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Monumental Methane Leaks Discovered Off East Coast Of U.S.

methane seeps

Monumental methane leaks have been discovered off the east coast of the United States according to a new paper published yesterday in Nature Geoscience. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the effect of methane gas on global warming is 20 times greater than the effects of carbon dioxide. Though methane has a considerably shorter shelf-life… Read more »

Harken Seat Belt Sensor Could Eliminate Fatigue-Related Accidents

Seat Belt Sensor Harken Targets Drowsy Driving

The Harken seat belt sensor has targeted drowsy driving for demolition. Yes, a team of researchers has developed a new non-invasive sensor technology designed to monitor your breathing patterns and heart rate. The reason for this: As the body becomes fatigued, it starts to produce changes in both of these areas rather quickly. Harken, or… Read more »

Middle East Grave Held The Oldest Metal Object Ever Unearthed

An awl, unearthed in the Middle East, suggests that the area participated in metal trade centuries before initially believed.

A new discovery has been made in the Middle East that sheds much greater light on the history of the area. An archaeological site in Tel Tsaf, Isreal near the Jordan River has been working to uncover a village discovered in 1950. Digging began in the area at the end of the 1970s. Archaeologists believe… Read more »

Al Gore: Global Warming Claims Losing Steam

Al Gore global warming claims being disproved by scientists

Al Gore, the poster-boy for global warming, has taken some flak lately for the $500 million dollar sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. Now that Gore and his business partners are suing Al Jazeera for allegedly withholding funds from the sale, the media is questioning why Gore would even consider taking such a large… Read more »

Thigh Bone On Mars: Life Form Found Or A Hoax?

Thigh Bone On Mars Spotted In New Photo

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars sparked controversy this week when it beamed back pictures from the Red Planet of what appeared to be a thigh bone, setting the internet alight with rumors and theories. Pictures of the alleged thigh bone on Mars first appeared in a UFO blog, but was quickly picked up on by… Read more »

SpaceX Rocket Explodes Over Texas Testing Ground

SpaceX Rocket Explodes In Texas Test

It’s back to the drawing board for SpaceX. On Friday, August 22, private spaceflight company SpaceX launched the latest reusable rocket prototype at its testing facilities, only to watch it explode and fall out of the sky over MacGregor, Texas. The detonation occurred when the unmanned rocket’s systems detected an anomaly and triggered its own… Read more »

Spiders In Cities Are Getting Bigger – A LOT Bigger

City Spiders Are Getting Bigger

Scientists say spiders in urban areas are getting much, much larger. According to a new study published yesterday in PLOS One, specific species of spiders in urban Sydney, Australia are getting bigger and reproducing at much higher rates than the same spider species’ in rural areas. The suggestion from the data in the study is… Read more »

‘Cyborg Moth Bio-Bots’ – Not The Next Marvel Movie – They’re Reality!

Moth Bio-Bot

Cyborg Moth Bio-Bots. Real moths hooked up to computerized electronics so that we can control their direction and speed. No, this isn’t the plot of the latest Marvel mega-movie, it’s actually happening. According to Eurekalert, researchers at North Carolina State University have developed methods for electronically manipulating the flight muscles of moths and for electronically… Read more »

Space Station Covered With Plankton — Bizarre Discovery Baffles Scientists

Space station plankton

A strange discovery on the International Space Station has left scientists baffled. It turns out that the space station has traces of living sea plankton on the surface of the spacecraft that orbits more than 200 miles above the Earth’s surface, and well above the planet’s atmosphere. “The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,”… Read more »

Hangovers Not Caused By Dehydration Says New Book

Hangover Science

In the new book, Proof: The Science of Booze, author Adam Rogers takes a look at hangovers and the many popular myths that accompany them. In a recent interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, Rogers recounted some of them. Science is necessary to help us understand why drinking can make us feel so good, and so… Read more »

Shark Week: SharkCam Great White Attack Caught On Tape [Video]

REMUS SharkCam Footage

Today is the last day of Discovery Channel‘s “Shark Week,” so in honor of all things shark, here is a video of a shark attacking a SharkCam. The SharkCam gives viewers an up-close view of what a shark attack looks like in person, minus the pain. The video was taken with a REMUS SharkCam by… Read more »

A Wyoming Cave Gives Up Its Ice Age Secrets

Tens of Thousands of Fossils Wait At Cave Bottom

Natural Trap Cave in north-central Wyoming is a graveyard cavern that dates back to the Pleistocene period. Tens of thousands have died there, the bodies left exposed at the bottom of a hole. Discovered in 1970 and covered by a metal grate to protect lives and paleontological resources, it contains the fossils of animals which… Read more »

Super Moon And Meteor Shower To Light Sunday Sky

Super Moon and Meteor Shower

The annual Perseid meteor shower is due to arrive on Sunday, August 10. The shower is most visible at its peak, between Sunday August 10 and Wednesday August 13, and it will remain visible for a week after its peak. The light show, which could normally bring as many as 100 shooting stars per hour,… Read more »

A Brighter Office Is A Healthier Office, New Study Claims


Offices aren’t typically regarded as paragons of health, but according to one intriguing study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University, your lonely, gray cubicle is one step closer to becoming a healthier place of employment. Doctor Phyllis Zee and associates have discovered that office employees who work in offices with more natural light tend to… Read more »