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Why Are Mosquitoes So Difficult To Swat? Science Explains

Why Are Mosquitoes So Notoriously Difficult To Swat?

Swatting mosquitoes has always been a much harder task than it sounds. Those pesky buggers are able to fly circles around you, and you still can’t seem to snag even a single one. Though there are mats, mosquito swatters, and countless other devices that promise to help you get rid of these tiny pests, not… Read more »

Researchers Discover A New Way To Make Oxygen Without Plants

making oxygen without plants

Researchers have discovered a new way to make molecular oxygen without the need of plants. The research could help scientists understand the Earth’s early atmosphere and how other planets filled with carbon dioxide may form oxygen. The French Tribune reports that researchers from the University of California in Davis have found that by exposing carbon… Read more »

The Moon Revised: ‘Man In The Moon’ Gets A New Origin Story

Supermoon 2014: Perseid Meteor Shower To Coincide With Largest Full Moon This Year

The long-held theory that the “Man in the Moon” craters on the moon’s surface were created by asteroids is now under investigation. Many scientists believe the craters may have come from a drastically different source — from within. CNET reports that new NASA data released this week supports the theory that magma from within the… Read more »

Pluto Is A Planet After All

NASA rendering of possible tenth planet

Not long after scientists decided Pluto didn’t fit the definition of a planet, a new public debate has determined that Pluto is a planet once again. According to Science Alert, a group of scientists gathered last week to debate over what a planet actually is. After a popular vote, the congregation decided that Pluto does,… Read more »

Viagra Linked To Blindness — Are You At Risk?

Viagra causes blindness, Pfizer

Comforting as it may be for men to know they can reach for Viagra when age or illness has taken a toll of their sex drive, users might want to think twice before popping the little blue pills. Researchers from Australia’s University of New South Wales have released a study claiming that Viagra causes blindness… Read more »

Dolphins Have The Same Sixth Sense As Pigeons

Dolphins and Pigeons

In a stunning discovery made in France yesterday, dolphins were found to possess the same sixth sense as pigeons: magnetoreception. In 2012, researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine identified a key component in the pigeon’s global positioning system, and it was that component the animal’s used to “read” the Earth’s magnetic field for direction… Read more »

Scientists Watch As A Planet Forms For The First Time

new planet

Planets are formed from disks of gas and dust that orbit around young stars. Once the “seed” of the planet — composed of a small aggregate of dust — is formed, it will continue to gather material, and it will carve out a cavity or gap in the disk along its orbital path. Now scientists… Read more »

Sierra Nevada Corporation: Private Space Company Accuses NASA Of Favoritism

Sierra Nevada Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation, an American privately held electronic systems provider and systems integrator specializing in micro-satellites, energy, telemedicine, nanotechnology, and commercial orbital transportation services, is irate over two contracts NASA recently awarded to other companies. In September, NASA bypassed the Sierra Nevada Corporation, instead giving multi-billion dollar contracts to shuttle American astronauts to and from… Read more »

The ESA’s Philae Lander Scheduled To Land On A Comet Next Month


As the United States and India eye their new satellites around Mars, the European Space Agency (ESA) is looking in the direction of a comet, and it’s been looking at that comet for the last ten years. The ESA has announced that it will release its Rosetta mission lander, Philae, on November 12 so that… Read more »