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WWE News: WWE Superstar Batista Potentially Quitting The Company?


Along with John Cena and CM Punk, WWE superstar Dave Batista is considered as one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling history. He has never shied away from voicing his opinion about WWE creative, Cena or even Vince McMahon. His “quitting” angle in 2010 was the product of being fed up with the… Read more »

WWE News: Adam Rose On The Way Out

WWE News: Adam Rose May Be History

The WWE may be done with Adam Rose. Disappointing as it sounds — because Rose is a talented wrestler, and he never failed to make me laugh when he was on the main product — WWE officials have about decided it’s time to retire the Exotic Express. How do we know this? Wrestling Inc. points… Read more »

Jay Cutler: Chicago Bears QB Donates $15K To Little League Team

Jay Cutler is supporting a team of Little League baseball players from Chicago.

Jay Cutler is supporting a team of Little League baseball players in the wake of a devastating loss. Cutler, the quarterback for the National Football League’s Chicago Bears, is donating money and autographed jerseys to the Jackie Robinson West All-Star baseball team. On Saturday, the team lost the Little League World Series championship to a… Read more »

Michael Sam, First Openly Gay NFL Player Sacks, Mocks Johnny Manziel

Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel twice in the Rams-Browns preseason game.

Michael Sam and Johnny Manziel are two of the most talked about NFL rookies coming into the 2014 NFL season. “Johnny Football” Manziel comes in as a highly touted rookie who went much lower in the draft than expected, and was expected to compete for the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns. Michael Sam… Read more »

WWE News: Rusev Is Your Next U.S. Champion, Mark It Down

Rusev And Lana Are Taking The U.S. Title

Rusev has marched through the ranks of both NXT and WWE with an impressive victory at SummerSlam over Jack Swagger. In defeating Swagger, he also followed the directive of his valet Lana and “crushed” Mr. We The People himself, Zeb Colter. It was a stunning display of Russian dominance over the Americans and a humiliation… Read more »

Ronda Rousey Tries To Sell Fans On Gina Carano Fight, Does Horrible Job

Ronda Rousey 'Scared' Of Gina Carano

COMMENTARY | Ronda Rousey plans for her next fight to be against Gina Carano, according to a recent report from WebProNews, but she’s being a little obvious in her attempt to promote it as something worthy of a pay-per-view buy. Indirectly countering criticism that the fight would be a joke because Carano’s last fight was… Read more »