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Bobby Jindal Wants Birth Control Sold Over-The-Counter


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal feels that birth control pills should be available over-the-counter just like the morning after pill. Jindal feels that allowing such easy access for would foster competition among manufacturers and decrease the cost of the family planning medication. Jindal also notes that making birth control available without a prescription would remove the… Read more »

John Boehner Says President Obama Is Stalling Fiscal Cliff Solution

John Boehner criticizes Obama

House Speaker John Boehner said today that President Obama is “slow-walking” (read: stalling) a fiscal cliff deal and challenged the recently re-elected president to name specific spending cuts in the name of compromise. “Let’s be honest. We’re broke. The plan we offered is consistent with the president’s call for a balanced approach,” said Boehner, who… Read more »

Newt Gingrich: GOP Can’t Compete If Hillary Clinton Runs In 2016

Newt Gingrich Says GOP cant beat Hillary Clinton in 2016

Newt Gingrich believes that the Republican party would be unable to defeat the Democrats should Hillary Clinton decided to run for President in 2016. Speaking on NBC’s Meet The Press, the GOP member said of Clinton: “The Republican party is incapable of competing at that level.” Gingrich then adds: “First of all, she’s very formidable… Read more »

President Obama, Boehner Meet To Discuss Fiscal Cliff

Obama Boehner Meet Fiscal Cliff Talks

President Obama and House Speaker Boehner met at the White House to discuss the fiscal cliff on Sunday, according to White House spokesman Joshua Earnest. Earnest added that Obama and Boehner met in the effort “to resolve the fiscal cliff,” though there is no information on whether the talks were successful or not, reports USA… Read more »