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CME Event ‘Probable’ After Major Solar Flare, Power Grid At Risk

cme 2014

Space Weather Prediction Center said that it was probable that the solar flare that happened on Wednesday did create a coronal mass ejection (CME), although that won’t be confirmed until further analysis. If the solar flare did create a CME, the question becomes, how hard will it hit the Earth? Wednesday’s solar flare registered as… Read more »

Tavurvur Volcano Erupts And The Punishing Shockwave Is Captured [Video]


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Tavurvur Volcano in Papua, New Guinea erupted on August 29th. The eruption scattered lava hundreds of feet into the air as smoke and ash billowed into the sky, according to the Washington Post. The Tavurvur Volcano sits on the Gazelle Peninsula in Papua New Guinea, and this isn’t… Read more »

Mars Curiosity Rover: New Book Details Its Amazing Discoveries


The exploits of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s mission thus far have been detailed in a new book by Marc Kaufman called Mars Up Close. The Mars Curiosity Rover was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on November 26th, 2011. It landed on the Aeolis Palus Gale Crater on Mars almost nine months later on August 6th,… Read more »

New Dinosaur Species: Massive Skeleton Unearthed In Argentina

Dreadnoughtus schrani

Scientists have identified a new dinosaur species. The massive Dreadnoughtus schrani skeleton is one of the largest, and most complete, ever found. It is estimated that the new dinosaur was close to 90 feet long and weighed nearly 65 tons. The skeleton was discovered by Professor Kenneth Lacovara, PhD, with Drexel University’s College of Arts… Read more »

Yellowstone Volcano: Would Supervolcano Fracking Ever Be A Good Idea?

Yellowstone Volcano: Would Supervolcano Fracking Ever Be A Good Idea?

The Yellowstone volcano continues to be a topic of interest throughout 2014, with public interest being so strong that the USGS has responded to the conspiracy theories being bandied about around the internet. But although some feel the raging heat being generated by the caldera underneath Yellowstone National Park is a reason for worry, alternative… Read more »

Buzz Aldrin Saw UFO During Moon Trip


Buzz Aldrin has revealed that he saw an unidentified flying object during Apollo 11’s 1969 trip through space that culminated in him walking on the moon. The 84-year-old astronaut made the revelation during a Reddit “ask me anything” question and answer session last month, which also saw him reveal that the first human beings who… Read more »