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Volanoes May Erupt More Due To Climate Change

Climate change may increase volcanic activity

A new study published in the journal Geology suggests the rapid rise in sea levels might cause a dramatic increase in volcano eruptions. Scientists studied periods of rapid climate change over the last million years. They found that, when continental glaciers rapidly melted, it caused the sea-level to rise and eventually increased volcanic eruptions. The… Read more »

More Than 100 Billion Alien Planets In Milky Way, Says New Study

alien planet

There are more than 100 billion alien planets in the Milky Way. A new study of the five-planet system Kepler-32 has led researchers to believe that the Milky Way is full of alien planets. Jonathan Swift, the lead author of the study, said that nearly every M dwarf star has at least one planet. Swift… Read more »

2013 Comet Could Be Brighter Than The Moon, If It Survives

Comet ISON Nears Earth

Comet ISON will pass 1.2 million miles from the center of the sun on November 28, 2013, according to NASA’s Near Earth Object Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. When the object passes by Earth’s night sky, it could be brighter than the moon. The comet will grow increasingly bright as it… Read more »

Asteroid In 2040 Won’t Hit Earth, Says NASA

asteroid in 2040

An asteroid in 2040 will not impact Earth. Asteroid 2011 AG5 is expected to fly by Earth in the year 2040. Scientists were worried that the 460-foot wide posed a threat, but new observations show that the asteroid in 2040 will not come close to hitting the earth. reports that 2011 AG5 was discovered… Read more »

Harvard Scientist Wants To Refreeze Arctic To Reverse Global Warming

Arctic Ice Freezing

David Keith, a geoengineer at Harvard University, has proposed a radical plan to reverse global warming,: He wants to refreeze the Arctic using man made techniques. According to Keith, his plan would involve forcing reflective particles into the Earth’s upper atmosphere — the stratosphere — thus reducing global warming effects. Writing in the Nature Climate… Read more »

NASA: Asteroid Will Miss Earth Despite Uncertainties

2011 AG5 Past to Earth

NASA scientists and their research partners are convinced that Asteroid 2011 AG5 will miss Earth when it passes close by our orbit in February 2040. Scientists previously placed the chance at a collision at less than 1 percent. Scientists originally were not sure of the asteroid’s direct path and asked for further observation. New observations… Read more »

Alien-Like Skulls Found In Mexico


A group of alien-like skulls have been discovered in an old cemetery in Mexico. But the skulls don’t belong to any extra-terrestrial beings. According to researchers, the alien-like skulls are actually human skulls that were purposefully elongated and deformed. Researcher Cristina García Moreno, an archaeologist at Arizona State University, said that it was common for… Read more »

NASA Captures ‘Christmas Ornament’ Nebula In Photo

Christmas Ornament Nebula

NASA is getting into the holiday spirit with a high-definition photograph of a nebula that looks like a Christmas ornament. Last year, the space agency used the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer to capture a photo of a nebula that looks like a Christmas wreath. This year, scientists used the Hubble Space Telescope to take a… Read more »

New NASA Saturn Photo Is Space Agency’s Gift To The World

nasa saturn photo

NASA gave Mars a brand new rover earlier this year, and apparently the space agency has a gift for earth too. NASA released a stunning backlit photo of Saturn today, which the agency says is its gift to the world this holiday season. The photo was taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. According to, the… Read more »

Secrets Of Human Intelligence Revealed From Chimpanzee Brains

Chimpanzee brain reveals sercrets to human intelligence

A new study has found out why humans are smarter and have bigger brains than chimpanzees despite the fact we share 98 percent of our DNA. Human brains undergo an explosion of white matter growth, or connections between brain cells, in the first two years of life that chimpanzee brains do not, leading to greater… Read more »

Mayan Apocalypse Myths: Top Six Doomsday Science Predictions Debunked

Mayan Apocalypse Myths: Top Six Doomsday Science Predictions Debunked

The upcoming date of 12-21-12 has produced many Mayan Apocalypse myths about predicting how the world might potentially come to an end. Many of this myths are of a scientific nature and thus can be analyzed for their veracity. While archaeologists will probably be partying on, other scientists have been busy debunking the top… Read more »

Saber-Toothed Cat Fossils Found In Las Vegas

saber toothed tiger fossil

A pair of saber-toothed cat fossils were recently discovered in the hills just north of Las Vegas. According to, the two fossils were found by a research team from the San Bernardino County Museum of California in June. Researchers have now identified the fossils as two front leg bones of a saber-tooth cat. Kathleen… Read more »

Giant Asteroid Caught On Video By NASA

giant asteroid

An asteroid was caught on video this week by NASA’s Deep Space Network antenna. The giant asteroid 4179 Toutatis made a flyby over earth earlier this week and was filmed live by the Slooh Space Camera. A new video of the asteroid from NASA made its way online today. According to Fox News, the new… Read more »

NASA Releases Mayan Apocalypse Video Early, Confident World Won’t End

Mayan Apocalypse Not Happening Says Nasa

The Mayan Apocalypse has no chance of happening on December 21. That was the message NASA sent earlier this week when the space agency released its own Mayan Apocalypse video early. In the video, an announcer proclaims: “December 22, 2012. If you’re watching this video, it means one thing: the world didn’t end yesterday.” Dr…. Read more »