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Astronauts Bound For Mars Could Suffer Brain Damage From Cosmic Rays

By studying the effects of radiation on mice, researchers have concluded that asronauts may become cognitively impaired during their journey.

Astronauts traveling to Mars may face more dangers than previously realized, according to a new study which contends that long-term exposure to radiation from cosmic rays could result in brain damage among space explorers. Recent experiments on mice have shed light on the potential dangers that astronauts bound for Mars could face, the LA Times… Read more »

Mars Opportunity Rover Creature Image – Why We See What Isn’t Really There

opporunity rover

In addition to several other objects that appear to look like animals, alien bunkers, or even Martians themselves, the latest picture generating interest from the Mars Opportunity Rover looks something like a four-legged animal standing on the Martian wastes. At first glance, the “creature” captured on film by NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover looks like it… Read more »

Why Are Some People Left-Handed? Science Has A Rather Unusual Explanation Why 10 Percent Of The World’s Population Prefers The ‘Other’ Hand

Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

The left-handed people aren’t uncommon, but their plight is more than noticeable in this world dominated by the right-handed people. Now science has attempted to explain why almost 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed. One in 10 people in the world have been observed to be left-handed, nicknamed lefties. Interestingly, this 10 percent… Read more »

Spacecraft Spins Out Of Control As It Plunges Down To Earth

Spacecraft Falling Back To Earth

A spacecraft carrying supplies to the International Space Station has spun out of control and is plunging down to Earth. Russians launched a Soyuz rocket carrying a spacecraft called Progress 59; however, soon after launching controllers lost control of the vessel. A person who requested to remain anonymous provided the following comment to NDTV about… Read more »

The Woolly Mammoth Genome Project: To Clone Or Not To Clone?

Woolly mammoth

Thousands of years after the legendary woolly mammoth roamed the Earth, scientists believe they have uncovered the iconic Ice Age beasts’ genetic blueprint and that can one day bring it back to life. According to the Washington Post, a team of researchers have managed to sequence the species genome in its totality – providing a… Read more »

Arctic Carbon: One More Devastating Result Of Global Warming

arctic carbon

The effect of modern society — of emitting billions of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over a century — isn’t only going to make the plains into deserts, isn’t only going to make ocean-front property into underwater property, isn’t only going to exponentially increase the numbers of hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms, and… Read more »

What Earth Day Really Means, How It Started, And How It Helps

IN SPACE - JULY 17: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) In this handout photo provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) on July 17, 2014, German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst took this image of the Earth reflecting light from the sun whilst aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Gerst returned to earth on November 10, 2014 after spending six months on the International Space Station completing an extensive scientific programme, known as the 'Blue Dot' mission (after astronomer Carl Sagan's description of Earth, as seen on a photograph taken by the Voyager probe from six billion kilometres away). (Photo by Alexander Gerst / ESA via Getty Images)

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22. It’s the 45th anniversary of a lesser-known national event that many people don’t bother to celebrate. But with climate scientists compiling increasing amounts of evidence that the planet is in danger, Earth Day is perhaps more important now than ever. But Earth Day has been around longer than you… Read more »

Chimpanzees Observed Creating Deadly Killing Spears In Africa


Chimpanzees have often been cited as the closest cousins to human beings. Now, it seems, that chimpanzees might be closer than ever when it comes to behavior. A new research article published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, points out that a group of chimpanzees have been observed crafting incredibly sharp spears for which… Read more »

Jade Helm, Wal-Mart Underground Tunnels Conspiracy Theory: Footage Inside ‘Closed Walmart’ — What Are Cops Trying To Hide?


Conspiracy theory speculations about the sudden “mysterious” closures of at least five Wal-Mart stores in four states where Jade Helm military training exercises are scheduled to start got a boost in the last few days following release of footage purportedly showing police officers guarding loading docks and entrances at a “closed” Wal-Mart under circumstances that… Read more »