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Marcus Mariota Chosen By Tennessee Titans: Was It A Huge Mistake?

Was Tennessee Right To Choose Marcus

Marcus Mariota was the second name to be called minutes after the 2015 NFL Draft kicked off. Unless someone makes them an amazing offer, it’s safe to say at this point that Mariota will play for the Tennessee Titans. The excitement of the day’s events are over, and now the pick is being analyzed from… Read more »

Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis Goes Off On Twitter & YouTube About Rioters

Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis Addresses Riots And Destruction

Baltimore Ravens’ Hall of Famer Ray Lewis addresses the rioters. He’s not happy or supportive of their actions. Via Twitter and YouTube, he vents to those rioting individuals. If you don’t know of Ray Lewis, he’s one of Baltimore’s finest. Not as a police officer, but he’s one of the city’s finest athletes. Ray’s Twitter… Read more »