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New York Official Defends Decision Not To Release Names Of Gun Owners

putnam county clerk new york

A New York county clerk refused to release the names of gun owner’s in his area and detailed his justification for the decision during a recent meeting with the press. Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant voiced statements which echo many of the same concerns voiced by gun rights groups. The publication of the names of… Read more »

House GOP Blocks Violence Against Women Act

GOP Congress

With the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill getting most of the press this week, there are plenty other high profile bills that got left by the wayside. The GOP lead Congress is now taking heat for letting a fairly bipartisan bill, The Violence Against Women Act, go unaddressed. So now under House rules, it will have… Read more »

House Passes Bill To Avert Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff Deal Passed House

The House of Representatives passed the bill to avert the fiscal cliff on Tuesday after House Republicans relented to the Senate’s “far from perfect” plan. The House passed the bill 257 to 167 with bipartisan support, making it possible for the country to avoid across the board tax hikes and spending cuts. House leaders initially… Read more »

Senate Blocks Their Own Pay Raise

Senate to block its own pay raise

Early Tuesday morning, the Senate did something most of us never expected. After President Barack Obama approved a pay raise for government officials due to “cost of living,” the Senate moved to block it. The bill contains a one-sentence provision that would block a scheduled adjustment for representatives and senators that is set to take… Read more »

Al Sharpton: Knife Control Will Follow Gun Control Legislation [Video]

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton has finally given conservatives the ammo they need to argue that gun control legislation will lead to more laws and government over-reach. The controversial civil rights activist said on his radio broadcast on Monday that, after the government takes on gun control, they may move to tackle knife control next, according to The… Read more »

White House And Senate Reach Deal On ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Obama Reid Pelosi

Three hours shy of midnight, the President and Congress were able to put the framework together for a deal that averts the “fiscal cliff.” According to the Huffington Post, the deal calls for tax rates to rise on all Americans making more than $450,000 per year, a $200,000 threshold higher than the President wanted, an… Read more »