Pics Timeline

Because I Got High

foreign language movies while high

I was able to totally enjoy this sherpa movie on YouTube. Marijuana would ...

Wifi Battles

passive aggressive wifi

One of the best ways to let your neighbor know you are displeased with them ...

Upstairs Neighbors

pet their elephants

So true, I wish mine would stop Riverdancing long enough for me to get a ...

Exception To Shotgun

shotgun rosa parks

If someone breaks shotgun protocol and claims the front seat, here is a rule ...

RNC Revelations

obama RNC

What did you learn this week watching the Republican National Convention?


spiderweb master of karate

Probably the most effective test of reflexes that exists for mankind.

Evil Handwashing

hand satanizer

This is actually what they should call it when you have invisible cuts.

Life Goals

lance armstrong tour de france titles

It is important not only to have them, but to, on occasion, make progress in ...