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Ramona Bachmann Can’t Carry Swiss To First Ever World Cup Win

Romana Bachmann

Romona Bachmann might be one of the true up and coming talents in this year’s Women’s World Cup, but she still can’t single handedly win games. The interesting counterpoint is that Romona Bachmann came pretty close to almost winning Switzerland’s first ever World Cup game, as the Swiss lost to Japan by just a 1-0… Read more »

WWE News: CM Punk Calls Out Hulk Hogan Over Stanley Cup Finals [Video]

CM Punk Calls Out Hulk Hogan Over Stanley Cup Final [Video]

UPDATE: After Hulk Hogan took to Twitter to try and justify himself, Punk responded to Hogan with vulgar and direct verbiage. You mispronounced the team captains name and didn’t even know the coaches name. You’re a hack.Shut the fuck up or I’ll wreck you @HulkHogan — Coach (@CMPunk) June 9, 2015 During their active careers… Read more »

Update on Baby Ayla After Rugby Player Jerry Collins Dies [Video]

jerry collins dies

Headlines flashing “Jerry Collins Dies” are now replaced with concerns about his orphaned daughter’s condition after doctors described it as “uncertain” and “precarious” following the car crash in which her father, famous New Zealand rugby player Jerry Collins, and her mother, Alana Madill, died. The couple was coming back from a rugby party near the… Read more »