Science Timeline

Human Faces Evolved To Look Unique, Reports New Study


The concept of human uniqueness was once an exclusive problem for philosophy to solve, but as scientific knowledge continues to advance, we are learning more and more about the real explanations behind one of the most elusive problems in human evolution – why do humans look different from each other? The human face is truly… Read more »

Violence In Chimps Occurs Naturally, May Explain Us

violence in chimps

A new study finds that violence in chimps occurs naturally, not as a byproduct of human intrusion. It’s also more common than might have been believed. The study says that violence in chimps comes from natural, evolved tendencies towards physical aggression and sometimes results in “chimp wars” where members of chimpanzee communities attack other groups… Read more »

Dinosaur Or Hoax? Mystery Fossil Discovered In Siberian River

Russian scientists claim that the unusual fossil belongs ot a type of aquatic dinosaur which lived 150 million years ago.

A group of fishermen in Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula have stumbled upon what some scientists believe may be the remains of a 150 million-year-old dinosaur, though others are claiming that the fossil is too well-preserved to be true. As The Daily Mail relates, members of the Wild North Fishing Club were traveling down the Ruta-Ru River… Read more »

New Asteroid Calculators Take Guess-Work Out Of Global Devastation


The academic community has created competing asteroid calculators that let users simulate the devastation of a real life killer asteroid. Aside from teaching people about the dangers of a future impact, these calculators can potentially be a lot of fun. The first asteroid impact calculator comes from the Space Science Institute with help from NASA… Read more »

CME Event ‘Probable’ After Major Solar Flare, Power Grid At Risk

cme 2014

Space Weather Prediction Center said that it was probable that the solar flare that happened on Wednesday did create a coronal mass ejection (CME), although that won’t be confirmed until further analysis. If the solar flare did create a CME, the question becomes, how hard will it hit the Earth? Wednesday’s solar flare registered as… Read more »

Tavurvur Volcano Erupts And The Punishing Shockwave Is Captured [Video]


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Tavurvur Volcano in Papua, New Guinea erupted on August 29th. The eruption scattered lava hundreds of feet into the air as smoke and ash billowed into the sky, according to the Washington Post. The Tavurvur Volcano sits on the Gazelle Peninsula in Papua New Guinea, and this isn’t… Read more »

Mars Curiosity Rover: New Book Details Its Amazing Discoveries


The exploits of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s mission thus far have been detailed in a new book by Marc Kaufman called Mars Up Close. The Mars Curiosity Rover was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on November 26th, 2011. It landed on the Aeolis Palus Gale Crater on Mars almost nine months later on August 6th,… Read more »