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Woman Has Huge Cyst Drained With A Razor Blade, Footage Goes Viral


The woman in this now-viral video had a huge cyst on her arm. Instead of seeking medical advice or heading to the closest hospital, she apparently entrusted the responsibility of draining it with a foul-mouthed man and his razor blade. [WARNING: This footage contains explicit NSFW language and graphic content that may not be appropriate… Read more »

Persona Synthetics: Human Robots Service Company? [Video]

Persona Synthetics - Human Robots Service Company

Robots have definitely come a long way, and it seems the Persona Synthetics company plans to take them further. Have you seen this video commercial? Could you imagine humanoid robots walking up and down the street? There have been several science fiction movies that would suggest it’s possible. And from the looks of this advertisement,… Read more »