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Tim Tebow Super Bowl T-Mobile Commercial: No Contract, No Problem [Video]

tim tebow t-mobile super bowl commercial no contract

Tim Tebow finds himself with no NFL contract heading into Super Bowl XLVIII, but that won’t stop the former University of Florida star quarterback from finding his way onto football’s biggest stage. T-Mobile is using Tim Tebow for their Super Bowl commercials this year, and they are pretty special. The first ad features Tebow starring… Read more »

Marshawn Lynch Skittles Contract Celebrated With Special Seattle Mix

marshawn lynch signs skittles contract seattle mix beast mode

Marshawn Lynch and Skittles have been working together for years without an official contract. Lynch chews on the colorful candies to give him fuel for going “Beast Mode”. Skittles benefited with the Seattle Seahawks running back through free advertising. Now, according to ESPN, Marshawn Lynch and Skittles will take their relationship to the next level…. Read more »

Mike Ditka On Cold Weather Super Bowl: ‘It’s Stupid’


Mike Ditka has criticised the location for this Sunday’s Super Bowl, calling the NFL’s decision to hold it at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium “stupid.” Ditka, who made a name for himself playing and coaching for the Chicago Bears, has lambasted the officials who decided to hold it on the East Coast because he believes that… Read more »

Richard Sherman: Interview Prepared Us For Craziness Of Super Bowl Week

Richard Sherman: Interview Prepared Us For Craziness Of Super Bowl Week

Richard Sherman may have kicked up some controversy with his angry and trash-talking interview after the NFC Championship Game, but the Seattle Seahawks cornerback said in the end it may have actually helped his team. Speaking at his team’s hotel in New York City on Sunday, Sherman was open about the firestorm that his interview… Read more »

Raiders Cheerleaders Punished For Using Wrong Pom-Poms: Now Suing For Pay

raiders cheerleaders

The Oakland Raiders cheerleaders – known as “Raiderettes” are not as cheerful as you might imagine. They have filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that the club indulges in unfair payment practices. The claim was entered at the Alameda, California, County Superior Court and includes both current and former Raiderettes. It alleges that the Oakland Raiders… Read more »

Super Bowl Date Change ‘Imminent’ If It Snows

Super Bowl date change

A Super Bowl date change is imminent if the massive storm which has been forecast actually arrives. The Super Bowl XLVIII is slated for February 2, but the NFL is putting plans in place to bring it forward by about a week. Commissioner Roger Goodell said:”We are embracing the weather. Football is played in the… Read more »

Eric Rivera, Sean Taylor Killer, Sentenced To 57 Years In Prison

Eric Rivera Jr. was sentenced to 57 years in prison for the 2007 shooting death of Sean Taylor.

Eric Rivera Jr. has been sentenced to 57 years in prison for the 2007 shooting of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor. Taylor was at home sleeping with his girlfriend and their infant daughter when a group of burglars broke into their master bedroom. According to the jury, Eric Rivera is responsible for pulling the trigger… Read more »

Super Bowl Tickets: Fans Score Big In Final Seconds, Say Experts


If you’ve ever wanted to go to a Super Bowl, but balked at the price of Super Bowl tickets, this may be your year – especially if you’re willing to wait until the last minute. Several factors could lead to low prices for Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market. As with any other commodity,… Read more »

MetLife Stadium Snow Removal Could Delay Super Bowl 2014?

MetLife Stadium Snow Removal Could Delay Super Bowl 2014?

Could the MetLife Stadium snow removal delay Super Bowl 48? In a related story by The Inquisitr, Super Bowl tickets prices have been going through the roof on the exchanges, exceeding even the official Super Bowl 2014 price for the expensive seats. But, hey, at least this time around they can afford the electric bill…… Read more »

NFL Friday Night And Monday Games To Add More Playoffs

NFL Friday Night And Monday Games To Add More Playoffs

NFL Friday night games and Monday night football may be expanded greatly in order to handle a possible increase to the NFL playoffs. In a related reported by The Inquisitr, Thursday NFL games may become the new Sunday night football if the network has their way. 21st Century Fox, NBC, CBS, and ESPN were given… Read more »

Super Bowl Tickets: Prices And The NFL Ticket Exchange

Super Bowl Tickets Prices NFL Ticket Exchange

Super Bowl Ticket prices and the new NFL Ticket Exchange. In a related report from The Inquisitr, Super Bowl ticket prices seem to just keep going up. As the very first outdoor Super Bowl, one would think that fact alone would…cool things off (pun intended), but it hasn’t, judging by Super Bowl tickets pricing. Super… Read more »

Percy Harvin Return For Super Bowl: Does It Matter?

percy harvin return

Percy Harvin will likely return from injury to the Seattle Seahawks lineup in time for Super Bowl XLVIII. Both ESPN and FOX Sports are reporting the explosive wide receiver is expected to practice for Pete Carroll’s squad this week. The real question concerning Percy Harvin’s return is, “does it matter”? While Harvin has not been… Read more »

Brent Musburger To Join Tim Tebow At SEC Network?

Brent Musburger To Join Tim Tebow At SEC Network?

Will Brent Musburger be joining Tim Tebow as an analyst for the new SEC Network? In a related story from The Inquisitr, Musburger is apparently feeling his age and actually managed to forget his name on live TV. He also got into trouble recently by spending way too much time focusing on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend,… Read more »

Tom Brady: I Don’t Plan On Watching The Super Bowl


Tom Brady isn’t getting over his team’s heartbreaking loss in the AFC Championship Game. In fact, the All-Pro quarterback said he can’t even bring himself to turn on the big game now that the Patriots have been eliminated. “I don’t have much of a rooting interest, truthfully. Those games are hard to watch,” Brady told… Read more »

Super Bowl 2014: 48 Tickets Prices For Seahawks VS Broncos Are Crazy

The weather forecast could affect ticket prices to 2014 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 2014 tickets prices were already through the roof before the Seattle Seahawks VS Denver Broncos game was even announced. In a related story by The Inquisitr, even if the game isn’t great you might find Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Super Bowl ad for beer fairly amusing. Let’s just hope we all enjoy the the Super… Read more »

Erin Andrews, Richard Sherman Rant Judged By Tom Brady

Erin Andrews, Richard Sherman Rant Judged By Tom Brady

The infamous Erin Andrews, Richard Sherman interview has been attacked by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. In a related story from The Inquisitr, Sherman shocked the world by telling Andrews to not open her mouth. Despite the Sherman’s team, the Seattle Seahawks, going to the Super Bowl after their win, he kept complaining about… Read more »

Crabtree Is A ‘Sorry Receiver’, Says Seahawks’ Sherman

Crabtree and Sherman go at it following bizarre post-game rant

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree may have an angry feud for the rest of his career, after the wild comments from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman following the Seattle win on Sunday. Sherman went off during an on-the-field interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews, after the Seahawks clinching of the NFC Championship. During his… Read more »

Peyton Manning Omaha Call Raises $24,800 For Charity

Peyton Manning Omaha Call Raises $24,800 For Charity

Peyton Manning did more than just win the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, advancing to his third Super Bowl — he also raised close to $25,000 with his now-famous Omaha call. Manning uses the Nebraska city as part of his pre-snap audible, and after the Denver Broncos quarterback was mic’ed up earlier in the 2014… Read more »