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Senator McCain: Military Was Not Prepared To Intervene In Libya Embassy Attack

McCain says military was not ready or able to intervene in Libya

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) is one of the voices that has been critical of the White House’s handling of the September 11 attack on the American embassy in Libya that killed four Americans including ambassador Christopher Stephens. Initially, McCain spoke in more vague terms, but, after a three-week investigation, the former presidential candidate has come… Read more »

Obama And Romney Line Up Elite Lawyers For Potential Election Disputes

Obama And Romney Ready Lawyers

As the days wind down until November 6, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are readying their legal teams for the possibility of election disputes. The lawyers who have been tapped by each campaign will investigate and help them navigate any legal challenges that come after what will likely be a close election, reports… Read more »

Romney Is Favored Among Israelis

Romney Favored In Israel Over Obama

Mitt Romney is favored over President Obama in Israel because Israelis feel Romney would be more attentive to Israel’s needs, NPRreports. A study released by the Peace Index Poll and Israel’s Democracy Institute from August, found that Romney is favored twice as much as Obama. Worldwide, such a fond sentiment for Romney is not found… Read more »

Alabama To Vote On Segregation In State Constitution

Alabama Voting To End Segregation In Constitution

Segregation may have ended decades ago in Alabama, but the state’s constitution still mandates it. Voters on November 6 will get their second chance in years to eliminate the practice that still exists on paper more than 50 years later. Amendment 4 proposes to delete the constitution’s language that made segregation okay, reports MSN News…. Read more »

President Obama: No Facebook Page For Malia

President Obama wants more political tunes but says no facebook page allowed for Malia

Every father has concern for his daughter’s safety, but that protective instinct may be a little heightened when the father is President of the United States. President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with MTV News Friday, but didn’t break any major news. Rather, the Washington Post reports, he lamented the lack of political… Read more »

Confused Biden Compares Romney Policy to Fictional ‘Mad Men’

Joe Biden claims Mad Men, Republican policies set in 1950s

Vice President Joe Biden told students at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh that presidential challenger Mitt Romney’s Republican policies and social views were set in a long ago era, the time of Mad Men. “I guess they got caught up in Mad Men. That’s straight out of the ’50s!” the vice president said. Opinions about the… Read more »

Mitt Romney Blocked New Birth Certificates To Gay Parents As Governor

Mitt Romney Blocked Gay Parents Birth Certificates

As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney blocked a request by the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics that would have relabeled the box for “father” on a birth certificate to say “father or second parent.” The request was made as a way to comply with the 2003 ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Confirms Plans To Leave State Department Next Year

Hillary Clinton Leaving State Department

Hillary Clinton confirmed on Friday that she still plans to step down as US Secretary of State, even if President Obama is re-elected for a second term. Clinton stated that she plans to leave around January’s presidential inauguration, quieting rumors that she could stay if Obama is re-elected, reports The Chicago Tribune. The Secretary of… Read more »

Mitt Romney Borrows From Obama, Promises ‘Real Change’ For Economy

Mitt Romney's Iowa speech borrows from Obama

Ames, IA – Mitt Romney borrowed another phrase for a campaign speech in Iowa Friday, only this time the GOP candidate cribbed from his opponent, President Obama. Romney highlighted the chance voters are taking this election season, calling his platform a “big change” from the status quo of the Obama administration, reports USA Today. “This… Read more »

Elizabeth Warren Leading In One Of Nation’s Most-Followed Senate Races

Elizabeth Warren Leading In One Of Nation's Most-Followed Senate Races

Elizabeth Warren was once seen as an underdog to popular Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who rode into his seat amid a wave of Tea Party enthusiasm. As the campaign has dragged on, however, Elizabeth Warren’s fiscal expertise and message of middle class protection has resonated with voters, allowing the Democrat to surge in the polls…. Read more »

Ohio Republicans Say Obama Camp Bribed College Voters With Free Pizza

ohio pizza voting controversy

Presidential polls in the swing state of Ohio are close, but the state’s Republican party is calling foul over Obama campaign promotions they say are akin to buying votes — with pizza. The Ohio GOP says that college students in the state were enticed to vote for President Obama with pizza parties provided by the… Read more »

Gas Prices Are Falling, Just In Time For Election Season [Op-Ed]

Gas price manipulation?

COMMENTARY | Gas prices are on the decline, and though it’s a commonly propagated myth that the President of the United States has some kind of magical control over what we spend at the pump, most experts agree that the suit sitting in the White House has little, if anything, to do with it. Still,… Read more »

President Barack Obama Casts Early Vote In Chicago

President Barack Obama Cast Vote And Encourages Others To Do So

President Obama cast his vote today in Illinois and is encouraging voters in eight different states to do the same, BBCreports. Obama’s challenger, Mitt Romney is campaigning in Ohio, a swing state which could determine who will be in the White House after the election. A national poll say Romney has a 50 percent-47 percent… Read more »

Richard Mourdock: ‘I Know’ I Gained Voters With Rape Comments

Richard Mourdock: 'I Know' I Gained Voters With Rape Comments

Richard Mourdock is being backed by GOP leaders after his comments that sometimes God intends the pregnancies that come as a result of rape, and the candidate himself says he thinks the comments will help him gain voters. Though the initial reaction against Richard Mourdock’s comments were negative, with Mitt Romney’s campaign clarifying that he… Read more »