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Motorcycle Safety Bill Used To Sneak In North Carolina Abortion Laws

Motorcycle Safety Bill In North Carolina Just A Cover For Radical Abortion Laws

A motorcycle safety bill is being used as cover for radical new abortion laws in North Carolina. This comes after the state’s governor threatened to veto the anti-abortion proposals previously attached to a bill intended to ban Sharia law. After that bill fell apart on Wednesday, state legislators in North Carolina were swift to pin… Read more »

‘Flea Market’ Abortions Replacing Clinics For Texas Women

Flea Market Abortions Becoming More Common For Texas Women

Women in Texas are turning to “flea market” abortions as state legislature moves toward one of the most expansive and restrictive abortion bans in the union. The new laws, which have already passed the Texas House, will see the closure of almost all women’s health clinics in the large southern state. Though clinics where abortions… Read more »

Trayvon Martin Rallies Led By Justice Department, Paid For By Taxpayers

Eric Holder speaks about Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin rallies in 2012 were apparently led, or at least advised by, the Department of Justice and watch groups are crying foul. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, police in Florida are preparing for potential Trayvon riots. Before the George Zimmerman trial was even a possibility, the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service were… Read more »

Texas Army Veteran Denied Second Amendment Rights

second amendment

Texas Army veteran Ron Kelly has been stripped of his Second Amendment rights. The retired soldier was shocked to find his name flagged during a gun ownership background check at a Tomball Walmart. More than four decades ago, Kelly was arrested with a baggie of pot. The probation-only minor misdemeanor offense thwarted his attempt to… Read more »

Marijuana: Washington, D.C., To Decriminalize Cannabis?

Marijuana: Washington DC To Decriminalize Cannabis?

Marijuana, Washington, D.C., and legalization usually don’t come up in the same sentence. The charge for marijuana legalization has mostly come from state legislators, while the Obama administration and the Federal government want to continue banning cannabis. But when you have medical marijuana being considered for children, perhaps it’s not so strange to hear about… Read more »

Food Stamps Cuts Separated From Farm Bill

Food Stamps Cuts Separated From Farm Bill

Food stamps cuts have been separated from the Farm Bill by House Republicans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, arguments over food stamps cuts caused the Farm Bill to fail to pass the House. Farm subsidies cost America’s government tens of billions of dollars each year, even though many farmers are earning more than ever… Read more »

Colorado Recall Election Over Gun Laws Unprecedented

Colorado Recall Election Seeks To Replace Pro-Gun Control Politician

A Colorado recall election has been called against the state’s Democratic Colorado Senate President, John Morse. This effort could result in an unprecedented situation if Morse is successfully removed from office. More than that though, the recall election could become ground zero for an ongoing debate across the nation regarding gun control. The push to… Read more »

Rick Perry Won’t Run Again, May Seek White House In 2016

Failed Abortion Bill To Get A Second Chance After Order From Texas Governor Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry confirmed today that he will not seek re-election during a rally in San Antonio. Rick Perry is the longest serving governor of Texas, and his seat is up again for new contenders in 2014. Perry, who was one of several early White House hopefuls for the GOP, will leave office in… Read more »

Teresa Heinz Kerry Hospitalized With Unknown Medical Condition

Teresa Heinz Kerry Hospitalized

Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Secretary of State John Kerry, has been hospitalized at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Kerry was on the island of Nantucket when she was rush by ambulance to Nantucket Cottage Hospital accompanied by her husband. Teresa Heinz Kerry arrived at the hospital in critical condition but was stabilized by doctors on… Read more »

George W. Bush Speaks Out On Immigration Reform [Video]

George W. Bush

George W. Bush spoke out on immigration reform during a wide-ranging interview aired on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. You can see the entire video by hitting the button up top. Or you can skip directly to the ex-president’s comments on immigration reform by going ahead to about the 7:30 minute mark. As you’ll see… Read more »

Obamacare Delayed Again Until 2015 For Individual Mandate, State Exchanges

Obamacare Delayed Again Until 2015 For Individual Mandate, State Exchanges

As we see Obamacare delayed again, this time the individual mandate and state exchanges are effected. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the original Obamacare delay set back the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate for businesses by one year. In order for Obamacare to function, the Affordable Care Act’s state exchanges are… Read more »

Edward Snowden Offered Asylum In Venezuela

Edward Snowden Granted Asylum From New Venezuelan President

Edward Snowden has been a man without a country since blowing the whistle on the NSA PRISM surveillance program last month, but that could be about to change. On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would grant asylum to the former intelligence contractor, according to a report from Reuters via Yahoo! News. “I have… Read more »

IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner Demands Immunity For Testimony

IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner Demands Immunity For Testimony

The IRS scandal took a new turn when Lois Lerner demanded immunity in return for her full testimony. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the IRS scandal involves the targeting of groups related to the Tea Party, jews, patriots, conversatives, and other political buzzwords. The IRS supposedly subjected 100 percent of all such groups to… Read more »

Russian Troops On American Soil Confirmed

Russian soldiers march during a welcoming ceremony for Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow, Russia, on March 22, 2011

Russian troops are on American soil to train with FEMA. Rumors about foreign soldiers being spotted on United States military bases began circulating online earlier this week, the claims quickly went viral. A Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense release stated the troops are here as part of an exchange of experts project…. Read more »

Veterans Must Fill Out Hundreds Of Forms In Red Tape Nightmare, Says Group

veterans hundreds forms

Veterans must fill out hundreds of forms in a red tape nightmare that continues to clog the system. That’s the assertion by the American Action Forum (AAF) which released some stunning numbers this week. The group said that they reviewed over 300 regulatory requirements demanded of returning US veterans who file health and disability claims… Read more »

Michelle Obama: ‘Prison’ Is How She Describes Being FLOTUS [Video]

Michelle Obama on FLOTUS

  First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania to talk about the perks of being FLOTUS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many. The way Michelle puts it, being First Lady is like living in a “really nice prison.” During the interview (moderated… Read more »