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condoms prevent minivans

I wonder if this Magic Hat beer cap has caused anyone to think twice about ...

How to Look Busy

carrying thing

This is such a brilliant observation- BRB, buying a keg of tuna. [source ...

Nyan Cat Pedicure

nyan cat pedicure

I don’t know who this girl is, but she’s apparently won the ...

E-Reader Haters

ereader haters

Does anyone else expect this to happen every time an anti e-books person ...

Facebook Chat Rage

facebook chat rage

This is a totally legit strategy when you don’t want to talk, but ...

Office Chairs FTW

Office chairs FTW

Unless your boss walks in, in which case you were totally trying to find a ...

Fire Exit, Revised

Fire exit awesome

Obligatory: arson is totally neither cool nor funny, you guys. But I LOLed.


birthday cake rickroll

This is what happens when you invite the internet to your birthday party.

I Got 99 Problems

100 problems

For some reason with Jay-Z’s expression in this pic, it’s just ...