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NFL Draft: Michael Sam’s Future On The Line Today

Michael Sam's Draft Status

Before Michael Sam came out to the world prior to the 2014 NFL Draft, many scouts dubbed the undersized lineman as a fifth round prospect. If that’s the case, then Michael Sam’s draft status could be revealed as the final rounds of the NFL Draft concludes today. Michael Sam’s draft status is clearly the hot… Read more »

Tim Tebow Comeback Hopes May Be Officially Dead After NFL Draft

Tim Tebow Comeback Hopes May Be Officially Dead After NFL Draft

Tim Tebow has held onto hopes of an NFL comeback ever since the New England Patriots cut him before the 2013 season, but those hopes may now be dashed with the draft. The unconventional quarterback spent the season working out, staying in playing shape in case any team was struck by injury and in need… Read more »

NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel To Cleveland Browns, Falls To 22nd Pick

Johnny Manziel

On NFL Draft Day, Johnny Manziel, despite predictions that he would to go to one of the top three picking teams, sat stoically for three hours as his draft stock went into free fall before his eyes. Finally, with the 22nd overall selection, the Cleveland Browns made Johnny Football their likely quarterback of the future…. Read more »

NFL Draft Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Dallas Cowboys At 16

NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel Dallas Cowboys 16

There’s only one thing for certain in tonight’s NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel is the most hotly debated quarterback available. With experts ranging from ESPN‘s Bill Polian, saying he would take him first, to former Eagles quarterback and analyst Ron Jaworski claiming he wouldn’t touch him before the fourth round, the NFL Draft rumors surrounding Johnny… Read more »

Barry Sanders Candid Remarks On Michael Sam May Surprise You


Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders has seen it all in his day. So when the former Detroit Lion running back was asked his thoughts on Michael Sam’s chances of being accepted within NFL locker rooms this season, Sanders was his usual candid self: “Guys are more forward thinking than you think,” he said… Read more »

Aaron Hernandez: Former Patriots Player Indicted On Assault Charges

Aaron Hernandez indicted

Aaron Hernandez was indicted on assault charges today after two incidents that happened while he was behind bars. According to ESPN, the charges involved assault and battery and threats to do bodily harm. It is believed that the former Patriots player got into a fight with another inmate back in February. The two reportedly “exchanged… Read more »

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos Use ’35’ To Motivate Team In 2014


The Denver Broncos are still bitter about their 35-point defeat in Super Bowl XLVIII. So much so, that the margin of defeat is their new catchphrase as they open up offseason workouts. “Whenever someone gets tired, you just say ’35,’ and they just start picking it up again,” defensive end Malik Jackson said via the… Read more »

NFL Draft Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Texans With 1st Pick


Johnny Manziel is a hot topic when it comes to the upcoming NFL Draft. The polarizing Texas A&M star is amongst a class of good, but not over-the-top great quarterbacks available for quarterback hungry teams. But according to the Houston Chronicle‘s John McClain, Manziel could be off the board as soon as the number one… Read more »

Herschel Walker: Could Former NFL Star Really Still Play At 52?

Herschel Walker claims he could still play at 52.

Herschel Walker, the former NFL star running back with the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles, and 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, recently drew attention with two major statements. The first: former USFL team owner Donald Trump would make a good NFL owner (Trump is one of several interested in purchasing the NFL’s Buffalo Bills)…. Read more »

NFL Releases 2014 Schedule – Seahawks Kick It Off Against Packers!

GB scores

The NFL has released their 2014 schedule to the delight of pigskin fans and prognosticators everywhere. Whether you pick against the spread, straight up, or are simply an NFL fan that doesn’t contribute to the billions of dollars bet on NFL games each year, the NFL schedule release means it’s time to start thinking about… Read more »

Will Cowboys Replace Tony Romo With Brandon Weeden?

Will Weeden replace Cowboy's Tony Romoas quarterback?

Has Tony Romo’s replacement arrived for good? Rumor has it that the Cowboy’s camp has begun to groom his replacement, and it isn’t who you might think! Previously, the Cowboys had their sights set on Kyle Orton as Romo’s replacement, but it seems that plan might change with the recent signing of former Cleveland Browns… Read more »