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Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers Could Share Home Stadium

Could the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers share a stadium? Should they?

The Oakland Raiders are having landlord issues. You know, the kind that make you want to move out and find new digs. Now, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stepped in and suggested that the Oakland Raiders’ solution — or at least temporary solution — might be to find a new roommate. And who does the… Read more »

Fantasy Football Permeating NFL Landscape

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football season is upon us yet again. What? It’s not even August yet! For those who are Fantasy Football aficionados, the season starts right about the same time NFL teams starting gearing up for fall camp. Fantasy sports in general have become much more popular over the last few years thanks to the pastime… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson Demands To Be Removed From Chris Christie Promo Video

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” is reportedly none-too-pleased that he was used, without his knowledge, in a promo video posted by New Jersey Governor Chris Christies’ PR team, and is demanding that his name and picture be removed immediately. The promotional video, entitled “No Pain. No Gain,” was in the style of a movie trailer… Read more »

Is Kobe Bryant Hurting The Lakers?

Kobe Bryant Hurting The Lakers

When a player reaches a certain “superstar” status, that player begins to take on more of a role within the team. Some players just play the game, some mentor younger players to help them grow and get better, others meddle in front office affairs. Kobe Bryant has done the latter, and in so doing has… Read more »

Tim Howard, U.S. World Cup Star, Wants To Play In The NBA


Tim Howard, the stand out star of the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team at the World Cup Tournament in Brazil, wants to take his skills to the NBA and play for the New York Knicks. Howard, the goalkeeper during the United States’ incredible World Cup run where they successfully survived the dreaded “group of death,”… Read more »

WWE Network May Be Getting Short Changed By Paypal Users

wwe network website sceen

WWE Network offers tremendous value to wrestling fans, but has still faced an uphill climb in getting to its goal of between 1.3 million to 1.4 million subscribers. In spite of post-WrestleMania 30 numbers totaling more than 600,000, there have been rumblings that that number has backed off a bit, which should be impossible considering… Read more »

Fire Ric Flair: Come On, WWE, It’s Best For Business

Ric Flair: Not What He Used To Be

COMMENTARY — Ric Flair has, for years, been the most easily recognizable face of professional wrestling behind Hulk Hogan and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In his younger days, he truly was one of the best to ever step in the ring, and in his prime, his skills on the microphone are still without equal. Some… Read more »