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Space Junk Debris Harpooning Talks Underway At European Space Agency

space junk space debris

Space debris, often called space junk, is a growing hazard in low-earth orbit. This week’s 6th European Conference on Space Debris is currently being held in Darmstadt, Germany to allow members of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the concerned public to address the problem of space junk leftover from the approximately 4,900 launches that… Read more »

Pink Full Moon Thursday, But Not For Everyone

pink full moon thursday 2013

Farmer’s Almanac readers may know a pink full moon Thursday will jazz up the night sky … but not all people of Earth will be able to see the spectacle live in person. Eager skywatchers will probably want to catch the pink full moon Thursday, which will coincide with a lunar eclipse. But many of… Read more »

Watch Spacewalk Streaming Live From International Space Station [Video]


Two members of the Expedition 35 crew will be embarking on a spacewalk today outside of the International Space Station. Astronauts Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko will spend six-hours outside of the ISS to retrieve several science experiments. NASA writes in a press release that the astronauts will also be installing a new navigational aid…. Read more »

Child Witnesses Can Be Easily Manipulated, New Study

child witnesses

Child witnesses can be remarkably easy to manipulate, according to research from the UK’s University of Hertfordshire, which will be presented this week at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference. Based on their findings, you could almost say that it’s child’s play to get the kid to give you the description that you’re looking for…. Read more »

Female Moa Tallest Bird Ever At 12 Feet, Twice Her Mate’s Size

female moa is tallest bird

The female moa, the world’s tallest bird that ever lived, could stand as tall as 12 feet — up to 150 percent as tall as her mate. Indeed, the size difference is so great that, in years gone by, fossil hunters wrongly placed male and female skeletons into different species. Researchers from the Zoological Society… Read more »

Dinosaurs Were Strong Swimmers, New Evidence


Dinosaurs were good swimmers, or at least they were halfway decent dog paddlers. An international team of researchers including Canada’s University of Alberta Scott Persons has been taking a closer look at the footprints found on the bottom of what was once a waterway in Szechuan, China. A trackway is a place where dinosaurs once… Read more »

NASA’s Planet Hunting Probe Launching In 2017

TESS and NICER - NASA Projects

NASA’s planet hunting probe is being planned for a 2017 launch. The Satellite (TESS) and Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) are the latest missions approved by NASA’s Astrophysics Explorer Program. The program’s officials say the project will cost $200 million for satellites and $55 million for space station experiments. To scan for exoplanets, the… Read more »

Asteroid Retrieval Mission May Be Joined By Russia [Video]

asteroid retrieval mission may be joined by Russia

NASA’s asteroid retrieval proposal was thrust back into the news Friday, when Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) announced that the ambitious plan to lasso an asteroid and bring it closer to earth had the president’s support. Now, you and I may have been asking ourselves just what the good senator was smoking, but the project is… Read more »

Hubble Discovers Furthest Star Explosion Yet

Hubble Space Star Discovery

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have spotted a star explosion that is further away from Earth than any previously recorded explosion. Scientists hope the new discovery will help them better understand the origins of the Universe. Supernova UDS10Wil (SN Wilson) exploded more than 10 billion years ago and took more than 10 billion years… Read more »

Face-Sized Tarantula Discovered In Sri Lanka

Face-Sized Tarantula In Sri Lanka

A face-sized tarantula was recently discovered in the northern part of Sri Lanka. Several people have found the giant arachnids living inside old trees in the area. However, deforestation have pushed the spiders to more spacious accommodations. Some folks have discovered the face-sized tarantulas tucked away inside abandoned buildings. The enormous spider belongs to the… Read more »

How Galaxies Grow, How They Age [Video]

how spiral galaxies form, how elliptical galaxies age

How do spiral galaxies form so that they get their lovely pinwheeling arms? Why were the ancient red elliptical galaxies so much smaller ten billion years ago than they are today? Two teams from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) recently published their research on these questions. In a late March “Weekly Science Update,” CfA… Read more »

Black Holes Have Our Galaxy Surrounded

black holes have our galaxy surrounded, and there's a LOT of them out there

Black holes behaving badly are the subject of a couple of recent studies by two unrelated groups of astronomers. A two person European team discovered a hard X-ray flare in the normally mild-mannered galaxy NGC 4845. After some investigation, they cheerfully concluded that a lurking black hole had pulled in and destroyed an object some… Read more »

Supernova 1987A In Its Death Throes

supernova 1987A as it dies

Beautiful supernova 1987A was discovered in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a nearby satellite to our Milky Way, when the light from its enormous explosion reached the earth in February 1987. Over the years, astronomers have continued to study what happened when the faraway star exploded. A team using the Australia Telescope Compact Array CSIRO radio… Read more »

Gate To Hell Discovered In Turkey

gate to hell

The gate to hell has been discovered in Turkey. And no, this doesn’t appear to be an April Fool’s Day prank. According to USA Today, a team of Italian archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient mythological cave, known as Pluto’s Gate, which has also been described by Cicero and Greek geographer Strabo as… Read more »

Green Rock Might Be Meteorite From Mercury

Green Rock From Mercury

Scientists believe they have discovered Earth’s first meteorite from Mercury. The green rock was discovered in Morocco last year and according to meteorite scientist Anthony Irving, his groups year long study suggests that NWA 7325 came from Mercury. The groups findings were presented during the 44th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands,… Read more »