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Pigeon Love [Video]


I wish this was longer since no words can do justice to this awesome video!

Graduation Cat Cake Combines Internet’s Favorite Jokes

graduation cat cake

Have you seen the hilarious Graduation Cat Cake that’s making the internet rounds this graduation season? TheĀ Graduation Cat Cake story takes two of the internet’s favorite things to laugh about — screwed up cakes and cats — and combines them into one uproariously funny image that gets even funnier when you hear the story. Many… Read more »

Austrian Hotel Advertises For Court Jester

Austrian Hotel Advertises For Court Jester

A hotel in Austria has decided to give their guests a medieval experience by advertising for a court jester. The fact that you can now enjoy your holiday with the hotel service of a jester included seems just as innovative as providing guests with goldfishes to keep them company. The hotel in Austria’s Styria province… Read more »