Football Timeline

New York Jet Geno Smith Curses At Fan Who Booed Him After Game

Geno Smith Curses At Heckler Following Jeers During Game

Apparently, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith has little tolerance for hecklers. Smith was caught on camera responding to boos from a fan following Sunday’s game with anger and profanity, which he quickly apologized for after the incident took place. CBS Ch 2 caught Geno Smith on camera as walked off field. A blatant F… Read more »

Ndamukong Suh Likely To Leave The Lions After Current Season

Ndamukong Suh Not Likely To Return To Detroit Next Season

Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is reportedly considering ending his stint with the team after the current season ends. Suh, who will be a free agent after this year, is rumored to be eyeing New York following his departure from Detroit. Negotiations for renewal hadn’t looked promising between Ndamukong and the franchise back in… Read more »

Ray Rice Video: NFL Chief Denies Seeing Despite New Detail Emerging

Jeffrey Miller was the intended recipient of Ray Rice tape.

Accounts continue to conflict regarding the video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiance Janay Palmer (now Rice). There has been much debate over when Roger Goodell first saw the video, and NFL security chief Jeffrey Miller has spoken out, denying he ever saw the video. An Associated Press source within the police department said he… Read more »

Rams Tight End Jared Cook’s Attitude Causes A Fight On The Sidelines

St. Louis Rams- Tight End Jared Cook's Attitude Cause Fight On The Sidelines

On Sunday, instead of the Rams versus the Cowboys, it became Jared Cook versus Austin Davis. Are you ready for some brawling? Sunday night football seemed to be excessively full of testosterone and bravado, as at least two brawls broke out on the sidelines of two different games. The Inquisitr reported on the other Sunday… Read more »

Eagles, Redskins Game Ends, Then Erupts Into Brawls

eagles vs. redskins brawl

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins, two rivals in the NFC East Conference, had a game erupt into a brawl on the sidelines Sunday. Despite the famous Eagles and Cowboys rivalry, their spat with the Redskins does not seem to be any less of a bitter rivalry. During the game Sunday, ESPN reports that… Read more »