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Memory Implants: MIT Study Brings Science One Step Closer [Study]

Memory Implants Are Here, MIT Scientists Say

Memory implants could one day be possible in human beings, according to the findings of a MIT study published on Thursday in the journal Science. Susumu Tonegawa, a Nobel laureate and Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientist, led the research, which successfully implanted false memories into the brains of lab mice. According to, Tonegawa’s team… Read more »

SS Gairsoppa Wreck Contains 61 Tons Of Silver

SS Gairsoppa Salvage

The SS Gairsoppa wreck has yielded 61 tons of silver — a massive haul for salvage specialist company Odyssey Marine Exploration. The Gairsoppa, a merchant ship, was torpedoed during World War II. The shipwreck is located off the coast of Ireland, where it sank after a torpedo hit by a German U-boat in February 1941…. Read more »

Scientists Invent Space Coffee Mug For Astronauts

Space Coffee Mug

Drinking in space isn’t easy because liquid doesn’t behave like it does on Earth. For that reason, NASA scientists are currently performing a Capillary Flow Experiment aboard the International Space Station. Scientists have discovered that, when two solid surfaces meet at a narrow-enough angle, fluids in microgravity naturally flow along the joint with no pumping… Read more »

Plants Talk To Each Other Using Soil, Study Claims

Plants Talk To One Another With Soil

Plants talk to each other, according to a new study conducted by Dr. David Johnson at the University of Aberdeen. Dr. Johnson claims that plants use soil to tell nearby plants when they have been infected with certain diseases. Once warned, other plants activate genes that help keep them healthy. According to the study, the… Read more »

King David’s Palace Uncovered In Jerusalem

King David's palace has been uncovered

King David’s palace along with another royal public building has been uncovered near Jerusalem, Israel. For the past year, archaeologists have been excavating a site believed to be the fortified Judean city of Shaarayim. This is where David conquered Goliath as described in the Bible. Professors Yossi Garfinkel of Hebrew University and Saar Ganor, who… Read more »

Mars’ Atmosphere Was Destroyed Billions Of Years Ago

NASA Mars Atmosphere Was Gone When Planet Formed

The cold and dry planet of Mars is dominated by carbon dioxide that resides inside a thin atmosphere. According to new data from NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, the planet has been that way for nearly 4 billion years. According to scientists, Mars’ formation occurred nearly 4.5 billion years ago, and its violent formation caused it… Read more »

Flesh Eating Worms Invade A Woman’s Ear

After the British tourist returned from a vacation in Peru earlier this year, she started experiencing headaches, shooting pains down the side of her face and an unexplained discharge from one ear.

That annoying sound heard in Rochelle Harris’ ears was actually flesh eating worms. The British tourist returned from Peru earlier this year and started experiencing headaches, unexplained discharge from one ear, and shooting pains down the side of her face. Those symptoms, plus the bizarre scratching sounds she continued hearing, prompted Harris to visit a… Read more »

Scientists Charge Mobile Phone With Urine

Urine phone

British researchers have managed to charge their mobile phones with urine. Scientists at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory were able to build an electrical charge by running the urine though microbial cells, and these then reacted to compounds which included sodium, potassium, and chloride. After the human waste charged the mobile phone, they were able to… Read more »

T. Rex Tooth Found In Plant-Eating Dinosaur’s Spine

T. Rex Tooth Found

A T. Rex tooth was discovered lodged inside a plant-eating dinosaur’s spine. The discovery has confirmed some paleontologists’ belief that the Tyrannosaurus rex hunted and ate other dinosaurs. National Academy of Sciences published a report on Monday, outlining their findings. The tooth is the first evidence that directly suggests the T. Rex was a predator,… Read more »

The Chesapeake Bay’s New Project To Bring Oysters Back

Federal and state agencies are trying to restore Chesapeake Bay's oysters, and two billion pinpoint-sized baby oysters are at the heart of the effort.

The Chesapeake Bay has a new project to bring oysters back. Federal and state agencies are trying to restore Chesapeake Bay’s oysters, and two billion pinpoint-sized baby oysters are at the heart of the effort. The Chesapeake was once so full of oysters that Native Americans called it “great shellfish bay.” A combination of overfishing,… Read more »

Astronomer Discovers New Moon Orbiting Neptune

Neptune moon discovery

An astronomer studying old Neptune images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a new moon orbiting the planet Neptune, NASA announced on Monday. This would be the planet’s 14th moon, and its smallest known to date, it is estimated to be about 12 miles in diameter, and is located about 65,400 miles from Neptune…. Read more »

World’s Oldest Calendar Discovered, Might Show When Humans Created Time

Worlds Oldest Calendar

The world’s oldest calendar has been discovered, and British archaeology experts believe it could provide insight into when humans first created the concept of time. The calendar dates back to 8,000 BC and was excavated in Aberdeenshire, Scotland by the National Trust for Scotland in 2004. Years later, a team at the University of Birmingham… Read more »

Giant Lionfish Discovered At Deeper Depths By Divers


Giant lionfish have been found in the Atlantic Ocean at previously unsuspected depths. Oregon State University released a statement last week describing the troubling results of what they called the first expedition to use a deep-diving submersible to seek out the predatory invasive lionfish that are devouring the native fish populations in the Caribbean and… Read more »