Basketball Timeline

Isaiah Austin Chosen As Special Pick In NBA Draft

Marfan Sufferer Isaiah Austin, recently diagnosed with the disease,seen at the 2014 NBA Draft selected as an honorary pick.

If you watched the NBA draft Thursday night, then you are aware of the emotional tribute to Isaiah Austin. Isaiah Austin is a 20-year-old NBA draft prospect who received news that he would never be able to play in the NBA due to Marfan Syndrome just days before the NBA draft. Marfan Syndrome affects the… Read more »

LeBron James Free Agency: Where Is He Most Likely To End Up?


In a stunning announcement Tuesday morning, LeBron James has decided to opt out of his deal with the Miami Heat and test the waters of free agency. Now, with The Decision Part II looming, we are taking a look at the likely destinations for King James. James had six more days to decide whether to… Read more »

2014 NBA Draft: Joel Embiid Injures Foot, Could Hurt Draft Stock

joel embiid injures foot

Joel Embiid suffered a foot injury that could sink the Kansas center’s hopes of landing the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Sources say that Embiid has suffered a right foot injury, and though the severity of the injury is not yet known, it’s believed to be fairly serious. One source told… Read more »

Carmelo Anthony Free Agency: Dirk Nowitzki Wants Him In Dallas

Carmelo Anthony Free Agency: Dirk Nowitzki Wants Him In Dallas

Carmelo Anthony could be headed to the Dallas Mavericks — at least if Dirk Nowitzki gets his way. The New York Knicks forward has reportedly decided to test the free agent market this summer, and rumors have been already circulating about his landing point. There are reports that the Miami Heat have been looking into… Read more »

Isaiah Thomas Promotes Hoops In India, Holds Clinics in Mombai, Chennai

Isaiah Thomas is headed to India to promote basketball.

Isaiah Thomas is in India to promote the game of basketball. The popular — if somewhat vertically challenged for a basketball player — point guard is slated to visit schools and community organizations in Mumbai and Chennai, where he will conduct youth basketball clinics, according to the Sacramento Kings page on The site also… Read more »