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Step Aside Hillary Clinton, David Axelrod Has A Book Deal Too

David Axelrod book deal

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only high profile Obama first-termer to snag a book deal recently; David Axelrod has a book of his own on the way. His memoir is due out in the fall of 2014, months after Clinton’s book is expected to hit store shelves. “Over the past 30 years as a journalist, political… Read more »

Michelle Obama: I’m A ‘Single Mom’ [Video]

michelle obama

Michelle Obama is a single mom? The First Lady accidentally described herself as a “busy single mother” during a TV interview on Thursday morning. Michelle was doing an interview with CBS this week when she momentarily forgot that she had a husband. The First Lady laughed off the gaff and then explained that she sometimes… Read more »

EMPact America Urging Congress To Protect The Power Grid

power grid vulnerability

EMPact America is a non-profit bi-partisan group focused on protecting the nation’s infrastructure against an EMP catastrophe. Both the Congressional EMP Commission and the National Academy of Science have reportedly warned that an electromagnetic pulse incident could occur from a “great geomagnetic storm” and possess an impact nearly identical of a nuclear EMP attack. The… Read more »

Pew Finds Most Americans Now Favor Making Marijuana Legal

Legal marijuana

For the first time ever, a majority of Americans now support making marijuana usage legal. A new report by the Pew Research Center shows that 52 percent of the country feels smoking pot should not be a crime. Forty-five percent of Americans still say no, but, for the first time in four decades of polling,… Read more »

President Obama Will Cut 5 Percent Of His Salary: Who’s Next?

President Obama

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he will return five percent of his salary in an act of solidarity with thousands of federal employees across the country who will be furloughed as part of the sequester budget cuts Congress failed to stop earlier this year. He is the latest in a growing list of public… Read more »

The Battle Over Obama’s Sketchy Background Check Statistics

President Obama on background checks

If President Obama wants to sell stricter gun control to the nation, he’s going to need to pick up some more relevant and accurate statistics to back his argument, according to several fact-checking outlets. As the POTUS heads to Colorado Wednesday to push such legislation, some are questioning the validity of his rhetoric and the… Read more »

North Carolina Attempts To Declare ‘Official State Religion’

North Carolina proposes official state religion

What would happen if a state like North Carolina declared an “official state religion?” It would be pretty messy for a lot of reasons, but one of the big “benefits” to doing so would be exemption from the Constitution and court rulings (otherwise known as “America” and “the law”). But that’s exactly what Republican state… Read more »