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Space Shuttle Atlantis Becomes Centerpiece Of $100 Million Tourist Attraction

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Space shuttle Atlantis was the last orbiter among NASA’s winged fleet to be retired, and now it is the centerpiece of a $100 million tourist attraction in Florida. Space Shuttle Atlantis is a 90,000-square foot exhibit that was unveiled on Saturday. Astronauts from the space craft’s 33 flights joined officials at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor… Read more »

Japan Launching Talking Robot Into Space, Will Chat With Astronauts


The Japanese love their robots, so much in fact that they are preparing to launch a talking robot into space. Kirobo is a humanoid “robot astronaut” that is capable of conversing with humans, and it is scheduled to launch to the International Space Station on August 4. When Kirobo lands on the ISS, it will… Read more »

Planetary Protection Concerns Could Hinder Mars Life Hunt, Says Scientists

Planetary Protection Concerns Could Hinder Mars Life Hunt, Says Scientists

According to the latest science concerns, planetary protection policies could hinder further exploration of life on Mars. For all those Trekkies out there that used to watch all the trouble that Captain Kirk got himself into for not really listening to the “prime directive,” they’re about to experience real-life concerns of a similar nature. Currently,… Read more »

Cloned Mouse Created From Single Drop Of Blood

Cloned Mouse Created From Single Drop Of Blood

Japanese scientists have created a cloned mouse from just a single drop of blood. The Riken BioResource Center collected circulating blood from the tail of a donor mouse to produce the genetically engineered creature. The fact that mice can be cloned is nothing new for the majority of us. For years, scientists have used livers,… Read more »

Paleontologists Discover New Primitive Sea Creature

Paleontologists Discover 'Helicocystis moroccoensis'

A new fossilized, cigar-shaped creature that lived about 520 million years ago has been unearthed in Morocco according to Live Science. Andrew Smith, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum in London and co-author of the study on this new creature, stated that the new creature, dubbed Helicocystis moroccoensis, has “characteristics that place it as… Read more »

Supermoon Photos Light Up Twitter

Supermoon An Impressive Sight

The Supermoon may be slowly fading in the night sky, but there are still some incredible photos on the internet. The Supermoon, which appears larger in the sky due to the moon’s distance to the earth, peaked on June 22 and 23 but people are still passing around photos of the cosmic event. According to… Read more »

Astronaut School Reunion: Overachiever Attends From Space

Karen Nyberg - Astronaut School Reunion

An astronaut school reunion might sound like a bunch of NASA veterans sitting around a table talking about math, but the reality is much cooler. Astronaut Karen Nyberg recently attended her 25th high school reunion, and it involved the International Space Station and showing her fellow classmates a view from 200 miles about Earth’s surface…. Read more »

2013 Supermoon Passes Peak, Still Impresses Viewers

Supermoon An Impressive Sight

While the peak of the 2013 supermoon may have passed, viewers looking out their windows on Sunday night still glimpsed some of the magic. The supermoon hit the closest point in its eliptical orbit at 7 am EDT and reached full moon status less than an hour later. But while Sunday’s moon is not exactly… Read more »

Newly Discovered Star System Is Third Closest To The Sun

Star System Third Closest To Sun

Scientists have discovered a new star system that is now recorded as the third closest to the sun. The big reveal is also the closest star system to be discovered in the last century. The system at its center is made up of brown dwarfs, which are strange objects that are bigger than planets but too… Read more »

Supermoon: First Day Of Summer 2013 Features Awesome Night Sky

supermoon first day of summer 2013

Today is the first day of summer in 2013 (and Supermoon!), and while yesterday’s solstice  – undoubtedly noted by your pagan friends over on Facebook — is when summer starts, June 22 is the first whole summer day. The first day of summer 2013 is marked by another thing of which we Earth dwellers can’t… Read more »

Satellite Vegetation Images Prove Earth Still Green — For Now [Video]

vegetation satellite images

Vegetation satellite images and video were released by NASA and NOAA last week to reveal the greener side of earth. The beautiful green images were created from a year’s worth of satellite data collected by a Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) satellite. Check out the video for a time-release look at a whole year’s worth… Read more »

Human Organs Grown From Animals Could Be Achieved In A Year

Human Organs Grown From Animals Could Be Achieved In A Year

According to the latest news reports, Japanese scientists could receive backing to grow human organs in animals within the next year. A panel of government appointed experts have drafted a recommendation to help create new guidelines for Japan’s world-leading approach to embryonic research. If anyone can recall the stem cell breakthrough article that was featured on The… Read more »

Summer Solstice 2013, Longest Day Of The Year

The Summer Solstice 2013 Is The Longest Day Of The Year

The summer solstice marks the official beginning of the summer season, and it also marks the longest day of the year. National Geographic stated: “This year’s summer solstice falls on Friday, June 21, at 1:04 a.m. ET, but it will start on Thursday night for places in North America west of the Central Time Zone.”… Read more »

Bill Nye Rips Religion In Science: There’s ‘No Controversy’

Bill Nye Defends Science In New Profile

A new profile of Bill Nye (“the science guy”) in The New York Times is a departure from the TV personality’s long-held mild public persona, and Nye has recently lashed out at “science deniers” for working to restrict evidence-based policy and education. Bill Nye’s new gig seems to be, in part, taking on issues of… Read more »

Hubble Finds New Planet That Could Change Planet Formation Theories

New Planet Change Planet-Forming Theories

The Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered evidence of an alien planet forming strangely far from its host star. Astronomers have said the discovery could challenge the prevailing theory about how planets form. Researchers with the Hubble program discovered a large gap in the planet-forming debris disk that surrounds TW Hydrae, a red dwarf star. The… Read more »

Loch Ness Monster Real? Facts And Evidence About Nessie

Loch Ness Monster: Facts And Evidence About Nessie

Loch Ness monster facts and evidence are hard to sift through. But it’s not old Nessie that makes this difficult. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, became the center of a controversy when George Edwards, the owner of Loch Ness Cruises, sent a letter to the 70-plus members of the… Read more »

Dead Male Guppies Continue To Reproduce After They Die

Dead Male Guppies Continue To Reproduce After They Die

A team of evolutionary biologists led by David Reznick, professor of biology at the University of California, have discovered that dead guppies reproduce even after death. After studying the reproductive behaviors of these particular guppies, biologists discovered that the females can store sperm from their dead counterparts for up to 10 months, meaning that, by… Read more »

Several Black Holes Discovered In Andromeda Galaxy

Black holes discovered in Andromeda.

The largest collection of potential black holes ever found outside of our own galaxy have been discovered by astronomers in the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy. Scientists found at least 26 possible new black holes in the galaxy. A black hole is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation… Read more »

Otzi The Iceman Had Tooth Decay, Cavities, Was Ambushed And Killed

otzi the iceman

Otzi the Iceman, Europe’s oldest mummy, lay undisturbed for more than 5,000 years — but scientists have new answers about the ancient human’s life and death. Back in 1991, Otzi the Iceman was unearthed in the Alps by hikers, his frozen body preserved for millennia in its resting place. As research was carried out after… Read more »

Men Mature After Women, Research Confirms

men mature after women

Findings that men mature after women are not necessarily news in that we’ve been told since we were young that girls “grow up faster,” but a new survey sheds light on the actual age at which men mature in relation to women … and the spread seems quite vast. According to researchers, it is indeed… Read more »

Amazon Fires Destroying Rainforest At Troubling Rate

Amazon fires killing rainforest

Amazon fires are destroying the rainforest at a rate of three percent every 10 years. NASA scientists recently calculated that slow-burning fires in the rainforests have led to a major loss of lush vegetation and an increased output of carbon dioxide. Scientists admit that the Amazon fires are not easy to detect because they creep… Read more »

Nuclear Bomb Fallout Key To Proof That Adults Grow New Brain Cells

nuclear bomb fallout brain cells

The fallout from nuclear bomb tests has led to a technique to prove that adults may grow new brain cells, at least in a region of the brain called the hippocampus. A study published Thursday in Cell described how researchers tracked an isotope called C-14 to confront the old claim that humans are born with… Read more »

Oldest Tumor Found In Neanderthal Bone

oldest tumor

Humanity’s oldest tumor has been discovered, found in a bone excavated in Croatia more than 100 years ago. Before GMOs and aspartame muddied the waters, the oldest human tumor developed in a Neanderthal, and a new report in the journal PLOS ONE explains how the discovery has shown researchers about similarities between life on Earth… Read more »