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Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Sits’ On Eggs For Over Four Years Before They Hatch!


An amazing deep-sea octopus has been discovered that closely watches over its eggs for almost four and a half years before they hatch, according to a new report published today from KQED Science. Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute discovered the octopus – technically referred to as Graneledone boreopacifica – by accident while… Read more »

University Fires Christian Scientist For Discovery Supporting Creationism

California State University

The argument between creationism versus evolution has been an age-old war ever since Charles Darwin introduced his theory. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on how both sides have debated each other including a video that questions students who believe in Darwinism to scientifically prove Darwin’s theory through the scientific method and the… Read more »

Mystery of Unearthed Ship Found At WTC Ground Zero Site Solved

WTC Ship Mystery Solved

An unearthed ship was found in July, 2010, by crews working at Ground Zero where the World Trade Center towers once stood. The mystery of the ship – what it was and where it came from – baffled scientists for the last few years, but now its origin, make and design have been unearthed as… Read more »

Dinosaurs: It Wasn’t Just An Asteroid That Killed Them…

dinosaur extinction

The extinction of the dinosaurs wasn’t just caused by a giant asteroid falling out of the sky, says a new study in the scientific journal, Biological Reviews; it was timing. Experts now believe that if that 6.2 mile wide hunk of space rock had hit the Earth a few millions years earlier or later, the… Read more »

Elon Musk’s Take On How Planes Should Work

Elon Musk Colbert Report

On The Colbert Report Thursday night, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, explained what he envisions the future of flight should be. He derived his visions from his revolutionary automobiles and rockets. You can view a video of the SpaceX rocket taking off and landing vertically. Elon Musk wants all planes to take… Read more »

Russia Loses Control Of Gecko Sex Satellite

Russian scientists launched five geckos into orbit to study their mating habits in zero gravity, but have lost control of the satellite

A Russian satellite filled with geckos who were shot into space to have sex in zero gravity has gone rogue, as controllers on the ground have lost their ability to direct the wayward spacecraft. The reptilian satellite of love was launched this past Friday, July 18, Gizmodo reports, carrying a payload of five geckos, several… Read more »

Justin Bieber’s Haircut Prevents Cancer Says New JAMA Report!

Justin Bieber Haircut Prevents Cancer

Though Justin Bieber has had his share of bad press and run-ins with the authorities as of late, there’s one contribution Justin Bieber has given the world that no one can dispute. A new report published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) says that Justin Bieber’s haircut can prevent skin cancer. No,… Read more »

Schizophrenia Study Has Big Implications for Sufferers

Schizophrenia symptoms in one photo

With yesterday’s news of a new schizophrenia study pinpointing over 100 genetic links to the disease, the question of how this will impact patients now and in the near-future was raised. The good news is that this new schizophrenia study found many things to continue exploring the disease scientifically. The bad news is that it… Read more »

Friend Study Finds That We Pick BFFs Who Are Genetically Similar

Friend Study: You And Your BFF Have More In Common Than You Realize

Friend study researchers have found a genetic link between you and your bestie. According to the new study, published Monday in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people are likely to select friends who are genetically similar to themselves, to the extend that they tend to be as alike genetically as… Read more »

Algae That Can Control Its Quantum Computer Discovered

Some types of alge are able to control their quantum computers, according to researchers.

Scientists have discovered that some algae are capable of using quantum effects to optimize photosynthesis, a finding which they believe could lead to solar cells with near perfect efficiency. According to io9, the observations show that much like a quantum computer, some algae are able to scan the full range of their options to choose… Read more »

Liberal? Conservative? Blame Your Brain, Research Says

Barack Obama, Rick Perry meet to discuss the border crisis.

As America appears to become ever more polarized, liberal and conservative people alike tend to caucus and “other” their ideological opponents — and while there is an argument to be made that we’re all Uncle Sam’s children, science also seems to have a growing body of evidence to prove that our fundamental differences might be…… Read more »

Was T. Rex’s Vision Really Based On Movement?

t rex fighting

It’s a question that has plagued moviegoers since Jurassic Park was released in 1993: Could a T. Rex really only see you if you moved? Thanks to researchers at the University of Oregon, that question may finally be answered. Professor Kent Stevens has been working on a project called DinoMorph, modeling therapod dinosaurs like the… Read more »

Want To Get Into STEM Grad School? A Chemist Answers Admission Questions


The Obama administration has been one of the biggest supporters of STEM education. However, despite massive campaigns to make science and engineering education more accessible, the costs of getting into grad school remains high, while acceptance rates in prestigious universities are at their lowest. Most of the time, graduating Summa cum Laude doesn’t cut it… Read more »

First Contact? Mysterious Radio Signal From Deep Space Baffles Astronomers

The fast radio signals originated somewhere outside of the Milky Way galaxy, according to astronomers

A mysterious radio signal detected by the Arecibo telescope has excited and baffled astronomers, who have been able to determine that it originated from a source in deep space, beyond the borders of the Milky Way. The signal detected at Arecibo serves as conformation that similar signals recorded by the Parkes Radio Telescope last year… Read more »