Pics Timeline

Meijer Ad Win

funny meijer sale

A rare example of cleverly effective sarcasm in the Meijer parking lot.

Blond License Plate

blond license plate

Either this is a blond person with a good sense of humor or a misogynist.

Dairy Deception

hate skim milk

Literally no human on Earth likes skim milk, it is the absolute worst. And ...

Drunk Operation

drunk operation

Today we learned there are solo drinking games. And they are brilliant.

Reverse Tard

Reverse Tard cat

And a new meme is born. Mashups are sure to follow.

On Weed It Is

on weed it is

Marijuana. Not even once. Or twice. Duuuuude. Anyone feel like Taco Bell?

One Of Those Days

vacuuming grass

Sometimes, you don’t even realize it is until you’re outside ...