About Alleged War Machine Attack

christy mack war machine after attack

Adult film star Christy Mack issued a statement from her hospital bed detailing what she says happened when mixed martial arts fighter War Machine allegedly attacked her earlier this week. Mack also tweeted photos showing the extensive injuries she’s suffered. The attack, which took place early Friday morning, involved Christy Mack and an unnamed second… Read more »

Sheriff Says No Plans For Charges Against Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart No Charges Sheriff

Tony Stewart will not face criminal charges for hitting and killing Kevin Ward Jr. in an on-track accident Saturday, according to Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero. Povero explained at a news conference, “There are no criminal charges pending at this time.” The Washington Post notes that Povero and the police department reviewed the investigation with… Read more »

ESPN Suspends Anchor After He Admits To Striking Woman

Max Kellerman Suspended

Sports Network ESPN has recently suspended one of its anchors after he admitted on a radio program to striking a woman, according to the New York Daily News. In light of NFL player Ray Rice beating his wife unconscious and only receiving a two-game suspension as punishment, comments and coverage of domestic abuse have been… Read more »

WWE Network Outlook Improves, Cuts Seem To Be Working

WWE Network Cuts Seem To Be Working

WWE Network subscriptions may not have to hit anywhere near the 1.4 million number in order for the company’s experimental channel to be a success. According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, the recent round of WWE layoffs and cost-cutting initiatives may be enough to put the wrestling organization in… Read more »

WWE: Hulk Hogan Birthday Bash For RAW To Feature Sting’s WWE Match?

WWE: Hulk Hogan Birthday Bash For RAW To Feature Sting's WWE Return?

When it comes to the WWE, Hulk Hogan is a name brand that even non-fans will recognize without much thinking. But now we have a rumor that Sting’s WWE appearance may overshadow the Hulkster’s birthday bash tomorrow on Monday Night RAW. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Steve Austin claims he’s a bigger WWE… Read more »

WWE: Could Brock Lesnar Be Both A UFC And WWE Champion In 2015?

WWE: Could Brock Lesnar Be Both A UFC And WWE Champion In 2015

Brock Lesnar’s WWE career is secure at this point, but if he win his match against John Cena at SummerSlam 2014 is it even possible that he could become both a UFC and WWE champion at the same time? In a related report by The Inquisitr, based upon Lesnar’s WWE schedule it seems possible he… Read more »

Oregon Ducks: What Are Their NCAA Football Championship Chances?

Will the Oregon Ducks contend for a national championship this year?

The Oregon Ducks have found themselves on the outside looking in, coming ever-so-close, but never quite getting that shot, at the National Championship for several years. At times, Oregon shot themselves in the foot, like last year when the Ducks dropped a game to a good Stanford team they really should have beaten. Other times,… Read more »

Boxing Promoter Frank Maloney’s Sex Change Makes Headlines

frank maloney sex change

News across the pond this morning is about boxing promoter Frank Maloney’s decision to make public his determination to have a sex change. Frank Maloney’s sex change was the featured story in the Sunday Mirror, where the former boxing promoter discussed the choice to become a woman: “In an astonishing emotional interview, she tells how… Read more »

Ryan Mallett Looking Like Next Ryan Leaf

Ryan Mallett looking bad again

Ryan Mallet entered his final college football season as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play at the University of Arkansas. Now Mallet is looking an awful lot like an NFL bust who will follow in the footsteps of quarterback flameouts like Ryan Leaf. Mallet was picked up by the New England Patriots in… Read more »

Jadeveon Clowney Shows Skills To Pay Bills In Preseason Opener

Jadeveon Clowney impresses

Jadeveon Clowney has impressed football scouts wherever he has played, but there had been some talk coming into this season that the NFL might finally be the place where he proved he was mortal. It appears Jadeveon is ready to show people that Mr. Clowney can handle the rigors of the professional football league as… Read more »

Watch NASCAR Cheez-It 355 At Watkins Glen Streaming Online Live

The Cheez-It 355 runs today at Watkins Glen.

Watch the NASCAR Cheez-It 355 at Watkins Glen International Speedway today at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time streaming online live by following the link provided at the end of this preview article. The Chase for the Cup is getting closer and with each passing race; drivers who haven’t won one yet are getting more desperate… Read more »

WWE News: Steve Austin A Bigger Star Than Hulk Hogan?

Steve Austin says he had a better career than Hulk Hogan

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan — who is the more legendary professional wrestler? If that question is posed to Steve Austin, he’ll answer with Steve Austin. When asked on a Dallas-area radio station (105.3 The Fan) who was the bigger wrestling legend of the two, Austin offered this opinion: “If you’re talking to… Read more »

Oakland Raiders Starting 2014 The Way 2013 Ended

Oakland Raiders still look bad

The Oakland Raiders are apparently talking about leaving the Bay. If the Raiders continue to play they way they did in their pre-season opener, it seems likely Oakland fans might drive them to the airport. This is a team that has been one of the worst in the NFL for years. Despite that, every Oakland… Read more »

Deion Sanders Sees House Slapped With Lien

Deion Sanders sees home slapped with lien

Deion Sanders has had a bit of a tough year. While he was one of the coaches in the Pro Bowl, Deion has seen a steady decline in happiness since that game kicked off. Sanders is now facing new trouble and new heat as a judge recently slapped a lien on the former superstar’s house… Read more »

Alberto Del Rio Fired: WWE Launches Twitter Attack

Alberto Del Rio Gets Bashed On Twitter

Alberto Del Rio was fired from the WWE on Thursday for getting into a physical altercation, of which we’re still hearing details on. But one thing is for certain: the WWE Twitter account has plenty to say. Presumably because of a Twitter backlash, the company’s main account addressed the situation in a two-part release on… Read more »