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Sara X Has Boobs Play Mozart

boobs play Mozart

Sara X Mills is a tattooed model from Las Vegas, Nevada, who’s known primarily for her online spreads and appearances in tattoo magazines. Until now. Overnight, her “interpretation” of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, where her boobs play Mozart, has flooded the Internet. The short video, which uses a public domain recording of the song, has appeared… Read more »

Linkin Park Cover Goes Viral – Ten Second Songs Hits It Again

Linkin Park TenSecondSongs

If you haven’t heard of Anthony Vincent and Ten Second Songs, Linkin Park would like you to get to know him. Vincent does “20 Styles” covers of songs, usually pop hits, in a myriad of styles in video vignettes. This time, the cover artist is doing Linkin Park’s In the End, using the vocal styles… Read more »