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Sleeping Beauty’s Grave Uncovered By British Archaeologists

Sleeping Beauty's Grave Discovered

British archaeologists have uncovered the grave of a woman they’ve dubbed “Sleeping Beauty” during a six-week dig in Northeastern Africa. The 2,000-year-old grave was filled with treasures from Rome including a necklace made from hundreds of tiny beads, a beaded belt, a flask to catch her tears and a jug filled with food for the… Read more »

Asteroid Impact Apocalypse: NASA Says World Won’t End In September 22-28 — Why NASA’s Statement Won’t Calm Fears


NASA has been forced to respond to conspiracy theory claims being spread online, stocking mass hysteria among the susceptible, that a giant asteroid will impact Earth September 22–28, 2015, causing widespread destruction and extinction of several species. According to the doomsday theorists, the impact will nearly wipe out humanity from the face of the planet…. Read more »

Whale Inside A Whale, Eaten By Shark, Discovered In Egypt

The basilosaurus skeleton represents the only complete specimen ever uncovered worldwide.

Scientists have uncovered what amounts to an ancient turducken in Egypt, documenting the fossilized remains of a whale inside of another whale, which was then eaten by sharks. The discovery was made in a region known as the Valley of Whales, according to the Huffington Post. A 40-million-year-old, 60-foot-long basilosaurus was discovered, with the fossilized… Read more »

No Pause In Global Warming According To New Study

The Arctic is the biggest blind spot in the study of global warming. Scientists recently revealed that there's been no pause in the phenomena.

Previous indications that there was a pause in global warming have been disproven in a new study published by the journal Science. Two years ago, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made a statement that global warming “has shown a much smaller increasing linear trend over the past 15 years than over the past… Read more »

Giant Plasma Tubes Confirmed To Exist In Earth’s Atmosphere

The plasma tubes have been theorized but never confirmed in the past.

Researchers led by an undergraduate student in Australia have developed a new way to map the Earth’s magnetosphere, confirming 60-year-old theories about the existence of massive plasma tubes in the upper atmosphere. The discovery is the result of an honors project by Cleo Loi, a 23-year-old undergraduate at the University of Sydney, according to IFLScience…. Read more »

Medieval Oxford Nunnery: Lepers, And Witches, And Sex-Crazed Nuns, Oh My!

Medieval Oxford Nunnery: Lepers, And Witches, And Sex-Crazed Nuns, Oh My!

During a planned construction near the Oxford United football stadium in England, workers uncovered a medieval Oxford nunnery and grave site. Archaeologists called to excavate the medieval nunnery began work by digging out a burial ground over the remains of what used to an infamous nunnery, called Littlemore Priory, founded in 1110. Paul Murray, of… Read more »

Bill Nye’s LightSail Spacecraft Reboots, ‘Calls Home’

Launched on May 20, the LightSail fell silent just days after reaching orbit.

Over a week after it lost contact with Earth, the Planetary Society’s LightSail spacecraft has rebooted itself in orbit, re-establishing contact with controllers on the ground. LightSail, a cube satellite about the size of a shoebox that was designed by Bill Nye’s Planetary Society to develop Carl Sagan’s concept of a solar sail, was lifted… Read more »

Bill Nye’s LightSail Spacecraft Stranded In Orbit

Engineers must now wait for a charged particle to strike the spacecraft, rebooting its operations.

The LightSail, a tiny solar-sailing cube satellite, has gone silent in orbit, stranded by a glitch that has frozen the spacecraft’s software. The satellite was built by the Planetary Society in an effort to test solar sail technology, and it was carried into orbit atop an Atlas V rocket, which also launched the Air Force’s… Read more »

Prof. Yuval Harari Says The Rich Will Be ‘God-Like Cyborgs’ In 200 Years

Yuval Harari Cyborgs

Professor Yuval Harari believes that inequality will reach evolutionary levels, with the rich making themselves into “God-like cyborgs” and the poor dying out. He claims it will be the biggest evolution in biology since life began. Professor Harari, an Israeli historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, recently talked about the future of humanity at… Read more »

The Nine Things NASA Unveiled To Determine Europa’s Habitability

Europa NASA

NASA took one step closer to its trip to Europa, which is the best hope for finding life in our solar system (aside from Earth). The space agency revealed nine scientific instruments that will go along with a future spacecraft that will determine the planet’s habitability. According to Science, Europa, one of Jupiter’s (at least)… Read more »