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A Horse Walks Into A Police Station, The Police Say…?

A Horse Walks Into A Police Station, The Police Say

So, a horse walks into a British police station, the officer says…? Despite the fact that this sounds like the beginning of a joke, neigh it is not. Though it is not uncommon for police to use horses for assistance, it is quite another thing for a horse to request police assistance. However unbelievable, The… Read more »

California Couple Murders Their Neighbor Over Cats

California Couple Murders Their Neighbor Over Cats

Cats, Katzen, Gato, Mao, or the latin Felis catus, they have many names, but everybody loves cats. In fact, cats are so well loved that the very internet you are on is said to be made up of cats. Sometimes, love can make you do crazy things. ABC 30 reports that a confrontation in California… Read more »

The First Rule Of California’s Taco Bell ‘Fight Club’ Is …

The First Rule Of California's Taco Bell 'Fight Club' Is ...

Taco Bell is the place for all things Mexican-American. Well, at least, as far as food goes. Though their popularity seems to show no sign of waning, even they had to shake things up a bit. Breakfast was Taco Bell’s first foray into the unknown to remain competitive. Then, most recently, Taco bell became U.S…. Read more »

Harry Potter Christian Satire FanFic Goes Viral

Is Harry Potter satirist Gracie Ann mocking Christianity, or just response to the books?

Harry Potter was an instant hit, but it also caused a wave of concern in some Christian communities, as some groups feared that the novels would lead their children into witchcraft. In a fanfic that’s going viral, one author claims she’s trying to fix that. Grace Ann, the author of a Harry Potter story on… Read more »

Chapstick Banned In Public Schools, Burt And His Bees To Be Next?

chap ban

Chapstick is the latest victim of the ever expanding list of things you can not have in public schools. In a similar incident, with something more edible than Chapstick, cupcakes were banned from a public school. This of course has been one item, in a long line of products being banned in public schools in… Read more »