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Bears GM Phil Emery: Bad Offense Cost Lovie Smith His Job

Lovie Smith Offense Cut His Job Loose

While Love Smith ran an amazing defense during his time with the Chicago Bears, his team’s nine years of lousy offense ultimately cost the head coach his job. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Bears GM Phil Emery admitted that a head coach with a more consistent offensive line was needed to help the Bears win… Read more »

Chicago Bears WR Devin Hester Might Retire From NFL

Devin Hester Retiring

Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester was devastated when the Bears fired Lovie Smith this week, and now the star kick returner says he might retire from the NFL. Lashing out at mainstream media and Bears fans, Hester said they “got what they want” with Lovie’s firing despite a 10-6 winning season in 2012. While… Read more »

Lovie Smith Fired: Chicago Bears Get Rid Of Coach After 9 Years

chicago bears

Andy Reid isn’t the only coach to get axed at the end of a disappointing season. The Chicago Bears announced today that they were firing head coach Lovie Smith after 9 seasons. Smith and the Bears started 2012 with a 7-1 record but still failed to make the playoffs. According to ESPN, the Bears are… Read more »

Andy Reid Fired By Eagles

andy reid

After 14 years, the Philadelphia Eagles and Andy Reid are going their separate ways. According to Sports Illustrated, Reid came to the Eagles in 1999 and helped bring the team to the playoffs the following year. Reid would make the playoffs with the Eagles 9 times during his career. He has the franchise record for… Read more »

Tony Romo: I Let My Team Down

Tony Romo Interceptions Push Cowboys Out Of Playoff Contention

Tony Romo threw three interceptions and the Dallas Cowboys lost their chance at a playoff spot on Sunday after falling to the Washington Redskins with a final score of 28-18. After the game, a frustrated Tony Romo revealed: “I feel as though I let our team down. Your legacy will be written when you’re done… Read more »

Andy Reid Will Be Released By Philadelphia Eagles, Insiders Claim

Andy Reid Fired in Philadelphia Eagles territory

Head Coach Andy Reid has coached the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 years, and now sources close to the team say he will not stick around for a 15th year. According to, Reid will be let go with an announcement to take place on Monday. The official statement will be handed down by team owner… Read more »