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George W. Bush Tears Up During Library Dedication [Video]

george bush

George W. Bush shed a few tears today during the dedication of his new presidential library. Bush was joined today by President Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and his father George H.W. Bush in front of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas. President Obama — as well as former presidents Clinton, Carter,… Read more »

Kids Should Work For School Lunches, Politician Claims

Politician Kids Work For Lunch

Kids should work to earn their school lunches, according to a West Virginia politician. The man, Delegate Ray Canterbury, make the comment during a debate on the West Virginia Feed to Achieve Act. The act would require all schools to try and maximize their school meal participation in order to take advantage of federal money… Read more »

Obama Warns Daughters He’ll Get The Same Tattoos They Do

Obama Warns Daughters Tattoos

President Barack Obama has warned his daughters he will get the same tattoos they do in an effort to stop the teens from that form of rebellion. While it is certainly amusing to think of the US president with tattoos normally reserved for girls, it’s safe to say Sasha and Malia are too grossed out… Read more »