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Demi Lovato Shares Bikini Body In Instagram Video

Demi Lovato swimming in her bikini.

In a strange and silly new Instagram video, Demi Lovato shows off her bikini body with some late night pool fun. Idolator reported on the goofy new post from the Christian pop star, claiming that Demi Lovato likes to keep her sexy Instagram posts on the cute side, rather than other music divas who have… Read more »

Kendrick Lamar’s Bad Blood With Drake Ends When Drake Shows Some Love

Kendrick Lamar Drake Beef

Drake’s annual OVO Fest surprised many when he welcomed the Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar as a new “king” in hip-hop. Although the two had a falling out earlier in the year, Drake clearly expressed his thoughts on Lamar Monday night, indicating that the two have no hard feelings. Kendrick Lamar is an American hip-hop artist… Read more »

Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds In September Issue Of ‘Glamour’

Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds For Glamour

Olivia Wilde was photographed breastfeeding while posing for high-fashion photos in the September issue of Glamour magazine. The 30-year-old actress is shown in the magazine along with son Otis in a classic diner booth. Wilde wears a metallic Roberto Cavalli feathered dress and sky-high Prada shoes with a magenta Prada scarf. Us Weekly notes that… Read more »

‘Flawless’ Remix: Lil’ Kim’s Version Claps Back At Nicki Minaj?

Lil Kim 'Flawless' Remix

Beyonce’s Flawless remix featuring Nicki Minaj barely dropped over the weekend before Lil’ Kim whipped out her own beef version, because… well, she can. It’s on and popping, and almost too much to bare when three queens are on their games. But two of Her Royal Highnesses of hip-hop appear on a collision-course to determine… Read more »

Jennifer Aniston Facing Financial Troubles?


Jennifer Aniston is enjoying life, despite the non-stop rumors that continue to plague the Friends actress. The Inquisitr recently reported about an Instagram post showing the bubbly Aniston at her best – smiling mischievously at the camera while donning a trendsetting braid described by some fans as the next “Rachel”. If you don’t remember, the… Read more »

Michael Bay: ‘TMNT’ Honcho Livid Over Film’s Australian Premiere

Michael Bay Furious

Michael Bay, director of the Tranformers films and producer of the latest reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, was furious yesterday over a poster advertising the TMNT Australian release. What had Bay so upset? Michael didn’t give final approval for the poster created for the film’s premiere, and it was a poster that… Read more »

Martin Scorsese: Film’s ‘Advantages Are Numerous’ Compared To HD

Martin Scorsese Pens Great Statement On Film

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese is applauding the effort made by Kodak to continue producing film stock. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scorsese issued a statement calling the decision made by Kodak a “positive one” for those in the industry who “couldn’t afford to lose them.” In his statement, Martin Scorsese said there are “many names”… Read more »

Liam Payne Becomes The Ultimate Niall Horan Fangirl


Liam Payne wants One Direction fans to know that Niall Horan also makes his ovaries explode. Liam recently celebrated #BeAFanDay on Twitter by sharing a series of tweets professing his love for his band mate. Directioners might not get much Larry Stylinson these days, but the Niam bromance is still going strong. Liam kicked off… Read more »

Lana Del Rey Reveals Why She Split From Her Boyfriend

lana talks about her ex

Just in case you didn’t know, musician Lana Del Rey is a pretty big deal right now. If she isn’t making special appearances on Instagram with James Franco, then she’s promoting her brand new album Ultraviolence, which is currently heating up the charts. Being such a hot commodity really puts a singer under a microscope,… Read more »

Megan Fox To ‘Transformer’ and ‘TMNT’ Haters: ‘F*** Off!’

Megan gets mad at haters

Megan Fox is clearly not mincing words when it comes to movie-goers that bash her new film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Michael Bay franchise she helped kickstart, The Transformers. On Friday, according to The Guardian, Megan Fox attended a press conference in Los Angeles where Fox guaranteed that viewers would line up in… Read more »

Will Jon Voight’s Right-Wing Views Hurt His Emmy Chances?

Jon Voight

Jon Voight is currently up for the Best Supporting Actor Emmy for the Showtime offering, Ray Donovan. Usually, actors and networks vie for the coveted award using perfectly choreographed interviews and for your consideration videos and ads. Jon Voight’s chances of winning seem high; the 75-year-old Oscar-winning actor is red-hot, award-wise, coming off a Golden… Read more »

Demi Lovato Explains Why You Should Quit The Internet [Photos]


Demi Lovato wants you to turn off the internet and take a stroll outside. The “Neon Lights” singer recently took a trip to a place she called “paradise.” Judging from the scenery, her description isn’t too far off the mark. In fact, the place is so picturesque that some of her fans accused her of… Read more »

Hilary Duff Thanks Fans For 10 Million Views Of New Video [VIDEO]

Hilary Duff says 'Thank You'

Hilary Duff released the video for her new song ‘Chasing the Sun’ last week to critical acclaim and elated fans that have waited seven years for new music from the former Disney star known as Lizzie McGuire. On Friday, she posted a ‘thank-you’ on her YouTube channel, casually mentioning that the video for her new… Read more »

Mila Kunis’ Gal Pals Throw Intimate Baby Shower For Pregnant Star

Pregnant Mila Kunis Shows Off Baby Bump

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are counting down the days until their first child is born. And while there are many last minute preparations and events surrounding the mom-to-be, one of the most fun is the mandatory baby shower thrown in her honor. According to E! Online, Mila Kunis got exactly that as her gal… Read more »