Odd + Funny Timeline

Hawaiian Rent-All Pokes Fun At Local Police With Storefront Sign


Today may be April Fool’s Day, but this image of the storefront sign of Hawaiian Rent-All is no joke. An equipment rental company located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hawaiian Rent-All has had a long standing reputation for its humorous and punny signs, which changes weekly. This week’s sign pokes fun at a controversial legal debate centered… Read more »

‘Wolverine: The Musical’ Performed By Hugh Jackman [VIDEO]

Hugh Jackman Singing

Hugh Jackman has enjoyed being an actor of differing characters. Jackman, at times would be one of the toughest mutants in Marvel history. At other times, Jackman would be an authority figure with the gift of singing. What if both characters were to combine to form something spectacular? That recently happened when Hugh Jackman made… Read more »

Cell Phone Crashing Comedian Hits Disneyland

Cell Phone Crashing

Comedian Greg Benson goes cell phone crashing at Disneyland in this hilarious video uploaded to his YouTube channel Wednesday. 46-year-old Benson walks up to his victims, who are innocently talking with a friend or family member on the phone, pulls out his own cell phone, and starts answering every thing they say. Many of the… Read more »

BaneCat [Video]


Of course, a cat would be the only animal that could truly portray the evil ...

McConnelling: The Birth Of An Epic Political Meme! [VIDEO]

Mitch McConnell McConnelling

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell probably never thought he’d be the inventor of an internet meme sweeping across the web like a virus. The term “McConnelling” has now become synonymous with incorporating Mitch McConnell’s smiling mug into miscellaneous videos, or incorporating different music in Mitch McConnell’s campaign video. Earlier this week, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell… Read more »

Grump Of Thrones: Grumpy Cat Invades Game Of Thrones [VIDEO]

grumpy cat goes game of thrones

Mashable has been busy over the last few days with epic media. This time, they collaborated with HBO to combine the show, Game of Thrones, with Grumpy Cat. From the alchemy fires of mixing it up, “Grump of Thrones” is born. Earlier this day (March 11, 2014), The Inquisitr reported Mashable‘s “80s Awareness” public service… Read more »