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New Obama Portrait Shows Gray Hairs, Big Smile

obama portrait

President Obama will be starting his second term with a few more grey hairs. The official portrait for Obama’s second term was unveiled by the White House a few days before his second inauguration. The Huffington Post reports that the portrait was taken on December 6 by White House photographer Pete Souza. Obama’s portrait in… Read more »

Joe Biden Focuses On Gun Control When Meeting With Mayors [Video]

gun control

Vice President Joe Biden shared his thoughts on gun control during a meeting with mayors from around the country on Thursday. During his address, the Vice President maintained that both he and President Barack Obama support the Second Amendment. Biden noted that the plan to fight gun violence goes beyond the enactment of new gun… Read more »

What Exactly Makes An Assault Rifle?

What exactly is an assault rifle

President Obama on Wednesday announced support for a new ban on military-style assault weapons. Critics are frustrated, saying the term itself is misleading and based on appearance more than purpose. Jeff Serdy of AJI Sporting Goods in Arizona said: “The number one myth is these are machine guns. They’re not machine guns. They’re semi-auto, meaning… Read more »

Joe Biden’s Gun Control Proposal Allegedly Includes 19 Measures

Guns Across America

Details from Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control proposal are beginning to emerge. Biden met with gun control advocates, gun rights groups, and representatives from the entertainment realm last week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the vice president stated that President Barack Obama can issue a gun control executive order to mandate the new… Read more »