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Liberal? Conservative? Blame Your Brain, Research Says

Barack Obama, Rick Perry meet to discuss the border crisis.

As America appears to become ever more polarized, liberal and conservative people alike tend to caucus and “other” their ideological opponents — and while there is an argument to be made that we’re all Uncle Sam’s children, science also seems to have a growing body of evidence to prove that our fundamental differences might be…… Read more »

Was T. Rex’s Vision Really Based On Movement?

t rex fighting

It’s a question that has plagued moviegoers since Jurassic Park was released in 1993: Could a T. Rex really only see you if you moved? Thanks to researchers at the University of Oregon, that question may finally be answered. Professor Kent Stevens has been working on a project called DinoMorph, modeling therapod dinosaurs like the… Read more »

Want To Get Into STEM Grad School? A Chemist Answers Admission Questions


The Obama administration has been one of the biggest supporters of STEM education. However, despite massive campaigns to make science and engineering education more accessible, the costs of getting into grad school remains high, while acceptance rates in prestigious universities are at their lowest. Most of the time, graduating Summa cum Laude doesn’t cut it… Read more »

First Contact? Mysterious Radio Signal From Deep Space Baffles Astronomers

The fast radio signals originated somewhere outside of the Milky Way galaxy, according to astronomers

A mysterious radio signal detected by the Arecibo telescope has excited and baffled astronomers, who have been able to determine that it originated from a source in deep space, beyond the borders of the Milky Way. The signal detected at Arecibo serves as conformation that similar signals recorded by the Parkes Radio Telescope last year… Read more »

Summer’s First Supermoon Appears Saturday Night

Summer's First Supermoon Saturday

This summer’s first supermoon will appear in the night sky on Saturday and is only the first in a lunar triple-play this summer. During Saturday night’s display, the July full moon will appear about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent closer than a normal full moon. Last year’s June full moon made headlines with its… Read more »

Milky Way Most Visible Now During Summer Months

Milky Way Galaxy most visible in July

The middle months of summer usually mean more outdoor fun for most, and while you may be out enjoying the sunshine or the beach, there’s another spectacle that happens during the summer that’s worth staying up late for – observing the Milky Way. On July 3rd, Earth will be at aphelion, its farthest point from… Read more »

Will NASA Send a Drone to Titan?

titan sub

Titan has been a NASA focus lately, thanks to its Cassini mission still ongoing there. Based on the data, they’ve learned that the moon is very similar in nature to a primitive Earth. Of course, our weather system involves water, but the Saturnian moon’s system is methane-based, but the world still has rain, albeit different… Read more »

NASA Aims To Find Greenhouse Gas Sources From Orbit

Pine Island Calving

For all those (few) who still deny the immediacy of global warming, ask yourself why NASA will relaunch, amid the world’s current race to Mars, its Orbiting Carbon Observatory on Tuesday to glean a better understanding of climate change and the carbon dioxide emissions suspected of causing it. Our understanding already appears to be standing… Read more »

Biologists Warn Emperor Penguins Are Endangered

Endangered Species Emperor Penguins

Biologists warned in a new study that Antarctica’s emperor penguins are endangered by global warming. The study predicts that climate change will cut the continent’s 600,000-strong population by at least a fifth by 2100 because the sea ice will become too unstable for the birds to live on. Reuters reports that the report called on… Read more »

Should We All Be Eating Insects? [VIDEO]

Should We Eat Bugs?

The title of this article alone could be very disturbing for some of our readers. I mean insects, in general, have this perceived view of being disgusting, dirty, and outright uneatable. True plenty of them are, such as cockroaches and dung beetles (if you care about your health I mean), but a very scientific questions… Read more »

Prayer Brings Different People Together, Claims New Study


Although the very subject of prayer has divided people from different political and religious backgrounds, a recent sociological study suggests that prayer can be a very effective tool in bringing together people in diverse organizations. According to, a University of Connecticut sociologist led a study that confirmed the efficacy of prayer when uniting and… Read more »

Fracking Earthquakes Cause Oklahoma To Beat California Earthquake Numbers

Fracking Earthquakes Cause Oklahoma To Beat California Earthquake Numbers

Fracking earthquakes are causing so much controversy that it is being claimed that earthquakes in Oklahoma are beating the California earthquake numbers. In a related report by The Inquisitr, an oil fracking EPA study determined they couldn’t find a definitive case where fracking has contaminated oil. While that may be surprising to environmentalists, it may… Read more »

Scientists Sift Through Neanderthal Excreta To Dig Out Valuable Insights


Neanderthals are one of our oldest precursors. Their ways of eating and living may have long been obliterated and people may be living in urban jungles today, but insights into their existence thousands of years ago still fascinate scientists. Recently researchers carefully extracted the oldest known Neanderthal excreta in Spain and offered data that will… Read more »