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John Rocker Reddit AMA: His 6 Most Offensive Comments

John Rocker Reddit AMA, Most Offensive Comments

The John Rocker Reddit AMA was predictably raucous on Tuesday as the former Atlanta Braves pitcher touched on gays and racism in typical Rocker fashion, while mostly giving as good as he got in the insult department. We’ve culled through the most offensive comments, and here’s what the maestro of political incorrectness and Kenny Powers… Read more »

Tony Stewart’s Broken Leg: What Does It Mean For The Season?

Tony Stewart Broken Leg and 2013 Season

Tony Stewart underwent surgery on Monday night to repair the leg he broke during a sprint car race at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Stewart suffered a break to his tibia and fibula. The injury forced Stewart out of the race and will cost him a chance at making the Chase for the Championship… Read more »

Wandai Wrection: ESPN Gafffe Mangles Little Leaguer’s Favorite Singer

Wandi Wrection ESPN racial gaffe during Little League broadcast.

ESPN put up a graphic with some information about Little Leaguer Nagiru Hiramatsu’s favorite singer as “Wandai Wrection.” Really? This is reminiscent of the Asiana pilots names incident,when KTVU broadcast fake names for all to see, which were reportedly confirmed by an intern at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In this case the situation is… Read more »

US Swim Team Disqualified: Changeover Was 0.01 Seconds Too Soon

us swim team

The US swim team was disqualified on Sunday in a competition in the Palau Sant Jordi pool in Barcelona, Spain. The four swimmers, Matt Grevers, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte, and Kevin Cordes looked at the scoreboard in utter disbelief as the disqualification was announced. US men’s head coach Bob Bowman said, “That’s like a punch… Read more »

Art Donovan, NFL Hall Of Famer, Dies At 89

NFL Art Donovan Dies

NFL Hall of Famer Art Donovan died on Sunday at the age of 89. During his time in the NFL, Donovan played as a defensive tackle for the Baltimore Colts, now the Indianapolis Colts. Daughter Kelly Donovan-Mazzulli announced that her father passed away from a respiratory ailment shortly before 8 pm. He was surrounded by… Read more »

Alex Rodriguez Suspension Looms, But Rumors Can’t Decide A-Rod’s Fate

Alex Rodriguez Suspension Rumors

Alex Rodriguez’s suspension looms, but rumors can’t figure out what’s actually happening to the Yankees third baseman. Last week, reports suggested the impending ban would happen before the weekend, but nothing has been confirmed as of Sunday. In all likelihood, A-Rod will be suspended, at the very least, for the rest of the 2013 season…. Read more »

Coach Fired After Attending Wrong Church In Alabama

Coach Fired After Refusing To Go To Specific Church

A state champion coach was fired for not going to the right church. A football and basketball coach for the East Memorial Christian Academy in Prattville, Alabama, Scott Phillips was dismissed because he didn’t feel comfortable forcing his family to attend the East Memorial Baptist Church. Because of this, the school’s football team is now… Read more »