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O.J. Simpson: LAPD Looking For Stolen Heisman, Has Search Warrant

O.j. Simpson

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly hunting for the 1968 Heisman Trophy, which was awarded to former football star O.J. Simpson. TMZ reported on Tuesday that the LAPD has even obtained a search warrant specifically to search for the Heisman Trophy. With the search warrant, LAPD detectives are now able to obtain phone records… Read more »

Dallas Cowboys Safety Barry Church Admits The Refs Got It Wrong

Barry Church Confesses Dallas Got A Gift From Refs

Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church was one of the many voices online admitting that referees handed the NFC Wild Card game to “America’s team” on Sunday. The pass interference call heard ’round the world would have placed Detroit deep in Dallas territory with a three-point lead and a first down. Referees initially called the penalty,… Read more »

Sports World Reacts To News Of Stuart Scott’s Passing

Stuart Scott

As reported earlier by the Inquistr, longtime ESPN anchor Stuart Scott has passed away at the age of 49 after an extended battle with cancer. The sports world has taken to social media to express their grief and sadness over the passing of the sports casting trail blazer. LeBron James a photo on his Instagram… Read more »