Odd + Funny Timeline

Harry Potter Christian Satire FanFic Goes Viral

Is Harry Potter satirist Gracie Ann mocking Christianity, or just response to the books?

Harry Potter was an instant hit, but it also caused a wave of concern in some Christian communities, as some groups feared that the novels would lead their children into witchcraft. In a fanfic that’s going viral, one author claims she’s trying to fix that. Grace Ann, the author of a Harry Potter story on… Read more »

Chapstick Banned In Public Schools, Burt And His Bees To Be Next?

chap ban

Chapstick is the latest victim of the ever expanding list of things you can not have in public schools. In a similar incident, with something more edible than Chapstick, cupcakes were banned from a public school. This of course has been one item, in a long line of products being banned in public schools in… Read more »

Sims 4 Goes Seinfeld, Becomes Game About Nothing

Sims 4 Seinfeld

The Sims 4 released for PC on Tuesday and now, just a few days later, a player has released what may be the coolest thing ever. Since the Sims 4 is, by and large, a game about nothing, Imgur user IanRoach published a series of screen captures from his creation on Sims 4: an exact… Read more »

Linkin Park Cover Goes Viral – Ten Second Songs Hits It Again

Linkin Park TenSecondSongs

If you haven’t heard of Anthony Vincent and Ten Second Songs, Linkin Park would like you to get to know him. Vincent does “20 Styles” covers of songs, usually pop hits, in a myriad of styles in video vignettes. This time, the cover artist is doing Linkin Park’s In the End, using the vocal styles… Read more »

Hello Kitty Comes Out of the Closet

Hello Kitty Celebrate

Sorry, boys and girls, but according to the headlines, Hello Kitty is not a cat. When the Inquisitr dug deeper, it was found that Hello Kitty isn’t a person either. She (we do know, at least, that Hello Kitty is female) is the “personification of a cat,” say her curators. These revelations, no matter how… Read more »

Lawyer Ridiculed By Judge For ‘Dressing Like Harry Potter’


Harry Potter, though British, has had quite a bit of fame in America. What started as a phenomena in writing eventually turned to a box office hit in cinema. Even now that the franchise of both literature and film has run its course, there has been talks of a sequel book and film, as reported… Read more »

These Photos Further Prove That Cats Can Sleep Anywhere


The Inquisitr asked a rhetorical question about cats’ not-so-mysterious sleeping habits. These elegant creatures seem to be slumbering during most of the day. Their sleeping habits are quite inexplicable. However, these cats have time-and-again proven two things, one they sleep extensively, and the other is they are highly curious and can squeeze themselves in really… Read more »