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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Unimpressed With WWE Handling Of Cesaro

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Wants Cesaro Push Now

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin hasn’t been impressed with how the WWE has handled Cesaro, and he believes that a “big money run” is coming for the Swiss Superman as a babyface, adding that it could be sooner rather than later. This admission came on the most recent episode of the family-friendly Steve Austin Show podcast… Read more »

Sun Mingming Makes ‘The Rock’ Look Like A Baby Man In This Shocking Pic

The Rock shocked by Sun Mingming?

Sun Mingming, a Chinese basketball player, recently took a picture with WWE wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The picture was posted to Dwayne Johnson’s official Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram profile on Friday. In most cases, there is nothing really special about a professional basketball player taking a picture with a professional… Read more »

WWE: The Undertaker Now A NXT ‘Adviser,’ Retirement Coming Soon?

the undertaker pic-846

In the WWE, The Undertaker has been a main event staple for many years, but with the streak over with, there’s always been rumors that we may see The Undertaker retired relatively soon. Now that the Deadman has unofficially announced that he’s taking a new role with the WWE NXT development team, does this mean… Read more »

NFL Plans to Field London Team By 2022

NFL looking to move to London

It was reported several weeks ago that the NFL was planning to have at least one, if not two, teams in Los Angeles in the next two years. Well, it looks like Los Angeles isn’t the only major city the NFL wants to field a team, as they’re looking to either move a current franchise… Read more »

DeMarco Murray Buys iMac Computers For Offensive Linemen

DeMarco Murray

To say that DeMarco Murray is having a great season so far would be a huge understatement. However, Murray knows that none of his success would have been possible so far this season without the offensive linemen of the Dallas Cowboys doing their job so well. Therefore, he decided to show his appreciation for them… Read more »

High School Coach Fired For Watermelon Ritual To Be Reinstated

watermelon ritual results in coach's firing; petition results in rehiring.

A football coach at a South Carolina high school was dismissed from his job this week after complaints that a watermelon ritual his team performed after winning was a racist attack. However, the coach was offered his job back at Charleston’s Academic Magnet High School on Wednesday after agreeing to undergo diversity and sensitivity training…. Read more »