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How Facebook Works

girls who never visit

Also songs we never play to have makeout parties, and dinners we eat alone.

Texts From Mom

looks great mom

We would all save a lot on overages if we just said “looks ...

Gamers Are Lazy?

call of duty official urinal

While you were busy not playing Call Of Duty, this guy didn’t even ...

Office Beds For Cats

Office Beds For Cats

These cats are office friendly, computer loving felines. Oddly enough, if ...

Get A Taxi

have you ever been so drunk taxi

Avoiding DUIs should not lead to a more serious crime, however.

Dental Torture

dentist torture

They come out with this stuff because they know you can’t object with ...

Disco Inferno

disco inferno

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire … no seriously, we actually do ...

Spring In 2013

go home snow you're drunk

Due to the fiscal cliff fiasco, your spring has been delayed for four to six ...