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Largest Gun Show In Pennsylvania ‘Postponed’

pennsylvania gun show

The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania has been postponed. Protests against gun show organizer, Reed Exhibitions, is credited for the decision. Reed Exhibitions decided to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines from the largest gun show in the state. The move to ban legal firearms and ammunition from the Pennsylvania event prompted a… Read more »

New Yorker With AR-15 Faces Down Robber With A Handgun

second amendment

A New York college student grabbed his AR-15 when he heard his roommate scream. The scream was not a mere, “I tripped and sprained my ankle” kind of sound. The fast-thinking Rochester Institute of Technology student grabbed his semi-automatic rifle to protect himself, his friend, and his property. When roommate Christopher Boise heard noise coming… Read more »

Ralph Nader: Video Game Makers Are Electronic Child Molesters

ralph nader

Ralph Nader, the former third party presidential candidate and consumer activist, apparently believes that video game creators are equivalent to child molesters. According to Politico, Nader maintains that President Obama’s gun control proposals fell way short of the mark by not going after video game producers: “We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment]…. Read more »

Women In Military Combat Ban Lifted By Defense Secretary

Women In Military Combat Ban Lifted By Defense Secretary

The women in military combat ban has been lifted Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The decision by the Joint Chiefs of Staff overturns a 1994 rule prohibiting women in military combat roles when assigned to smaller units. This decision will allow women to apply for jobs in front-line position and elite commando units. According to ABC,… Read more »

New Obama Portrait Shows Gray Hairs, Big Smile

obama portrait

President Obama will be starting his second term with a few more grey hairs. The official portrait for Obama’s second term was unveiled by the White House a few days before his second inauguration. The Huffington Post reports that the portrait was taken on December 6 by White House photographer Pete Souza. Obama’s portrait in… Read more »