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Stephen Curry Shocks Chris Paul With Dribbling Move, Fans React

Stephen Curry

NBA star Stephen Curry proved once again that he is one of the most impressive ball-handlers in the game. When the Golden State Warriors went head-to-head against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night, Stephen Curry surprised Chris Paul with a now-viral play that left fans, critics and celebrities alike absolutely shocked. drakes reaction to… Read more »

‘March Madness’ Final Four Winner Determined — By Puppies! [Video]

Puppy Predictors Choose Final Four Winner

The end of 2015’s NCAA Basketball Tournament or “March Madness” is nearly upon us. The Final Four will see Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke, and Wisconsin throw down to determine which basketball teams will make it to the final and ultimately win this year’s tournament. The heavy favorite continues to be the undefeated Kentucky. At 38-0,… Read more »

WWE: Sting Is Back To Stay, And His Next Opponent Is Bo Dallas?

WWE Sting Vs. Bo Dallas

The WWE advertised an exclusive Sting interview following Monday Night RAW on the WWE Network, with many hoping to get a sense of what’s next for the Icon. And they got an answer, all right. Sting has no intentions of going anywhere, and he will be taking advantage of “any opportunity the WWE throws [his]… Read more »