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New Research Could Solve The Origin Of Life

Microscope slide

One of the biggest questions that biologists attempt to answer is the origin of life on Earth. While much of life science has answered questions about the development of species and changes in organisms over time, nobody has yet solved the mystery of how the first cells of life started. But a team of researchers… Read more »

Honduras Lost Cities Will Be Protected From Deforestation And Looters

Lost Cities

Two newly discovered lost cities will be protected from deforestation and looters. Early last week, Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández announced that armed forces were deployed to the Mosquitia region to preserve the ancient ruins. Although it is not confirmed, the cities are rumored to include the legendary “White City” and the “City of the… Read more »

250-Year-Old Pretzel Unearthed In Bavaria Among Old Croissants And Rolls

250-year-old German pretzel found

One baker’s disappointment is now an archaeological discovery. The world’s oldest pretzel, clocking in at a youthful 250-years-old, has been found in Germany, and it may also be one of Europe’s oldest baked goods. The pretzel wasn’t the only find; archaeologists unearthed a bunch of antique pastries, including croissants, rolls, and other pretzel pieces, NBC… Read more »

Is Evolution Observable In Action Today? Richard Dawkins Explains

Is evolution observable? Dawkins says it is -- and that it doesn't have to be.

Is evolution observable, in the sense that the Earth’s orbit of the sun is observable? This is the basis for Richard Dawkins’ most recent video, which he posted online this week in response to a question asked of him online. It’s a point that’s often raised by those who doubt evolution: Is it science if… Read more »

Ancient Coins Found In Israel, Minted By Alexander The Great Himself

Ancient Coins Found

Late last week, a group of spelunking enthusiasts with the Israeli Caving Club were preparing for an upcoming expedition by exploring one of the most well-hidden stalactite caves in Northern Israel, when they came across a hidden cache of ancient gold coins stuck in a small crevasse in the cave wall. The coins, which officials… Read more »

Have Archaeologists Discovered Jesus Christ’s Childhood Home?


A recent report from the UK’s Mirror newspaper says that researchers may have discovered the childhood home of Jesus Christ, AKA Jesus Of Nazareth. British archaeologist Dr. Ken Dark said that the home discovered in northern Israel could belong to Mary and Joseph, who raised the boy from an infant. While Dr. Dark does not… Read more »

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Mars One Mission Won’t Get Backing

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Mars One

Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t have high hopes for Mars One. As the well-known scientist and host of Star Talk told Business Insider, it’s unlikely the mission to Mars will get the funding it needs to succeed. Mars One, which plans to create a Martian outpost with a crew to land in 2024, recently announced the… Read more »

Why Daylight Saving Time Makes No Sense, Saves No Energy


You’ve probably never thought about it much: some time around Halloween, you set your clock back an hour one Saturday night and get an extra hour’s sleep. And then, as Easter approaches, you set it ahead an hour and lose an hour’s sleep. You might have learned “Spring forward, fall back” in order to remember… Read more »

The Theory Of Relativity – Einstein’s Genius Proved Correct 100 Years Later

Images Support Einstein's Theory Of Relativity 100 Years Later

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Strangely enough, the Hubble Space Telescope has simultaneously provided illustrated confirmation of the physicist’s theories. A more timely celebration and vindication of relativity couldn’t have been imagined. As the Independent reports, the Hubble Space Telescope provides evidence of the general theory of… Read more »

Turns Out There’s A Scientific Reason Why Indian Food Is So Delicious

why is Indian food so delicious?

What makes Indian food, with its melange of spices, curries, and complex flavor pairings so delicious? According to scientists, it’s the lack of overlapping tastes in a dish’s ingredients. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jaipu, India, analyzed thousands of popular Indian recipes on TarlaDalal, which is one of the most extensive online… Read more »

Jesus’ Childhood Home May Have Been Found, Archaeologist Says

Jesus' Childhood Home

A British archaeologist claims he has identified the first century childhood home of Jesus. According to the archaeologist, an ancient text points to a first century stone and mortar structure hewn out of limestone in a hillside in Nazareth, northern Israel, as the house where Jesus lived as a child. Reading University archaeologist Dr. Ken… Read more »