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People With Low IQ More Likely To Have Schizophrenia [Study]


Scientists have found a link between intelligence and the occurrence of schizophrenia according to latest scientific reports. In a recent study conducted by researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University, it was discovered that people with low IQ were more likely to develop schizophrenia. The study was lead by psychiatrist and schizophrenia expert Kenneth S. Kendler,… Read more »

NASA — New Spacecraft Will Be Inflatable


Mars. It comes up in every conversation concerning NASA at some point. When are we going to Mars? It turns out that NASA is continually trying to figure out how to do just that, and it now seems that a very simple design solution might be man’s ticket to the red planet. The question of… Read more »

Dwarf Star Heading For Solar System — Will It Be Our Nemesis?

Dwarf Star Nemesis Solar System

According to a study set for publication shortly, there is a 90 percent chance that a dwarf star similar to the theorized Nemesis star will pass through the outer boundaries of our solar system between a quarter and half million years from now. This Nemesis-like dwarf star has the potential for disturbing the perhaps trillions… Read more »

Scientists Get Birds Drunk To See If They Slur Their Speech

Slurred Speech

A new study published in the science journal, PLOS ONE, says that birds slur their speech when they’re drunk. Researchers in Oregon got several lab zebra finches hammered and analyzed their bird songs to learn more about alcohol-induced speech impairment. The scientists quickly found that drunk birds slur their speech in the same way that… Read more »

Scientists Establish Evolutionary Link Between Human Hands And Fish Fins


Scientists from the University of Chicago have finally answered an evolutionary puzzle that has been boggling biologists for years: the connection between human hands and fish fins. Biologists have long speculated on the evolutionary relationship between the modern human hand and the fins of water-dwelling animals, but most studies in the past have failed to… Read more »

NASA Sees Christmas Lights From Space

NASA, Christmas lights seen from space

Who knew Christmas lights could be seen from space? It turns out that those little holiday decorations are not only adding a little twinkle to your home and yard, but outer space as well. Research, which was co-led by Miguel Román, a research physical scientist at NASA Goddard and member of the Suomi NPP Land… Read more »

Discovery May Shed New Light On Stonehenge, If It’s Not Destroyed First


Archaeologists have found an ancient encampment near Stonehenge, which is being called the most important Stonehenge discovery in 60 years. Despite being a possible glimpse at the beginnings of Britain, the government might end up destroying it to make way for a new tunnel before its true importance can be assessed. The ancient encampment, known… Read more »

Name A Crater! NASA Asks The Public For Help Naming Mercury Craters

Name a crater on Mercury

NASA is looking to name five craters found on Mercury. However, instead of having NASA scientists name the craters, NASA is opening voting and name suggestions to the public. Discovery reports that NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is coming to the end of its mission. In honor of the mission’s achievements, NASA, teams at the Johns Hopkins… Read more »

Mars Methane Spikes Could Be First Evidence Of Alien Life


NASA’s Curiosity rover has made a new discovery of momentary methane spikes in the Martian atmosphere that could be the first evidence of life on the planet. The methane spikes could have come from microbial organisms on Mars. Curiosity rover discovered a momentary spike in methane levels at its Gale Crater landing area. The rover… Read more »