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Julianne Hough Talks Love Of Her Life In New Instagram Snap

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich

Julianne Hough appears to be completely over her former lover, Ryan Seacrest. The singer, actor, and dancer took to Instagram this week to announce that her new love, Brooks Laich, is the new love of Julianne Hough’s life. The Dancing with the Stars judge recently went on a hike with Laich and her two dogs…. Read more »

Rapper Beanie Sigel Hospitalized But Awake After Shooting

Beanie Sigel, the rapper, was shot on Dec. 5th outside his New Jersey Home.

Beanie Sigel, the well-known rapper, is in serious condition following a shooting outside of his South Jersey home on December 5. Beanie Sigel, whose birth name is Dwight E.Grant, suffered a gun shot to the abdomen outside of his home on Spruce Avenue in Pleasantville, New Jersey. At around 9:30 a.m., residents of the quiet… Read more »

Amal Clooney, Fashion Icon? Ballin Names New Bag After George’s Wife

Amal Clooney has handbag named after her

Amal Clooney became known to fashion watchers when she first stepped out as George Clooney’s bride-to-be. Now that the two have married and the former Amal Alamuddin has officially changed her last name, she seems poised to be studied as much for her style as her intellectual pursuits. Case in point: As Clooney makes news… Read more »

Child Star Andrew Keegan Starts His Own Religion

Andrew Keegan has founded his own religion.

Do you remember Andrew Keegan? The former child actor is in media headlines lately because he’s embarked on a new project, and this one isn’t going to be on the big screen. News OK reports that the actor has started his own religion — a spiritual new age movement that he calls Full Circle —… Read more »

Mark Wahlberg Applies To Have 1988 Assault Record Pardoned

Mark Wahlberg

At the age of 16, Mark Wahlberg, now known as an A-list Hollywood movie star and formerly as a model and singer, stole alcohol from a convenience store and brutally attacked the store’s owner, who tried to intervene. The assault left the store owner bloody and got Wahlberg arrested and convicted on several serious charges…. Read more »

The Edge Updates U2 Fans: Bono ‘Basically Can’t Move’

The Edge and Bono

The Edge, U2’s guitarist, updated the band’s fans with some serious news about frontman Bono’s fragile health status on Wednesday. Bono was injured in a serious bicycle accident in November, requiring a five-hour surgery, as initially reported by the Inquisitr. Bono suffered an injury to his eye socket, left arm, and much more. His extensive… Read more »