Odd + Funny Timeline

Hello Kitty Comes Out of the Closet

Hello Kitty Celebrate

Sorry, boys and girls, but according to the headlines, Hello Kitty is not a cat. When the Inquisitr dug deeper, it was found that Hello Kitty isn’t a person either. She (we do know, at least, that Hello Kitty is female) is the “personification of a cat,” say her curators. These revelations, no matter how… Read more »

Lawyer Ridiculed By Judge For ‘Dressing Like Harry Potter’


Harry Potter, though British, has had quite a bit of fame in America. What started as a phenomena in writing eventually turned to a box office hit in cinema. Even now that the franchise of both literature and film has run its course, there has been talks of a sequel book and film, as reported… Read more »

These Photos Further Prove That Cats Can Sleep Anywhere


The Inquisitr asked a rhetorical question about cats’ not-so-mysterious sleeping habits. These elegant creatures seem to be slumbering during most of the day. Their sleeping habits are quite inexplicable. However, these cats have time-and-again proven two things, one they sleep extensively, and the other is they are highly curious and can squeeze themselves in really… Read more »

These Cute Images Of The ‘First-Time’, Will Make You Smile All Week

This Kid Experienced Rain For The First Time

First time experiences are often the most striking. Since there is nothing to compare the event with, these first-time experiences evoke strong and many-a-times heartwarming responses. Some parents have been diligent enough to snap photos when their kids had such ‘firsts’. These images show how kids truly react when they experience something for the first… Read more »

These Kids Were Asked Questions About Marriage, Dating, And Love. Their Earnest Answers Will Pleasantly Shock And Surprise You

Kids Offer The Most Honest, But Sometimes Misplaced Opinions

Dating and marriage are perhaps two of the most complex human engagements in written history. There are multiple complications and after the first few “happy” days, couples start to experience the dull aching pain and subsequently long for their solitary existence. Ironically, when people are single, they crave intimate companionship. Kids aren’t expected to make… Read more »