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A Wyoming Cave Gives Up Its Ice Age Secrets

Tens of Thousands of Fossils Wait At Cave Bottom

Natural Trap Cave in north-central Wyoming is a graveyard cavern that dates back to the Pleistocene period. Tens of thousands have died there, the bodies left exposed at the bottom of a hole. Discovered in 1970 and covered by a metal grate to protect lives and paleontological resources, it contains the fossils of animals which… Read more »

Super Moon And Meteor Shower To Light Sunday Sky

Origin of life on Earth from space

The annual Perseid meteor shower is due to arrive on Sunday, August 10. The shower is most visible at its peak, between Sunday August 10 and Wednesday August 13, and it will remain visible for a week after its peak. The light show, which could normally bring as many as 100 shooting stars per hour,… Read more »

A Brighter Office Is A Healthier Office, New Study Claims


Offices aren’t typically regarded as paragons of health, but according to one intriguing study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University, your lonely, gray cubicle is one step closer to becoming a healthier place of employment. Doctor Phyllis Zee and associates have discovered that office employees who work in offices with more natural light tend to… Read more »

Whovian Physicists Claim TARDIS Time Travel Is Possible

The geometry of our universe may allow for time travel, according to a pair of Whovian theoretical physicists

A scientific paper recently published by a pair of physicist Doctor Who fans suggests that time travel via a TADRIS-like timeship may be scientifically possible. According to the paper, the geometry of spacetime in which the Doctor’s fictional TARDIS travels may actually exist in our own universe. The authors, Ben Tippett and David Tsang, say… Read more »

Shrinky Dinks Origami Robots – Welcome To Your Future

Origami Robot with Shrinky Dinks Technology

Origami robots — made of paper and a thin piece of plastic — that actually walk under their own power using Shrinky Dinks technology? Yeah. They exist. Imagine walking into a Kinkos or an Office Max and asking them to print you up an Origami robot. That technology and opportunity will be available shortly, according… Read more »

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption? USGS Records 99 Earthquakes In July Of 2014

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption? USGS Records 99 Earthquakes In July Of 2014

Fears over a potential Yellowstone volcano eruption in 2014 have had people worrying about whether earthquakes in the region of Yellowstone National Park could cause the massive caldera to pop and the supervolcano to explode. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) recently announced there were 99 earthquakes in July, but is that anything to get… Read more »

Rosetta Space Probe In Orbit Around Comet 67P

Rosetta Has Traveled 4 Billion Miles To Reach Comet

Early this morning, after traveling for more than a decade, the Rosetta spacecraft reached orbit around Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko after crossing a distance of four billion miles (6.4 billion km). It is the first probe to meet a comet on its journey around the sun. According to the ESA (European Space Agency), it has taken a… Read more »

6500-Year-Old Skeleton Rediscovered In Museum Basement

missing skeleton found

Archaeologists at Penn Museum announced Tuesday that they had re-discovered a 6,500 year old skeleton which was forgotten in a basement eight decades ago. Call him Noah. He was muscular, a few inches short of six feet tall, and died at 50. For his time period, he was probably taller than the average and he… Read more »

The ‘Hobbit’ Skeleton May Not Be A New Human But Had A Familiar Condition


There have been many archaeological discoveries that have either pushed the limits of scientific rationale, or simply surprised many. Here at The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on such like the scientist who discovered a triceratops horn with soft tissue, a find that might actually debunk evolution or an ancient cemetery found in the backyard… Read more »

Another Successful Launch, Is SpaceX Clearing The Path For Humans On Mars?

Journey To Mars, What is SpaceX Role

SpaceX launched the latest AsiaSat satellite this morning, proving itself again as a likely NASA partner for the trip to Mars, but the launch was missing an important feature: re-usability. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched at 4 am Tuesday morning. The Falcon 9 delivered the AsiaSat 8 satellite into orbit for the Asia Satellite… Read more »

Scientists Discover Extinct ‘Mega’ Penguin Species

Though extinct, the mega penguin species is the largest ever recorded

Scientists have identified a new species of penguin that, while it may be extinct, was a behemoth in its day, reaching over two meters in length and standing as tall as a man. As IFLScience notes, the penguin species is the heaviest and largest ever identified. Scientists operating on an island in the Antarctic Peninsula… Read more »

EmDrive: NASA’s New Starship Engine Breaks The Laws Of Physics

The EmDrive engine utilizes no propellant to create thrust in the vacuum of space

An experimental engine that is gaining acceptance among NASA scientists may power a future generation of starships, and it only has to break the known laws of physics to do so. The EmDrive is a new type of engine that may represent a huge advancement for NASA’s space program. The engine doesn’t require propellant, according… Read more »

Mysterious World Trade Center Ship Predates U.S. Independence

Mystery World Trade Center Ship Solved

The mysterious World Trade Center ship discovered by excavators in New York’s Lower Manhattan predates U.S. independence, according to a study published in the July issue of the journal Tree-Ring Research. The ship, a type of sailboat called a sloop, was discovered in 2010 by excavators working at the World Trade Center site in 2010…. Read more »

Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Sits’ On Eggs For Over Four Years Before They Hatch!


An amazing deep-sea octopus has been discovered that closely watches over its eggs for almost four and a half years before they hatch, according to a new report published today from KQED Science. Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute discovered the octopus – technically referred to as Graneledone boreopacifica – by accident while… Read more »

University Fires Christian Scientist For Discovery Supporting Creationism

California State University

The argument between creationism versus evolution has been an age-old war ever since Charles Darwin introduced his theory. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on how both sides have debated each other including a video that questions students who believe in Darwinism to scientifically prove Darwin’s theory through the scientific method and the… Read more »

Mystery of Unearthed Ship Found At WTC Ground Zero Site Solved

WTC Ship Mystery Solved

An unearthed ship was found in July, 2010, by crews working at Ground Zero where the World Trade Center towers once stood. The mystery of the ship – what it was and where it came from – baffled scientists for the last few years, but now its origin, make and design have been unearthed as… Read more »

Dinosaurs: It Wasn’t Just An Asteroid That Killed Them…

dinosaur extinction

The extinction of the dinosaurs wasn’t just caused by a giant asteroid falling out of the sky, says a new study in the scientific journal, Biological Reviews; it was timing. Experts now believe that if that 6.2 mile wide hunk of space rock had hit the Earth a few millions years earlier or later, the… Read more »

Elon Musk’s Take On How Planes Should Work

Elon Musk Colbert Report

On The Colbert Report Thursday night, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, explained what he envisions the future of flight should be. He derived his visions from his revolutionary automobiles and rockets. You can view a video of the SpaceX rocket taking off and landing vertically. Elon Musk wants all planes to take… Read more »

Russia Loses Control Of Gecko Sex Satellite

Russian scientists launched five geckos into orbit to study their mating habits in zero gravity, but have lost control of the satellite

A Russian satellite filled with geckos who were shot into space to have sex in zero gravity has gone rogue, as controllers on the ground have lost their ability to direct the wayward spacecraft. The reptilian satellite of love was launched this past Friday, July 18, Gizmodo reports, carrying a payload of five geckos, several… Read more »