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What Does The Fox Say? Sounds Like Other Canids, Actually [VIDEO]

What Does The Fox Say? Sounds Like Other Canids, Actually [VIDEO]

So what does the fox say? I haven’t had tea with Mr. Fox in quite a while but I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like “gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding” and “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow.” As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the music video What Does The Fox Say is a strange song based upon the idea that we don’t know what the… Read more »

Massive Asteroid Could Hit Earth In 2032, But Probably Won’t

Asteroid Impact Earth

A massive asteroid could maybe, possibly hit Earth in 2032, though scientists say the chances are very (very) slim. Still, as far as chances go, they are greater than your odds of winning the Powerball, meaning doomsdayers have their new Mayan apocalypse to plan — this time without the Mayans. NASA says the chances of… Read more »

Bigfoot DNA Evidence Turns Out To Be Bear Hair

Bigfoot DNA evidence actually points to ancient bear

Bigfoot DNA evidence has turned out to be a hoax after all. Apparently the hair belongs to a rare species of bear. Bigfoot might still be a myth after all, as one of the only solid pieces of evidence we have of the creature was put back under the microscope and turned out to match… Read more »

Mosquito Fossil Discovery Makes ‘Jurassic Park’ Possible Due To The Blood?

Mosquito Fossil Discovery Makes 'Jurassic Park' Possible Due To The Blood?

Could a mosquito fossil engorged with blood be the key to making the dinosaur cloning science of Jurassic Park possible? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, giant mutant mosquitoes engineered by scientists have been released into Florida. Scientists are already saying the discovery of this mosquito fossil is extremely rare because it was preserved in… Read more »

Iceland’s Lava Pillars Are Beautiful, Not Caused By Troll Wars

Iceland Lava Pillars Mystery

Iceland’s lava pillars, located in Skaelinger Valley, have been a source of mystery for hundreds of years, and even inspired a myth that they were caused by a war between trolls, who tossed the large rocks at each other. However, we’re pretty sure trolls aren’t the answer, and Tracy Gregg, a geologist at the University… Read more »

Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Dead At 88

Mercury 7 Earth Orbit

Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter died this morning at a hospice in Denver, he was 88. Carpenter’s 1962 space flight made him the second American to orbit the Earth. Millions of Americans were glued to their television sets anxiously waiting to see if the astronaut had survived the tumultuous flight that was hampered by a series… Read more »

First Comet Strike Evidence May Be Found In Egypt

Evidence Of Comet Strike Egypt

The first evidence of an ancient comet strike on Earth was discovered in Egypt year ago. However, it wasn’t until recently that scientists realized what they discovered. Researchers conducted a series of analyses to determine that a mysterious black pebble found in the Egyptian desert is a piece of a comet nucleus. It is the… Read more »

NASA’s Newest Lunar Probe Begins Orbiting Moon

LADEE Spacecraft

NASA’s newest lunar probe is now officially orbiting the moon. LADEE was launched into space while sitting atop the first flight of the Minotaur V rocket from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft completed its month-long journey on Sunday and will now collect data… Read more »

Archaeologists Discover ‘Swedish Pompeii’ At Ancient Island Fort

Swedish Pompeii Found By Archaeologists

Archaeologists found what they are calling a “Swedish Pompeii” at an ancient fort on the island of Öland. However, while Pompeii’s ruins were caused by a massive volcano, Sweden’s version appears more like mass murder. The fort dates back to the 5th century and five bodies have already been unearthed among its ruins. Archaeologists from… Read more »

Government Shutdown Sends Home 97% Of NASA Employees

NASA Victim of Government Shutdown

The government shutdown could cause major delays for some of NASA’s goals in the near future. 97 percent of NASA employees were sent home on Tuesday, October 1 after the shutdown went into full effect. The only remaining employees are those people who are supporting astronauts who are currently aboard the International Space Station, and… Read more »

Military Invents Self-Cleaning Clothes, Take That Tide Detergent!

Self-Cleaning Clothes

The folks at Tide Detergent better watch their backs because the US Military has it out for them. Okay maybe not, but that didn’t stop Army physical scientist, Quoc Truong, from creating self-cleaning clothes that NEVER need to be washed. Truong led a team of researchers on a five-year long journey to develop the clothing…. Read more »

Dinosaur Tail Fossil Uncovered In Canada [Video]

Backhoe operator discovers dinosaur tail

A construction worker in Alberta, Canada, uncovered a dinosaur tail fossil while making way for an oil pipeline. A backhoe operator working for Tourmaline Oil Corp. discovered the remains, which measured up to 32 feet long. The operator accidentally chipped off a piece of the fossil, but thought it was just a section of rock…. Read more »

Comet ISON Promises Stunning Display

Comet ISON November

Comet ISON will approach Mars this week before heading toward Earth. The comet will be visible to the naked eye beginning the first week of November. It should remain visible for around two months. In an attempt to photograph the comet, researchers with NASA developed a special balloon. The Balloon Rapid Response for ISON is… Read more »

SpaceX Rocket Launch: Falcon 9 Is ‘Next Generation’ [Watch]

SpaceX Grasshopper Is A Reusable Rocket That Lands Vertically

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was launched successfully yesterday from Vandenberg Air Force Station in California. The rocket, built by the commercial space company SpaceX, has a lot of new features making it one of the most advanced of its kind. The Canadian Space Agencies CASSIOPE satellite sits on top of the rocket itself. The… Read more »

China Fish Fossil Stuns Scientists With ‘Oldest Face’

China Fish Fossil Face

A fish fossil in China provided scientists with the oldest known face. The discovery stunned scientists, who detailed the discovery in the journal Nature. The fish fossil was found in China’s Xioxiang Reservoir and is thought to be 419 million years old. Reuters reports that the specimen has a modern jaw, including a dentary bone… Read more »

Curiosity Rover Finds Water In Martian Soil Sample

Water In Mars Soil

NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered water in a Mars soil sample, suggesting future explorers of the Red Planet could get all the water they need from the red dirt under their shoes. Study lead author Laurie Leshin of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, explained to that Curiosity found traces of water on Mars…. Read more »

Nikola Tesla Monument Revealed In Long Island

Nikola Tesla Monument Unveiled Outside Future Museum

A monument to Nikola Tesla was officially unveiled on Monday in New York in a ceremony led by Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic. He spoke about the legendary scientist and what his legacy means to Serbia. The new monument is located outside Tesla’s former Wardenclyffe laboratory in Long Island. Serbian president Nikolic recognized Nikola Tesla’s lasting… Read more »