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Three 1972 Miami Dolphins Refuse White House Trip

Three members of the only undefated NFL team in history will not go to the White House.

In a case of sports and politics colliding, three members of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins have refused an invitation from President Obama to the White House for political reasons. In a report by the Sun-Sentinel, three of the players have confirmed they will not attend. Two additional players are on the fence. They asked… Read more »

Larry David, Obama Do Golf, And Donald Trump Is Only Slightly Bitter

Larry David

So Larry David, Barack Obama, and pals did a round of golf on Saturday for the last day of presidential vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. The 66-year-old Curb Your Enthusiasm star and the leader of the free world rounded out their golf foursome with US trade rep Ron Kirk and Boston Celtics co-owner Glenn Hutchins. The… Read more »

New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Gun Ban

NJ Governor Vetoes Gun Ban

Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed eleven gun-control measures that were all passed by the state legislature in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. It did not take long for him to change his tune. On late Friday, Christie vetoed a gun ban that he initially supported. The Democratic legislature from the… Read more »

Obama Fired Most Of Intelligence Advisory Board Prior To Snowden Leaks

Obama Fired All But Closest Advisors From NSA Surveillance Intelligence Advisory Board

President Obama fired most of his Intelligence Advisory Board prior to the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, according to a new report from Politico. In all, the President reduced the size of the board from 14 members to just four prior to Snowden’s revelations, causing critics to pounce on the contradiction between that action and what… Read more »

Barbara Bush Wants Hillary Clinton To Run For President In 2016

Barbara Bush Hillary Clinton 2016

Barbara Bush hopes Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. To be clear, we don’t mean George W. Bush’s wife but rather his daughter. The younger Bush has a streak of political independence despite her Republican heritage. Bush has already voiced her support for same-sex marriage. She also commented in 2010 that she was… Read more »

Federal Deficit 2013: How Government Spending Affects You

Federal Deficit 2013: How Government Spending Affects You

Federal deficit spending in 2013 actually went down to $800 billion. But how does Federal deficit spending affect you? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Federal ceiling crisis of 2013 will face a $16.9 trillion debt. Current US Federal spending levels have exceeded $3.5 trillion and the US Federal budget deficit is a little… Read more »

Federal Debt Ceiling Crisis Faces $16.9 Trillion, $3.5 Trillion Of Spending

Federal Debt Ceiling Crisis Faces $16.9 Trillion, $3.5 Trillion Of Spending

The Federal debt ceiling crisis is looming over Washington DC as the Federal debt clock recently passed $16.9 trillion. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Department of Homeland Security ignored the sequester and decided to order armored vehicles and 1.6 billion bullets. Based upon the US Constitution, all budget bills must start in or… Read more »

Obama Rodeo Clown Fallout Includes ‘Sensitivity Training’ For All Clowns

Obama Rodeo Clown Fallout Includes 'Sensitivity Training' For All Clowns

The Obama rodeo clown incident is gathering all the forces of political correctness and now all rodeo clowns will be forced to take sensitivity training courses. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obama rodeo clown was wearing a comical mask representing the President. Controversy started because the Obama rodeo clown asked the audience if… Read more »

Mayor Bob Filner Banned From All San Diego Hooters

Bob Filner banned

The sexually harassing mayor of San Diego Bob Filner has been banned from all San Diego area Hooters restaurants. No, really. It might be the first real punishment that the horndog mayor has suffered in the wake of accusations that the horny creep couldn’t stop grabbing and kissing women on his staff. On Saturday Filner… Read more »

Anthony Weiner In Fourth Place For New York Mayoral Position

anthony weiner

With a sexting scandal currently eating away at Anthony Weiner’s ability to win the New York mayoral race, De Blasio is taking over. Bill De Blasio is now leading the New York mayoral race among democrats who are likely to vote. The latest Quiniipiac Poll shows that De Blasio is in the lead with 30… Read more »

Benghazi Missiles Stolen By Al Qaeda From CIA Annex Claims Whistleblowers

Benghazi Missiles Stolen By Al Qaeda From CIA Annex Claims Whistleblowers

Benghazi missiles were stolen from the CIA annex during the September Benghazi attacks and Benghazi whistleblowers are claiming these 400 Benghazi surface to air missiles are now in the hands of Al Qaeda. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the revelation of the Benghazi missiles at the CIA annex came about after reports surfaced that… Read more »

Sarah Palin ‘Death Panels’ Confirmed By Howard Dean

Sarah Palin death panels confirmed by Howard Dean

Was Sarah Palin right about death panels in Obamacare? Howard Dean, and some other Democrats, seem to think so. Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, took a lot of flak four years ago for suggesting that government-imposed healthcare rationing by what she deemed death panels would be one likely outcome of the Affordable Care… Read more »