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Art Donovan, NFL Hall Of Famer, Dies At 89

NFL Art Donovan Dies

NFL Hall of Famer Art Donovan died on Sunday at the age of 89. During his time in the NFL, Donovan played as a defensive tackle for the Baltimore Colts, now the Indianapolis Colts. Daughter Kelly Donovan-Mazzulli announced that her father passed away from a respiratory ailment shortly before 8 pm. He was surrounded by… Read more »

Drew Brees Said Story Of Him Giving A Bad Tip Isn’t True

Drew Brees Said Tip Story Isn't True

Drew Brees wants everyone to know that he’s not a bad tipper. Last week someone from a Chinese restaurant in San Diego leaked a receipt to The Dirty showing that Brees tipped only $3 on his order. The report said he was being a “cheap [expletive]… this is basically saying [expletive] you to the waiter.”… Read more »

Cris Carter Was A ‘Bona Fide Diva,’ Says Former Teammate

Cris Carter NFL Legend

With former NFL player Cris Carter just days away from his Hall of Fame induction, he has been receiving plenty of negative press about his personality and sportsmanship. There seems to be an endless stream of players who are willing to smash Carter for his over the top persona. One of those players is former… Read more »

Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter Is Iraq War Veteran

Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter is War veteran

Megan Welter is a cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals pro-football team. But there is more than meets the eye in her story. Not many would associate an Iraq war veteran and cheerleading, but in this case the two go hand in hand. Megan Welter is a 28-year-old regular woman who has made it, not only… Read more »

Dee Liner Cash Instagram Fuels Alabama Recruiting Conspiracy Theories

Dee Liner

University of Alabama incoming defensive end Dee Liner posted a controversial Instagram this weekend that showed him and two buddies flashing huge wads of cash. The thing is, as Alabama news source reminded us, Dee Liner had decommitted to Auburn earlier this year before he signed with Alabama. Now for all I know these… Read more »

Donovan McNabb Retires On Monday, Signs One-Day Eagles Contract

Donovan McNabb Retiring

NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb will officially end his NFL career as a member of the Phildelphia Eagles. The polarizing QB plans to officially retire on Monday. McNabb will sign a one-day contract with the Eagles and then announce his retirement during a special press conference being held at the NovaCare complex. The Donovan McNabb retirement… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Gets Thrown Out Of UT Frat Party [Video]

Johnny Manziel

Let’s all watch Johnny Manziel get thrown out of a University of Texas frat party he crashed Friday night. C’mon, you know you want to. When you got up this morning, you didn’t know that you wanted to watch the self-proclaimed Johnny Football get the boot from a drunken college bash. But now you do…. Read more »

Denver Broncos Won’t Fire Team Executives Arrested For DUI

Denver Broncos Won't Fire Team Executives Arrested For DUI

The Denver Broncos have no plans to fire two high ranking executives even though they were both arrested this offseason on suspicion of DUI. This week the team was hit by a slew of bad news, first that director of player personnel Matt Russell had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after… Read more »

Aaron Hernandez Back In Court Briefly For No Tie, No Shave Look

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez was back in an Attleboro, Massachusetts courtroom on Wednesday for the probable cause hearing against him for the murder of Odin Lloyd. The brief hearing took place starting at 2 PM EDT. But the judge has agreed to the prosecutors’ request to delay the probable cause hearing until August 22 to allow them… Read more »

Jerry Jones Throws Full Support Behind Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett Still Has Jerry Jones Confidence

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still has full support for head coach Jason Garrett despite two straight 8-8 seasons that ended with playoff berths on the line. During Saturday’s “State of the Cowboys” address, Jones said it was a “mistake” to call 2013-2014 a “make-or-break” season for Garrett. Before reporters could even ask about Garrett… Read more »