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The Rock: WWE WrestleMania 30 Has Dwayne Johnson Confront Steve Austin

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s WrestleMania 30 appearance had him assuming his WWE The Rock persona once again…and it is happening NOW! Within less than fifteen minutes, after a surprise appearance from Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupting Hulk Hogan (respectfully), The Rock made an appearance to such a huge pop from the crowd. The Rock then electrified the… Read more »

Sting, Will He Appear At Wrestlemania 30?

Sting VS The Undertaker? WrestleMania 30 Could Have the WWE Star Return Tonight

Reports are showing online that Sting might make some sort of debut at Wrestlemania XXX. This comes on the heels of previous reports of a possible Undertaker versus Sting match at Wrestlemania XXXI, which includes a rumor that Sting signed a contract for only one match at the grandest stage of them all for 2015,… Read more »

CM Punk: When Will He Crash Wrestlemania 30? (If He Does Show Up)

CM Punk Best In The World

Ever since news of CM Punk arriving at New Orleans started to flood social media, the wrestling world is abuzz on the possibility that he’ll be in Wrestlemania XXX. The rumors started when fans in New Orleans uploaded their pictures of CM Punk on their social media accounts, specifically Instagram. Not to mention, Punk just… Read more »

Watch WrestleMania 30 Free PPV Stream Live On WWE Network?

Watch WrestleMania 30 Free PPV Stream Live On WWE Network

It is possible to watch a WrestleMania 30 free live stream online or are we stuck signing up for the WWE Network? In a related report by The Inquisitr, while Vince McMahon has locked down most options there are some free things for your WrestleMania 30 watch list. The WWE Network free trial week had… Read more »

Watch NASCAR Duck Commander 500 Streaming Online Live Free

Tony Stewart starts at pole position for the 2014 NASCAR Duck Commander 500.

NASCAR fans can watch the Duck Commander 500 when it kicks off at 3 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, marking the first NASCAR event sponsored by the company founded by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and ran by son Willie Robertson. Duck Commander, which specializes in designing and manufacturing duck calls, is a relatively new player… Read more »

WWE Wrestlemania 30: Who Should End The Undertaker’s Streak?

Undertaker Wrestlemania Streak

Wrestlemania 30 (Wrestlemania XXX) is coming up soon! With the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment hours away, WWE is doing all they can to promote their biggest event. One of the matches always hyped is whoever challenges Undertaker’s Streak. Even though it is sports entertainment, anyone going 21-0 is unparalleled. By what Caged Side Seats… Read more »

Jameis Winston: Investigation Into Sexual Assault Goes After FSU

Jameis Winston: Investigation Into Sexual Assault Goes After FSU

The Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation has taken another turn, but this time it’s FSU that is being investigated. In a related report by The Inquisitr, when AJ McCarron’s mother made a “racist tweet” over Jameis Winston, Katherine Webb also got into trouble for favoriting it. The alleged sexual assault by Winston took place in… Read more »

LeBron James Will Leave The Heat; Here’s How We Know

LeBron James might leave the Miami Heat after this season.

LeBron James is saying all of the right things right now to let you know that he wants to stay with the Miami Heat, but if you read between the lines, could LeBron actually be dropping hints that he will be leaving? Although Miami Heat President Pat Riley believes that LeBron — along with Dwyane… Read more »

David Ortiz: ‘Selfie With President Was Definitely Not A Set-Up!’

David Ortiz and President

David Ortiz, the 38-year-old Red Sox slugger, created another one of his signature feel-good moments on Tuesday when he snapped “selfie” with President Barack Obama during a White House ceremony to honor the Boston club for their 2013 World Series victory. But no sooner had the beloved figure known as Big Papi tweeted the image,… Read more »