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Hillary Clinton Is More Popular Than President Obama

Hillary Clinton is more popular than President Obama

President Barack Obama starts his second term less popular than Hillary Rodham Clinton, the candidate he defeated in 2008. A new poll finds that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who stepped down from the post February 1, received a higher favor at 61 percent than President Obama, favored by just over half of registered… Read more »

Al Gore: ‘Our Democracy Has Been Hacked’ By The Internet

Al Gore Talks Internet Revolution for Democracy

Al Gore believes the internet has hacked Democracy, and now he wants to use online technology to fight back. In a recent speech about his new book, The Future, Al Gore says we need to leverage the internet to fight back against politicians and big business. Speaking to the BBC, Al Gore explains that global… Read more »

Turkey: Two Dead In Terror Attack Outside US Embassy

Turkey terror attack

Ankara, Turkey – A suicide attack outside the US Embassy in Turkey killed at least one victim and the intruder. A gate guard was killed during the blast and a Turkish citizen was also wounded. The bomb reportedly exploded at an embassy side entrance checkpoint. Video footage of the US Embassy in Turkey attack shows… Read more »