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Aphrodite’s Head Uncovered In Southern Turkey

Head Aphrodite Statue Turkey

A life-sized, marble head of Aphrodite was uncovered in southern Turkey during an archaeological excavation. The head was found while diggers were uncovering an ancient pool-side mosaic. The head of the goddess of love and beauty isn’t as beautiful as the day it was carved, but the sculpture was no less impressive. LiveScience reports that… Read more »

Robot Snakes Being Sent To Explore Mars

Robot Snakes Being Sent To Explore Mars

Robot snakes could soon be headed to Mars to do some exploring. Researchers at the SINTEF Research Institute in Norway and at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology want to launch an exploration robot that borrows the look and movements of the legless reptiles. The plan to send robot snakes to Mars is still… Read more »

Harvest Moon 2013 Will Be Visible, Gorgeous Tonight [Depending]

2013 harvest moon

2013′s Harvest Moon will be lighting up the night sky either tonight or tomorrow, depending on your location. In 2013, the Harvest Moon will peak at just after 7 AM on the East Coast, but will also be visible all night long on Wednesday, September 18. After last month’s Sturgeon Moon, you may be interested… Read more »

Robot Snakes On Mars May Be Happening, We Live In The Future

robot snakes sintef

Robot snakes on Mars is not the premise of a new movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, but rather, a real possibility in space exploration and the coolest science story we’ve heard in the past ten minutes. If there’s any clear sign we need to invest more in NASA, it’s that robot snakes aren’t even an… Read more »

Mars One Gets 200,000 Volunteers For Colonization

Mars One To Choose From Over 200,000 Volunteers For Space Mission

Mars One has received 202,589 applications from people wanting to volunteer for a one-way trip to the Red Planet. While there are several private space programs setting their sights on a manned Mars mission, Mars One has gotten attention for its unique premise. To fund the mission, Mars One plans to select from volunteers who… Read more »

Voyager 1 Has Left Solar System, NASA Confirms

Voyager 1 has left the solar system, confirms NASA

Voyager 1 has left the solar system, with confirmation from NASA. A voyage begun over 36 years ago has finally sent a man-made object where no man has gone before. Thursday, NASA confirmed that that the probe known as Voyager 1 has indeed left the solar system and is now floating in interstellar space. Initially… Read more »

Leaping Frog Photobombs NASA Rocket Launch Of LADEE Spacecraft

Leaping frog photobombs NASA space launch of LADEE spacecraft

A “leaping” frog unintentionally photobombed a NASA rocket launch earlier this month. (Do you see it?) The unsuspecting amphibian is seen saluting the world amid the smoke plume left behind by the departing spacecraft. Unfortunately, due to the intense heat, the little guy probably didn’t make it past his five minutes of fame and is… Read more »

ISS Astronauts Land Safely After 166 Day Mission

ISS Astronauts Land In Asia After Ending Mission

Wednesday morning three ISS astronauts landed in Kazakhstan safely. The astronauts included American Chris Cassidy and Russians Ravel Vinogradov and Alexander Misurkin. All three appeared to be well and in good spirits after exiting the Soyuz capsule. From the capsule’s departure from the ISS to landing, the astronaut trio had a flight that lasted only… Read more »

Brain Waves Control Lights At Concert Via Special Cap

Performer's Brain Waves Control Lights At Concerts

A way to use brain waves to control lights at a concert has been developed by a neuroscientist. Wearing a special cap equipped with electrodes that read brain waves, stage lighting and effects can be changed with thought alone by a musician while he or she plays for an audience. The brain wave cap was… Read more »

Watch NASA’s LADEE Launch Live Here [Video Stream]

LADEE launch watch live

You can watch NASA’s LADEE launch tonight, whether you’re in the range of viewing from the launch spot or further away — areas as far as Pittsburgh can do the former, and the rest of us can get a gander online. NASA’s LADEE launch (the Lunar Atmosphere Dust Environment Explorer) is scheduled for 11:27 PM… Read more »

Fireball Outshines Moon Across Southeastern Skies

Fireball Outshines Moon Across Southeastern Skies

A giant fireball outshone the moon across skies in the American southeast last week, all thanks to an asteroid that was two feet wide and about 100 pounds. The meteor lit up the predawn skies on August 28, putting on a show for anyone lucky enough to be awake at the early hour. Bill Cooke,… Read more »

NASA Spacecraft Will Investigate Moon Dust Mystery

LADEE Spacecraft Moon Dust Mystery

A new NASA spacecraft launching on Friday will investigate the mystery of moon dust. The craft will investigate the dust along with the moon’s incredibly thin atmosphere. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) will blast off on Friday and should arrive into orbit around the moon about 30 days later. LADEE program scientist… Read more »

Roundworm Infection Plagued Richard III, New Research Shows

roundworm richard iii

King Richard III suffered a roundworm infection when he died, a report in medical journal The Lancet reveals centuries after the monarch’s passing. Roundworm is an intestinal parasite passed along in the fashion of most infections of its ilk — a disgusting but overly common overlapping Venn diagram of consuming things and excreting them. Before… Read more »

Global Warming Hoax Claimed As The Pacific Ocean Is Cooling The Globe

Global Warming Hoax Claimed As The Pacific Ocean Is Cooling The Globe

A global warming hoax is being claimed by critics as the oceans are said to be cooling the globe. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, global warming is not affected by soot and methane decreases. In the past, global warming models showed a steady and increasing average for global temperatures. One part of the global… Read more »

Greenland Boasts Grand Canyon Covered By Miles Of Ice

Grand Canyon Greenland

Beneath Greenland’s massive ice sheets lies the country’s own grand canyon, and it is arguably more impressive than the one that attracts millions of visitors in Arizona every year. The so-called “megacanyon” was discovered using airborne radar images taken by the US space agency NASA. They were then compiled by scientists at the University of… Read more »

Researchers Grow Human ‘Mini Brains’

Scientists Grown Mini Human Brains In Lab

Mini human brains have been grown in a lab in hopes that scientists will be able to better understand neurological disorders. According to The Wall Street Journal, researchers have used stem cells to grow pea-sized structures that resemble the developing human brain. The lab-grown mini brains are far from perfect, and a long way from… Read more »

Walking Shark, New Species, Found On Sea Floor

New Walking Shark Species Discovered

A new species of shark that “walks” along the seabed has been discovered off the coast of Indonesia. According to The Telegraph, the brown spotted fish, which has been called “Hemiscyllium halmahera“, is a species of bamboo shark that grows up to 27 inches in length. The sharks live on the ocean floor and wriggle… Read more »

Babies Recognize Words Heard In Womb, Says Fairly Alarming Study

babies words womb

Babies may recognize words that they hear in the womb. Oh boy. A new study from an international team of European researchers suggests that when a mother-to-be is giving up alcohol, smoking, and maybe even caffeine, she may have to think about watching her language as well. The team said their research showed that babies… Read more »

Haters Gonna Hate, New Study Reveals The Reason Why

haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate. Sure, we all know that it’s true. But have you ever wondered why? A new study released on Monday may have the answer. It could be that haters are just born that way. According to researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Pennsylvania, people may have a… Read more »